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Pharma secondary packaging market

Infiniti’s Competitive Intelligence Solution for A Prominent Company in The Pharma Secondary Packaging Market: Exploring Key Packaging Innovations And competitive landscape Insights

In pharmaceuticals, secondary packaging constitutes the packaging which does not come in direct contact with the dosage form. Pharma secondary packaging is becoming widely adopted and essential as they offer critical functionalities, such as, for physical and barrier protection, secondary containment, adherence to regulations, and consumer safety. It also creates a buffer and protects primary packages from each other during transportation.

Business challenge

A prominent pharmaceutical company headquartered in San Francisco, CA sought to explore the changing trends in the secondary pharma packaging market by focusing the research on major design/technology innovations and best practices adopted by leading players in the pharma secondary packaging market. Through the engagement, the client wanted to support their future packaging developments and track industry trends over time. By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the competitor landscape in the US and European pharma secondary packaging market, new features of secondary packaging being incorporated by competitors, product portfolio descriptions, and competitor strategies to promote adherence.   

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Our Approach

Experts at Infiniti Research started by delving deeply into the pharma secondary packaging market transformation over the past decade in the US and Europe. This involved a well-balanced combination of primary and secondary research. Telephonic discussions were undertaken with over 45 respondents with expertise in the development, sales, marketing, and usage of products and services related to secondary packaging market such as pharmaceutical packaging specialists, packaging engineers, and packaging development experts. The secondary research undertaken by our analysts included comprehensive research materials from company websites, industry news CPA, HCPC, CHPA, packaging digest, and public database.

Through extensive competitive intelligence study and research methodologies, experts at Infiniti Research were able to identify the top pharma secondary packaging designs that are predominantly used. This includes medication adherence packaging, extended labels, and increasing use of sustainable materials in pharma secondary packaging. Furthermore, Infiniti’s competitor landscape assessment also identified some of the key competitors in the US and Europe, their respective packaging initiatives, and critical initiative undertaken to promote adherence.

With a focus to ensure product integrity, better manufacturing efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction, experts at Infiniti Research have identified that companies are developing innovative technologies such as thermochromic indicators and contemporary cartons designs. Furthermore, with Infiniti’s recommendation, the client adopted robotics and process automation that significantly improves production output, lowers operating cost, and enhances worker safety.

Business Impact

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client was able to successfully track their key market competitors and identify some of the most innovative and viable trends in the pharma secondary packaging market. Apart from this client was also able to:

  • Increase investments on their primary and secondary packaging lines by adopting technologies which result in faster turn-around time, fewer errors, and higher adaptability to incorporate and reproduce design changes
  • Collaborate with the CPO to formulate innovative packaging designs which are senior-friendly, child- resistant, medication adherence promoting, and offers unique dispensing mechanisms
  • Expedite early market entry for biologics and personalized medicine by identifying advancements such as 3D printing in pharmaceutical packaging
  • Reduce operational cost by 30% within this first quarter by adopting RPA into packaging operations
  • Focus on packaging designs that are cost-effective and have shorter production turnaround times
  • Incorporate adherence features in the secondary packaging design to help practitioners promote the use of the drugs to the patients
  • Build an effective planning and production process to minimize packaging errors and prevent product recalls, saving the company over $1.2 million within six months

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Market Assessment

Pharma 2020: Key Pharma Industry Trends to Watch Out For

The pharma industry is undergoing a myriad of changes. Therefore, success in today’s pharmaceutical marketplace largely depends on companies’ ability to continually reassess strategic direction, move with agility, and anticipate and adapt to changes. Businesses must not only keep a close watch on the pharma industry trends, but equal emphasis should be given to tackling the upcoming challenges. Some of the key challenges identified during our pharma industry analysis include:

  • Increasing instances of chronic diseases are placing greater pressure on the healthcare budgets
  • Healthcare policy makers are increasing pressure on doctors regarding what to prescribe
  • Growing demand for medicines in emerging economies
  • Regulators are becoming increasingly cautious while approving new and innovative medicines
  • Pharma-economic performance is measured in order to insist on outcome-based pricing

How to overcome these challenges?

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Pharma industry trends

Despite these challenges, there are several exciting pharma industry trends underway. Infiniti Research’s pharma industry analysis reveals the following trends that companies in this sector must gear up for:

Prevention over treatment

 One of the key pharma industry trends that are expected to go mainstream is the idea of prevention over treatment. Governments across the globe are backing this, especially in the case of chronic diseases. Global pharmaceutical industry analysis suggests that there is an unprecedented amount of supply in prevention supplements and pills around the world. If certain chronic diseases cannot be treated, some of its symptoms and fatal consequences can be prevented through such initiatives.

Reverse innovation

Reverse innovation refers to any innovation which is adopted first by emerging economies and then distributed globally. Pharma industry trends of the future such as reverse innovation provide answers to various challenges faced by companies in the pharma industry including the rising research costs, patent expiration, and consequent revenue declines, and huge costs in bringing a drug to market.


