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Top Pricing Strategies in Marketing You Cannot Miss Out On

Deciding how much to charge for a product or service requires more thought than merely calculating the costs and adding a mark-up.

Pricing strategies and methods often prove to be extremely complex and intense as it includes a number of calculations, research work, risk-taking ability, and understanding of the market and the consumers. The top management of the company considers a number of factors before pricing a product. This includes the ability of a consumer to pay for the products, the segment of the product, the action of the competitor, the conditions of the market, the production and the raw material cost or the cost of manufacturing, and the margin or the profit margins. An effective pricing strategy helps to identify competitive prices for a product or service. Adopting a competitive pricing strategy also depends on whether the company wants to achieve operational efficiency or product leadership. If the company’s value proposition is operational efficiency, then they need to follow a highly competition based pricing tactic. On the other hand, if the company’s value proposition is product leadership or customer intimacy, the offerings need to be priced on the higher end when compared to similar products in the market. This gives the customers a feeling of uniqueness and loyalty to the brand. This blog from Infiniti Research curates some of the top pricing strategies in marketing that our industry experts feel are most relevant in today’s business scenario.