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German chemical industry

A German Chemical Industry Client Saved Over 25% of its Operating Costs with Market Potential Analysis

German Chemical Industry Overview

Robust growth of construction industry, oil exploration, and production activities are expected to propel the growth of the German chemical industry over the coming years. However, the German chemical industry is not completely free of challenges. Foreign companies in the sector are facing major setbacks in terms of growth and market share in Germany. Besides, lowered demand levels of chemicals, ongoing cost pressures, and changing asset structure are increasing challenges for companies operating in the German chemical industry. As such, German chemical companies are in the need to adjust to the new environment and find ways to achieve profitability. This is where Infiniti steps in with its best-in-class market potential analysis. By leveraging market potential analysis, companies in the chemical sector can identify lucrative opportunities and develop strategic plans to maintain productivity.

To tackle the business impacts of COVID-19, companies in the chemical market will need to cope with price volatility, supply chain complexities, and rising customer demands. Our COVID-19 business continuity solutions can help chemical companies to achieve these objectives. Request a complimentary proposal.

Business Challenges Faced:

A global chemical company with 15+ production centers in Germany, struggled with decreased contribution margins, high fixed costs, and negative EBIT (earnings before interests and taxes). Also, external factors such as economic slowdown, increased competition from low-price products, and overcapacity issues negatively affected the company’s overall revenues. Besides, the German chemical industry client struggled to reflect the rapidly changing price of raw materials in its own pricing. The client, therefore, wanted to identify untapped market opportunities and revise their current strategies. Also, by keeping pace with market transformations, the client wanted to adjust to the new environment and find ways to achieve profitability. The client, therefore, choose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market potential analysis.

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the German chemical industry client also wanted to find ways to become profitable within the industry’s new environment, innovate product offerings, improve financial performance, and revamp pricing strategies.

Integrated Approach:

The initial phase of the market potential analysis engagement involved identifying and reviewing innovation options. This involved conducting a market overview and customer value proposition analysis. Besides, this phase of the market potential analysis engagement involved performing competitive analysis.

Also, the experts at Infiniti Research worked closely with the client to understand their current strategies, sales performance, variable and fixed costs, production assets, investment plans, supply chain management processes, and financial performance. Secondly, our experts assessed sources of value and customer needs. Lastly, our experts helped the client to develop new tools, processes, and offers to tailor products to specific customer needs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, companies in the chemical sector must revisit their supply chain strategies and implement business continuity plans. Our solutions can help chemical companies to meet these objectives. Contact us here.

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s support helped the German chemical industry client on their journey to growth, improved profits, and enhanced capabilities. With Infiniti’s market potential analysis, the German chemical industry client was also able to develop value pricing tool and a performance-tracking dashboard. This helped the client in monitoring prices and in customer management. Within six months of leveraging our market potential analysis, the company exceeded its 12-month goals. The German chemical industry client was also able to improve spend data quality, visibility, and accuracy.

To reduce operating costs and run the operations smoothly, the experts recommended the client to consider outsourcing portions of functions to contractors. This helped the client to eliminate maintenance capital and save over 25% of operating costs. By understanding supply chain risks, managing cash outflows, developing a range of scenarios to predict future outcomes, and identifying local suppliers, the German chemical industry client was also able to safeguard the supply chain operations and reduce logistics costs.

By leveraging Infiniti’s market potential analysis, the client was also able to:

  • Identify lucrative market opportunities and revamp the business model
  • Keep pace with market uncertainties
  • Innovate product offerings and improve financial performance
  • Revamp pricing strategies to meet the changing demand

Stock prices have taken substantial hits and chemical industry players should restructure, reposition, and seize opportunities to recover stronger in the post-COVID-19 era. Request more info on our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions.

Chinese automotive industry

Devising a Response Framework for a Chinese Automotive Industry Client to Combat COVID-19 Challenges

The coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on the Chinese automotive industry and has led to an unforeseen disruption of business operations. After the SARS outbreak in 2003, China had never witnessed such a huge impact until the coronavirus outbreak. As such, leading automotive companies in China have already begun implementing changes in business operations to ensure business continuity. While some others are still struggling to maintain productivity and retain employees. Implementing a sound business continuity plan is the key to survive through these tough times and emerge stronger.

This case study outlines how our market potential analysis helped a company in the Chinese automotive industry to create a threat-map dashboard, devise sound marketing strategy, and develop better digital capabilities amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

To rebound from the impact of coronavirus pandemic and rise stronger post-COVID-19 crisis, companies in the global automotive sector will need to address the immediate challenges that COVID-19 brings and create a detailed plan to ensure business continuity. Our market intelligence experts can help you to achieve these strategic objectives. Learn more here.

Business Challenge

The client is an automotive manufacturer and supplier based out of China.

