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Exploring New Horizons of Consumer Engagement in Healthcare: Key Touchpoints to Work On

As key stakeholders in the healthcare industry are working towards improving patient care and reducing the cost of care, experts at Infiniti Research identify three key touchpoints of consumer engagement in the patient journey to focus on to achieve this.

Consumer engagement in the healthcare industry continues to grow with the advancements in technology. From identifying and accessing new channels of care to monitoring and sharing healthcare data, consumers are now actively engaged with their healthcare and treatment decisions. Healthcare industry experts believe that consumer engagement in healthcare could be instrumental in achieving better patient outcomes and reducing costs. Patients who are well-informed and well involved in their treatment process are more likely to have better health outcomes and also incur lower costs comparatively.

According to experts at Infiniti Research, there are typically three key touchpoints in the consumer engagement with healthcare providers wherein their active interaction peaks: while the consumer searches for care, when they gain access new channels of healthcare such as digital tools and at-home testing, and while sharing personal health information with the providers. As life sciences and healthcare organizations continue to evolve, their strategies must also transform to accommodate the changing healthcare consumer expectations. In this article, we offer strategies for healthcare providers to enhance their key consumer engagement touchpoints.

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Enhancing consumer touchpoints in healthcare

Searching for healthcare and providers

One of the key points of consumer engagement in healthcare involves finding the right healthcare providers to cover their treatment needs. Some of the important factors that affect these decisions include physician’s availability in their health plan’s network, reputation, convenient hours, and the costs. Technology for scheduling and accessing lab tests online is another critical consideration especially for the younger generation of healthcare consumers. This indicates that healthcare consumers are laying increased focus on the quality ratings, convenience, cost, and accessibility of services.

Using new healthcare channels

Healthcare consumers are increasingly becoming open to new channels of treatment through digital tools and apps. Investing in digital tools and at-home diagnostic tests have the potential to enhance health outcomes through faster diagnosis, round-the-clock access to health coaching, and the ability to recognize mood and lifestyle changes that could affect adherence to a treatment plan. Thereby, the quality of patient care can be ensured with reduced hospitalization and treatment costs.

Tracking and sharing personal healthcare data

Relying on technology to track health and monitor fitness has become a prominent trend over the past decade. The data generated through wearable devices that capture health and fitness data can help significantly improve population health, advance clinical research, and enhance the performance of the device. Consumers are also becoming more willing to share this data with their personal doctors to improve their care. Sharing this data can help both providers and consumers be more proactive in their health management. However, today data often resides in multiple medical records across different providers. This makes the complete picture of a patient’s health unavailable to doctors, researchers, and the consumers themselves. Consequently, it becomes difficult for people to get the targeted care they need at the most critical times. Several companies have introduced applications to help consumers manage their data and collate medical records. But this may require interoperability between the various organizations that currently store consumers’ health data.

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Patient recruitment

Accelerated Patient Recruitment and Increased Enrollment for a Clinical Research Company with Market Monitoring and Reporting Solution

Clinical trials represent an arduous step in the process of bringing new drugs to the market. However, the complexity and cost of conducting clinical trials, failure of trials, increasing regulatory requirements for future targeted therapeutics, and the growing number of multi-regional and international trials are increasing challenges for clinical research organizations. Besides these challenges, patient recruitment and retention is considered to be one of the major challenges when it comes to bringing new drugs to the market. The market research experts at Infiniti Research predict that around 80% of clinical trials do not meet their patient enrolment deadlines. As such, patient recruitment and retention is a matter of concern for clinical research organizations to avoid delays in product launches.

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Business Challenge

The client, a clinical research organization, based out of the United States, faced difficulties in recruiting healthy volunteers for the first stage of human testing. Moreover, a large number of patients dropped out of clinical trials during the final phase largely from the fear of receiving a lower standard of care. As a result, the company faced challenges in meeting enrollment deadlines. This subsequently resulted in a $1.1 million loss for the client. The client, therefore, sought to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market monitoring and reporting solutions.

With Infiniti’s market monitoring and reporting solution, the client wanted to tackle other business challenges such as:

Patient recruitment challenge #1: Finding the right sites and patients

Traditional patient recruitment process was time-consuming and required huge investments. The client, therefore, wanted to identify cost-effective technologies and processes to automate the cumbersome process of identifying patients who meet the criteria for their clinical trials. Additionally, they wanted to gather insights into technology solutions, such as using patient registries and online forums to improve patient recruitment and retention.

Patient recruitment challenge #2: Lack of awareness

Another setback was the lack of physician awareness about current clinical trials, which resulted in the lack of patient awareness. The client, therefore, wanted to increase physician awareness about the trials that are currently being conducted through collaboration and open communication between researchers, nurses, and physicians.

Patient recruitment challenge #3: Lack of promotional activities

They wanted to create promotional campaigns to encourage patient recruitment and retention. By doing so, they wanted to actively promote the benefits of clinical trial participation and help patients to better understand how they contribute to medical advancements.

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Our Integrated Approach

As a part of the market monitoring and reporting solution, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted 100+ interviews with market experts, business executives, strategy managers, marketing managers, and clinical research organizations. Also, validation of market data and study results was done through an additional set of open-ended discussions with industry experts to ensure accuracy.

The experts recommended the client to adopt data-driven strategies to enhance patient recruitment and retention. This helped the client to streamline processes and become more efficient at finding participants for clinical trials.

The experts also helped the client to understand the factors behind patient dropouts. The client realized that multiple on-site visits in short periods of time were one of the major factors for patient dropouts. The identification of factors behind patient churn helped the client to take proactive approaches to retain them.

By conducting customer needs assessment study, the experts helped the client to understand the patient’s needs and act accordingly to enhance patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Technology assessment study was also conducted to assess the latest technological breakthrough in the clinical research market.

Results Obtained

The experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to identify the total addressable market in the United States. Also, the experts helped the client to devise a patient profiling model to create a profile of typical patients for each trial, which subsequently helped them to target the right patients. By implementing technology solutions, including web-based patient portal, patient registries, and online forums, the client was able to directly recruit patients and improve patient retention.

Opportunity advisory provided by Infiniti was further used by the client to make investment decisions on optimizing the portfolio to suit the customer pool. In addition, recommendations on patients’ needs and preferences were used to develop strategies for targeted advertising. The promotional campaigns further encouraged patient recruitment and helped patients to better understand how they contributed to medical advancements.

Infiniti’s market monitoring and reporting solution helped the client to recruit healthy volunteers for their clinical trials and reduce patient dropouts. This subsequently helped the client to reduce delays in bringing new drugs to the market and meet enrollment deadlines. In addition, within two years of leveraging Infiniti’s solution, the client was able to curtail losses in profits and enhance patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials by 2X.

Patient Recruitment

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