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Market Assessment Study Helps a Leading Pharma Client Build a New Launch Plan for Cancer Treatment

In recent years, the surge in the number of cancer patients has forced many leading pharma companies to introduce therapeutics and supportive care drugs for effective treatment. To curtail the dependence on therapies, companies around the globe are actively pursuing oncology drug development with special emphasis on clinical development. The growing adoption of innovative drugs is attributed to wider utilization of new products, especially immunotherapies over the prevailing treatments in the market. To understand the penetration levels of cancer treatment among the audience, the companies are highly relying on market assessment studies, which offer actionable insights on the overall market size and the market shares of different cancer treatments.

Infiniti’s market assessment solution helps the client evaluate the sales data of top drugs in the market to understand the market’s potential. Infiniti’s market assessment study also helps pharmaceutical companies gain actionable insights into the prevalence of treatments across the target regions.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

A leading conglomerate in healthcare was facing challenges creating a new launch plan for the treatment of cancer. The client wanted to develop a robust framework for launching new therapies across the target regions. In addition, the client further wanted to create a scalable market assessment model to create market models for a unique set of market definitions.

Our Research Methodology

To gain deep insights into the market’s potential, Infiniti’s team of market assessment experts carried out primary research to gain more information about the launch strategy. To gauge more information on the launch plan, the market assessment experts developed a robust market sizing framework to help the client make informed decisions. Also, with our help the client was able to design a launch strategy by keeping in mind the role of the key market segments.


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Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Identify potential segments and quantify the size of each market by specific geographies
  • Identify robust data sources for estimating market potential
  • Develop market assessment model for each of the segments
  • Segregate segments in terms of countries, growth potential, and key variables

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a very short period, the client was able to:

  • Create customized market models for unique set of market definitions.
  • Gain recommendations to build launch plan for new therapy
  • Determine the market size and positioning across geographies
  • Gauge the market demand for upcoming therapies across various regions

    A must-read market analysis case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to assess the market landscape for the pharmaceutical industry.


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Emerging Markets – The Next Pharma Challenge

There was a time when the EU5 nations (Spain, UK, Italy, France, and Germany) were regarded as the hot spots by pharma majors. But as the developing countries increased investments in the healthcare sector, pharma manufacturers see immense potential in these markets as well. The interest in the emerging markets was further grown by the fact that governments here have increased the investments in healthcare infrastructure and insurance. The BRIC nations along with Mexico and Turkey are the major markets which most pharma companies are focusing on.

Developing Economies – What makes them the hotbeds for pharma players?

The fact that over the past few years the developed countries have experienced a consistent decrease in the funding for healthcare, forced many manufacturers in the pharma industry to expand their market base. Developing economies already have a huge set of health-related maladies which are either underdiagnosed or undertreated. This situation gives a lot of scope for growth and expansion to the big names in the pharma industry.

Also with growth in purchasing power, the shift of population to the urban areas, and high prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, the developing economies provide huge opportunities to global pharma companies. All these factors have worked together to convert the developing economies into the hotbed for pharma players.

From land of opportunities to a pharma challenge

As the hype surrounding the developing nations being the next ‘BIG’ thing in the pharma industry has subsided, industry experts realize that the developing nations have their own set of inherent challenges. Unlike the developed countries, where pricing and meeting the local demands were the major game changers – the emerging markets pose challenges at multiple levels.

Apart from market access and addressing the local diseases, pharma companies must also comply with the regional regulations, focus on pricing and reimbursements, and most importantly battle out the infrastructure issues. The situation becomes even more challenging for Western pharma companies as they lack the local client base and understanding of the drugs which suit the local demographic’s profile. The absence of local data is another significant barrier that the pharma industry is yet to overcome.

Infiniti’s take on turning challenge into opportunity

To make an impact in the emerging markets, it is crucial that local authorities, pharma companies, and other stakeholders in the industry be considered. Research has already shown that different population groups respond differently to the same drug. Therefore, good amount of research is required before launching a drug in these markets.

However, challenging the situation seems, local expertise backed with a global perspective is sure to give an edge to the players in the emerging markets.


