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Exploring New Horizons of Consumer Engagement in Healthcare: Key Touchpoints to Work On

As key stakeholders in the healthcare industry are working towards improving patient care and reducing the cost of care, experts at Infiniti Research identify three key touchpoints of consumer engagement in the patient journey to focus on to achieve this.

Consumer engagement in the healthcare industry continues to grow with the advancements in technology. From identifying and accessing new channels of care to monitoring and sharing healthcare data, consumers are now actively engaged with their healthcare and treatment decisions. Healthcare industry experts believe that consumer engagement in healthcare could be instrumental in achieving better patient outcomes and reducing costs. Patients who are well-informed and well involved in their treatment process are more likely to have better health outcomes and also incur lower costs comparatively.

According to experts at Infiniti Research, there are typically three key touchpoints in the consumer engagement with healthcare providers wherein their active interaction peaks: while the consumer searches for care, when they gain access new channels of healthcare such as digital tools and at-home testing, and while sharing personal health information with the providers. As life sciences and healthcare organizations continue to evolve, their strategies must also transform to accommodate the changing healthcare consumer expectations. In this article, we offer strategies for healthcare providers to enhance their key consumer engagement touchpoints.

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Enhancing consumer touchpoints in healthcare

Searching for healthcare and providers

One of the key points of consumer engagement in healthcare involves finding the right healthcare providers to cover their treatment needs. Some of the important factors that affect these decisions include physician’s availability in their health plan’s network, reputation, convenient hours, and the costs. Technology for scheduling and accessing lab tests online is another critical consideration especially for the younger generation of healthcare consumers. This indicates that healthcare consumers are laying increased focus on the quality ratings, convenience, cost, and accessibility of services.

Using new healthcare channels

Healthcare consumers are increasingly becoming open to new channels of treatment through digital tools and apps. Investing in digital tools and at-home diagnostic tests have the potential to enhance health outcomes through faster diagnosis, round-the-clock access to health coaching, and the ability to recognize mood and lifestyle changes that could affect adherence to a treatment plan. Thereby, the quality of patient care can be ensured with reduced hospitalization and treatment costs.

Tracking and sharing personal healthcare data

Relying on technology to track health and monitor fitness has become a prominent trend over the past decade. The data generated through wearable devices that capture health and fitness data can help significantly improve population health, advance clinical research, and enhance the performance of the device. Consumers are also becoming more willing to share this data with their personal doctors to improve their care. Sharing this data can help both providers and consumers be more proactive in their health management. However, today data often resides in multiple medical records across different providers. This makes the complete picture of a patient’s health unavailable to doctors, researchers, and the consumers themselves. Consequently, it becomes difficult for people to get the targeted care they need at the most critical times. Several companies have introduced applications to help consumers manage their data and collate medical records. But this may require interoperability between the various organizations that currently store consumers’ health data.

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Market segmentation

Market Analysis Helps a Renowned COPD Drugs Manufacturer Quickly Respond to Business Issues and Opportunities

Due to the rising instances of diseases across the globe, it has become indispensable for organizations to offer promising healthcare solutions to reduce health complications. More like smoker’s cough, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an inflammatory lung disease, which causes obstruction in the airflow to the lungs. Also, with the lack of health literacy among the populace, people with the COPD can only be diagnosed once the disease has advanced. With a considerable number of the population being infected by the disease, renowned drug manufacturers in the COPD space are facing the need to reduce inflammation and improve patient health outcomes. Moreover, to enter a market space and outline the prevalence rates of COPD, leading drugs manufacturers are facing the need for an effective market analysis study. Market analysis, helps drugs manufacturers profile various customer segments and buying patterns and understand the economic environment in terms of the barriers to entry and regulation.