Nanotechnology is one of the most notable recent trends in the pharmaceutical industry. Nanotechnology is a scientific, multi-disciplinary effort that involves the creation and utilization of essence systems on a nanometer scale. An important application of this innovation is in the form of ‘Nano-medicine’. Pharma industry experts at Infiniti Research believe nanotechnology to be one of the most impressive pharma industry trends and will unleash several breakthroughs in medicine, diagnosis, and genetic engineering. A key example of an innovative nanomedicine is that of Genexol-PM which is an anti-cancer drug used to fight breast cancer and non-small lung cancer.

Customization or personalized medicine

People around the globe are known to have genetic differences, however, all of us consume similar medicine that has been designed for millions of people. However, this trend is about to change in the near future. Personalized medicine is expected to become one of the most favored pharma industry trends in the future. The drugs will be customized based on the patient’s examination reports and medical records. Though it would take some time for this to become full-fledged in the pharma industry, such trends in the pharma industry will provide enhanced treatment to the patients.  

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3D printing

3D printers are under rapid development. The adaptation of this technology in the pharma industry will enable companies in the sector to print the necessary medicines as per requirements. In 2015, the first FDA approved a drug called Spritam was printed. This drug is used to treat epilepsy. This pill was made 3D printing several layers of the powdered drug, binding the layers of powder together, and blowing away the excess powder. The drug easily dissolves when compared to a traditional pill due to its unique structure. This is especially useful for cases where otherwise large, hard-to-swallow pills are prescribed.

Body sensors

Body sensors are breakthrough pharma industry trends that are all set to revamp patient-care and drug prescription. Wearables, integrated body chip, mini robots, and several other types of body sensors can obtain patient information and communicate the same immediately to the healthcare professionals. This can help them make quick and informed decisions regarding the drugs that need to be prescribed to the patient. These systems integrate living human cells with micro-engineering to help researchers and product development teams a new standard for predicting human response with greater precision.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and cognitive computers help gather and classify large volumes of data in a matter of seconds. This solves the common problem that the drug discovery process is lengthy and expensive. These advanced technologies will also help pharma companies to run cognitive trials in lesser time. Which means drugs can be delivered to patients much earlier than before.

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Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging Client Promotes Market Attractiveness with The Help of Market Intelligence Solution

pharmaceutical packaging

LONDON: Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest market intelligence solution for a renowned pharmaceutical packaging client. Today, packaging companies have started offering services to a vast array of industries, including healthcare, food and beverages,  cosmetics, and other consumer goods. With the fluctuating preferences of customers on the rise, organizations are promoting sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency in their packaging to enhance the shelf life of the products.

“With the intensive growth in innovation, organizations are redesigning their existing packaging architecture to offer convenience and portability in packaging solutions that require minimum time and effort to open, carry, and store products,” says an expert at Infiniti Research.

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The market intelligence solution offered helped the pharmaceutical packaging client to gain accurate information on the market, the competitors, and the customers. Additionally, the solution also helped find ways to pre-determine resources and adequately allocate them to meet the business needs.

 Additional benefits of the market intelligence solution

  • Refined the existing marketing models and devised effective marketing campaigns to enhance business performance
  • Identified the hidden market gaps and opportunities and tackled the rising competition
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Pharmaceutical packaging

Industry Risk Assessment Helps a Renowned Pharmaceutical Packaging Client Address Potential Risks in the Market

The Business Challenge 

The client, a renowned pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, wanted to understand the relative risk in the packaging industry and identify potential ways to reduce the bottlenecks. The client further wanted to determine the opportunities and position their products based on the target audiences. With the help of the industry risk assessment, the client wanted to seek ways to improve the time to market for the products offered. The primary objective for the client was to reduce the supply disruptions and reach out to the target audience in an agile and seamless manner.

Our Approach 

To understand the potential risks in the pharmaceutical packaging space, the industry risk assessment experts at Infiniti followed an extensive research methodology. The scrupulous research methodology comprised of interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders in the pharmaceutical packaging space. Moreover, to reduce the time-to-market for the products offered, the risk assessment experts also compiled information across secondary sources such as industry databases, trade shows, regulatory bodies, and company presentations in the pharmaceutical packaging space.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact 

The industry risk assessment solution offered by Infiniti helped the pharmaceutical packaging client analyze the risks involved while entering the market with that of the competitors. The solution also assisted the client to understand the severity of the risks and the requirements to efficiently position their products in the market. Moreover, the solution also sought ways for the client to realign their product offerings to meet the rising consumer demands and adequately allocate the resources to meet the business requirements.