Top 5 ways in which Big Data is Transforming the Pharma Industry

The use of big data is no longer limited to transforming customer-facing functions such as sales and marketing alone. Manufacturers in the pharma industry, are constantly struggling with stagnant pipelines and low success rate in R&D activities – big data has emerged as a major game changer. Pharmaceuticals is one industry where an immense amount of data is generated from sources like patients, retailers, and R&D processes. Big data enables easy understanding of the complex business processes, which in turn results in improved clinical trials, better risk management by pharma companies, increased patient safety, and enhanced collaboration between pharma companies.

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Request ProposalBig data in the Pharma industry

Here are the top five ways in which big data can transform the overall functioning of the pharma industry:

Better sales and marketing

Until recently the sales and marketing was a grey area in the pharma industry. But by integrating the big data analytics to their strategy building, companies can easily focus on specific geographical areas to promote their medications. This way, pharma companies can come up with extremely targeted marketing and sales goals, thereby saving both on time and effort. Today, more than 30% of the marketing is done on the digital platform and this number will only increase in the next five years. The role of big data becomes even more critical in building marketing and sales plans.

Enhanced clinical trials

Clinical trials are an integral part of the pharma industry. The patients undergoing these trials must meet some prerequisites before undergoing the trials. Big data merges the databases from multiple sources, to filter out patients who do not meet the basic requirements. It also helps researchers monitor the patients on a real-time basis and predict the side-effects of drugs.

Predictive Analysis

Early detection of drug toxicity, along with improving the chances of patient survival are the two main goals of every pharma company. Predictive analysis provides a clear picture if a drug will suit a patient by taking details like genetics, lifestyle, and existing diseases into account. The algorithms used by predictive analysis considers all the minute details on the patient’s health and helps deliver personalized care to the patient.

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Brochure CTAEmergence of digital apps

It is imperative for the pharma industry to go digital and reach out to their end-users in a better manner. Digital apps are one of the best solutions for building relations with the target audience. The data collected on these apps are linked to various verticals of the pharma and healthcare industry which provides first-hand data on patient compliance and instant feedback on patient’s health.

Cross-industry collaboration

The pharma industry, the healthcare sector, the insurance companies, as well as the data management firms – these are all inter-related. The need of the hour is to bring all these various industries on a common platform so that information sharing gets easier and pharma companies can seamlessly widen their database for future clinical trials.

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market segmentation

Bringing Market Access into Your Pharma Business Plan

Gone are the days when all a pharma company had to think about is the safety of its product to gain market access. Competition from companies who work in the same therapeutic area, focus on keeping the cost low, and the emergence of health technology assessment (HTA) has made it rather difficult for businesses to gain market access. Therefore, it has become critical for every pharma company to embed market access into its business model.

The ‘Awe-Factor’ in Market Access

Market access is one of those phrases which is used in everyday business, yet is quite tough to define. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many are in awe of this concept. Simply put, market access is about:

  • Taking the value of your product to customers who influence its sales
  • Building a congenial healthcare environment to position your product
  • Understanding the impact of your product on wider healthcare market

Thus, what market access does is bring the right data together and communicate it to the focused customer group. It is also about taking the needs of your stakeholders into consideration and developing messages which will boost the chances of your product’s success. Once all these factors are taken care of, it becomes rather easy to obtain market access promptly.

Through higher segmentation of market types, adoption of engaging models to connect with consumers, and sophisticated go-to-market models at the local level, market access has synchronized public health, sales, and customer needs in a seamless manner. Often there is a gap between the knowledge of market access and pharma business plan, which is why organizations fail to leverage their products in the right fashion. Thus, there is a need to bridge the gap between market access information and your pharma business plan.

Infiniti’s Take on Inculcating Market Access into a typical Pharma Business Plan

One major issue with the majority of the pharma business plans is that it fails to integrate market access professionals with its various work functions. Often regarded as the bearers of bad news, market access leaders are not kept in the loop with business strategies. Thus, to power your pharma business plan with market access, the following steps needs to be taken:

  • Regular involvement of market access experts to improve the commercial value of the products
  • Align business strategies with hands-on information gained from the end consumers of the products
  • Regular interaction between senior executives of the pharma companies with their peers in HTA, insurance sector, and policy makers.

It is high time that organizations realize the importance of inputs from market access teams to build successful product launch and product renewal strategies.

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