With the help of Infiniti’s market analysis solution, drugs manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals market space can identify the attractiveness of the market and the potential bottlenecks hindering the market’s growth.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

A renowned COPD drugs manufacturer with a considerable number of manufacturing units spread across the globe was facing predicaments assessing the demand and supply for their products. The COPD drugs manufacturer wanted to tap potential opportunities in the market and penetrate across niche market segments. Furthermore, with the aid of market analysis, the COPD drugs supplier wanted to gain relevant insights on the popular treatments and forecast the market’s growth prospects. The primary objective of the engagement was to analyze the market outlook in terms of the competitors and compliance regulations.

IR- market analysis

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Our Approach

To gain detailed insights into the COPD drugs market space, Infiniti’s pharmaceutical experts followed a qualitative and quantitative research methodology. To analyze the shift toward patient engagement, the market analysis experts at Infiniti also compiled information from proprietary sources, including industry databases, company forums, and newsletters.

Market Analysis Solution Benefits:

  • Gained an in-depth analysis of the industry and assessed the potential of new COPD drugs
  • Analyzed the market outlook in terms of the trends and sustainability of the industry
  • Gained a holistic view of the industry in terms of its growth potential
  • Devised a comparative analysis of the competitors and their product positioning
  • Identified potential bottlenecks and devised an effective go-to-market engagement

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

The market analysis engagement offered by Infiniti offered the client detailed insights into the industry in terms of the size, the growth prospects, and trends prevalent in the COPD drugs market. Moreover, with the aid of this market analysis engagement, the COPD drugs manufacturer was able to profile the most suitable customers and understand the latest innovations taking place in the COPD drugs market.

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Market segmentation

Market Assessment Study Enables a Patient Monitoring Systems Manufacturer to Spur Revenues and Identify Potential Opportunities

In the healthcare landscape, patient monitoring plays a pivotal role in providing actionable and care-specific information to effectively understand patient acuity levels and the clinical requirements of patients. To understand patients and their requirements, leading organizations are relying on the use of patient monitoring systems. A patient monitoring system provide actionable insights into patient information to understand patient needs in an agile and effective manner. With the help of an effective patient monitoring system, leading providers of healthcare can facilitate early diagnosis, accelerate care delivery, and make informed decisions. In this environment, where health is given more emphasis than wealth, organizations are devising affordable medical devices in the form of patient monitoring systems to deliver the best care for the patients. With the use of an innovative patient monitoring system, organizations can optimize care and efficiency, and ensure reliable healthcare to the patients.

Infiniti’s market assessment experts have expertise in offering information about the medical landscape and assist the client to develop new ways to predict, diagnose, and treat diseases. Also, Infiniti’s market assessment experts further help the client assess the penetration levels of the devices across niche market segments. Infiniti’s experts further help caregivers make informed choices for the efficient patient-care.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

Like all other manufacturers in the healthcare landscape, a leading patient monitoring system manufacturer was facing a predicament in identifying the potential opportunities in the patient monitoring landscape. The primary objective of the engagement was to identify opportunities prevailing in the healthcare industry and devise an effective go-to-market strategy.  The patient monitoring system manufacturer was also facing predicaments understanding the market potential in terms of the drivers and trends in the patient engagement landscape.

Our Approach

To gauge information on different market segments and enhance their offerings, the patient monitoring system manufacturer approached Infiniti’s team of market assessment experts. Infiniti’s market assessment experts carried out a blended approach comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the patient monitoring landscape. To gain more insights into the growth potential, Infiniti’s market assessment experts further compiled information across a variety of proprietary resources such as hospitals, healthcare aggregators, medical news letters, and patients in the patient monitoring space.

Patient monitoring

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Market Assessment Study Solutions Benefits:

  • Expand into new market segments and refine the relationship with existing customer base
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities in patient monitoring space
  • Assess the competitors and identify the potential customer segments
  • Identify the major prospective equipment users and determine their usage level
  • Effectively allocate resources based on end user requirement
  • Identify the changes in the product that might affect the customers

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In just eight weeks, the patient monitoring system manufacturer witnessed a significant growth in the revenue. The client was able to identify the competitors in the market and devise an effective go-to-market strategy. The client was further able to assess the opportunities, which, in turn, helped in making informed business decisions.

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