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Competitive Intelligence Study – Building Positive Employer Branding Campaigns for Recruitment Advertising Agencies

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on understanding the competitor landscape for a leading recruitment advertising agency analyses the key parameters influencing any potential employee’s job offer acceptance for specific positions.

Importance of employer branding

The market today has endless opportunities and an array of choices, making it difficult for big corporate houses to retain talented resources. Building a strong image and brand is becoming pertinent in the global market hence, the emergence of employer branding. Defining company goals, opportunities, presenting business in a unique way, and communicating company standards in a compelling way is employee branding. These campaigns are specifically designed to positively influence potential candidates to perceive the company as a great place to work. Developing a strong employer brand is the key to being successful in today’s competitive market landscape. The market intelligence team at Infiniti offer a competitive assessment of economic conditions across the globe and help improve the worker’s outlook. The team offers competitive intelligence solutions that help clients understand the key value propositions by competitors, latest recruitment market trends, and gain acumens on the products and services of existing and potential market players.

Creating and achieving authenticity and personalization will help employers create a stronger brand for themselves. Differentiating the brand will help companies stand out from its competitors and attract the right talent for the right profile. Hearing and analyzing employee perception about the organization will help companies build a stronger foundation and image for themselves. This will result in a more coherent and authentic employer brand. Promoting a unique culture and community will allow organizations to be on top of the game.

Brand building through digital media

With increasing access and availability of company information on the Internet, the need to maintain transparency on various social media channels is gaining importance in the global market. Potential candidates research for companies on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Maintaining profiles on different social media channels is imperative in today’s market, hence building a strong brand on these social media platforms will give the companies an opportunity to enhance their visibility.

capture2Using technology as a tool

Implementation of innovative tools will improve communication flow and offer transparency in the organizational structure. By using tools like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), employers can help potential candidates gain a dynamic experience about the organization. These are interactive devices that aids in increasing the chances of the candidate accepting the offer.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers insights on what the competitors offer to attract its current and potential employees besides compensation, intangibles, perks, and benefits. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Provide valuable information on the company’s overall brand perception as an employer among potential employees
  • Offer insights specific to the job market in the target region and understand the current trends in the recruitment market
  • Help client understand competitors’ hiring patterns, value propositions, and their recent hiring trends
  • Improve the employee value proposition (EVP) and branding efforts
  • Assess the views of recruitment managers and existing and potential employees, specific to areas such as salary, perks, facilities, HR policies, job role, etc.
  • Help understand brand perception and key value propositions of the target competitors for the particular job function

Read our comprehensive case study on competitive intelligence study helps a leading recruitment advertising agency assess its client’s competitor landscape. 


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