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Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

The recent years have brought about incremental growth in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, owing to the rising demand for pharmaceutical products across the globe. The growing concern for reliable packaging that aids in protecting medicines and drugs from external elements is compelling organizations to resort to innovations to spur the sales of products. Moreover, the rising incidences of unfavorable elements such as biological contamination, physical damage, and degradation of pharmaceutical products will contribute to the growth of the industry. Despite the global uncertainty, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is witnessing a promising growth owing to the favorable market conditions and stringent regulatory compliance. Although the pharmaceutical packaging market is witnessing a promising growth, several factors may influence the growth of the market. These include:

The rise of counterfeit products: In recent years, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is witnessing an increase in the competition with a considerable number of players offering a wide array of product ranges. The recent rise in the number of counterfeit products is forcing companies to invest highly in R&D to improve their packaging techniques without compromising the quality of the products offered.

Fluctuating raw materials prices: In the pharmaceutical packaging space, it involves the use of end raw materials such as paper, board, and rigid plastics. The recent economic slowdown coupled with the inflation is creating uncertainties in the cost of raw materials, this, in turn, is necessitating the need to maintain stability in the prices of the products.

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A Glimpse at the Future of Packaging Industry

The future of the pharmaceutical packaging space will be marked by the robust growth in technologies. Moreover, through advanced innovations, the pharmaceutical packaging space will witness the advent of smart packaging techniques that can help in the real-time monitoring of products through RFID technology. Leading organizations will also shift toward biodegradable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Solution Assists a Renowned Pharmaceutical Packaging Client to Boost Market Attractiveness

In the packaging industry, flexible plastics, PET bottles, and glass bottles accounted for 52% of the total sales in 2016.

The global packaging industry is witnessing rapid growth due to new customer demands, growing purchasing powers, and increasing use of technologies. Today, the concept of packaging is slowly changing in line with the global economy and packaging companies have started offering services to a wide array of industries, including food and drink, healthcare, cosmetics, and other consumer goods. With the altering preferences of the customers, organizations are promoting sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency in their packaging to enhance the shelf life of the products. With the relentless growth in innovations, organizations are redesigning their existing packaging architecture to offer convenience and portability in packaging solutions that require minimum time and effort to open, carry, and store products. Although the packaging industry is witnessing promising growth, several factors may influence the growth of the industry.

  • Fluctuations in raw materials prices: The essential raw materials for packaging, such as polymers, board, and paper, are witnessing fluctuations in their prices owing to the current market conditions. It becomes essential for the packaging companies to ensure stability in their raw material prices to meet the rising customer demands.
  • Packaging sustainability: The demand for sustainable packaging is increasing in the pharmaceutical space. Also, with stringent regulations imposed by the countries globally, manufacturers are becoming concerned about packaging sustainability in the products offered to the customers.
  • Rapid changes in technology: As innovations are growing at a rapid pace, customers are looking for convenience in their packaging of the products. To address the growing concerns of the customers while meeting the quality concerns, leading organizations are facing pressures to invest highly in R&D and other relevant technologies.

To address such challenges and gain relevant insights into the market performance, organizations are facing the need for effective market intelligence solutions. Market intelligence offers a broad picture of the company’s market, customers, problems, and competition. Moreover, the market intelligence solution also provides a holistic view of the customers and the product lines, including the geographic and demographic information. A reliable market intelligence solution can be gathered to enable the sales team to make better strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A leading pharmaceutical packaging
  • Area of engagement:  Market intelligence

A renowned pharmaceutical packaging client with a considerable number of offices spread globally wanted to gain adequate information on the market scenario in terms of the competitors and their key product offerings. The client also wanted to identify the hidden market gaps and opportunities and grow, expand, diversify, and tackle the rising competition. With the help of the market intelligence solution, the client wanted to seek ways to assess the potential bottlenecks in the pharmaceutical packaging space and devise effective ways to enhance the business efficiency.

IR- market intelligence

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The Journey

To gain adequate insights into the pharmaceutical packaging space, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts carried out extensive interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders within the packaging space. Moreover, the experts also compiled information from a wide array of secondary sources including trade shows, company presentations, and industry forums to improve their brand awareness in the midst of the rising competition in the pharmaceutical packaging space.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The market intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the pharmaceutical packaging client gain accurate information on the market, the competitors, and the customers. The solution also helped the client refine their existing marketing models and devise effective marketing campaigns to enhance business performance. The solution also sought ways to pre-determine resources and adequately allocate them to meet the business requirements. Moreover, the engagement also offered information in terms of the market analysis, market size calculations, competitor analysis, substitute products and market growth predictions.

The Future:

The future of the packaging industry will be marked by innovations in terms of smart packaging such as RFID technology for electronic tagging and tracking of stock. Moreover, leading packaging companies will shift toward biodegradable packaging to meet the growing environmental concern. Also, with the aid of technologies such as near field communication, pharmaceutical packaging companies can make contact over short distances using a Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the packaging industry.


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