As the Chinese automotive industry client had to make difficult choices such as closing production facilities and suspending discretionary spending owing to the fast-spreading COVID -19 pandemic, the company witnessed a decline in sales by 20%. Also, the client faced difficulties in addressing near-time cash management challenges and ensuring organizational resiliency.

The Chinese automotive industry client, therefore, wanted to prepare themselves to survive through these tough times and emerge stronger in the post- COVID -19 environment. In addition, as the number of individuals infected by the COVID -19 pandemic was decreasing in China, the client wanted to undertake a robust strategy to revive the supply chain, match demand and supply requirement, and protect their workforce to restart their production facilities. They also wanted to evaluate the market potential for their products and services in the post- COVID -19 environment and plan accordingly.

Other key objectives of the Chinese automotive industry client included:

  • To safeguard the supply chain operations by understanding supply chain risks and taking actions to address disruption
  • To implement robust marketing and sales strategies that suit the changing customer behavior
  • To manage cash outflows and improve liquidity
  • To identify internal and external risks and develop a range of scenarios to predict future outcomes
  • To increase local production and temporarily stop reliability on foreign imports

Wondering what to do next? Get in touch with us for more insights on COVID-19’s impact on consumers and businesses across various sectors.

Our Integrated Approach

Our market potential analysis followed a five-phased approach:

In the initial phase, the experts helped the Chinese automotive industry client to create a threat-map dashboard that provided them with real-time data. The threat-map dashboard also helped the client’s employees, suppliers, and customers to keep pace with the potential impact of COVID -19 and the company’s response.

In the second phase of the market potential analysis engagement, the experts helped the Chinese automotive industry client to develop contingency plans and implement safety protocols to tackle the coronavirus challenges.

In the third phase, our experts worked closely with the client’s direct suppliers to gain insights about their production capacity and potential issues. Also, the experts segmented the client’s key suppliers based on their production capacity. Besides, the experts helped the Chinese automotive industry client to identify the right set of suppliers to deal with product shortages.

The fourth phase involved devising a sound marketing strategy. After closely analyzing customer data, the experts recommended the client to consider supporting dealerships in providing demonstrations and test drives for customers at home.

The final phase of the market potential analysis involved conducting financial stress tests to examine the client’s current cash flow and balance sheets.

Business Outcome

With Infiniti’s help, the Chinese automotive industry client was able to devise a thoughtful approach to revive the supply chain, match volume to actual demand, and protect the workforce post- COVID -19 -crisis. The experts also helped the client to identify alternative suppliers in non-impacted regions of the world and improve visibility to supply chain risk.

By leveraging Infiniti’s market potential analysis, the client was able to adjust production needs as per the requirement and ensure employee safety. Also, by identifying and mitigating the risks of declining sales, the client was able to maintain financial health. Besides, the experts helped the client to understand potential supply chain risks and take actions to address disruption.

The creation of the threat-map dashboard helped the Chinese automotive industry client to encourage transparency and stay updated about the potential risks of the coronavirus outbreak. Also, by analyzing the potential for product shortages and possible revenue decreases, the experts helped the client to set new production priorities to manage demand-supply requirements.

The experts at Infiniti Research also helped the Chinese automotive industry client to identify local suppliers to support them at times of immediate requirements and product shortages. In addition to this, the client was able to understand how COVID-19 affected customer concerns, adjust marketing to focus on available models, develop better digital capabilities, and enable online sales channel.

We can help you to prepare for the rebound, gain agility, and ensure rapid response post- COVID -19 crisis. Request more info here.

Product demand analysis

Evaluating the Potential Demand for a New Consumer Electronics Product in Europe | Infiniti’s Product Demand Analysis

Product Demand Analysis for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Globally, the market for consumer electronic products is expected to proliferate over the coming years. However, companies in the consumer electronics industry will still need to track key industry trends, opportunities, and potential threats to sustain a leading edge in a new market. Also, to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, consumer electronics companies will need to focus on launching new products that meet the changing market demand. This is where companies realize the real power of leveraging product demand analysis.

Are you looking to analyze the demand for your product in a new or existing market? Our product demand analysis can help. Request a FREE proposal today!

Business Challenge

The client is a well-known consumer electronics company based out of Europe. With a multitude of new products being introduced in the consumer electronics market each day, the client faced challenges in gaining traction for their products. Also, the client’s previous product launches failed as they did not take into consideration the demand for similar products in the market.

Therefore, before launching their new product in the market, the client wanted to evaluate the demand for that product in Europe. Also, they wanted to evaluate the market potential for their new product by efficiently analyzing the demand.

To do so, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering product demand analysis.

With Infiniti’s product demand analysis solution, the client also wanted to:

Assess their ability to compete in the market – With Infiniti’s product demand analysis, the client wanted to identify the market size and niche market segments in Europe to promote their products. Also, they wanted to evaluate how efficiently they could compete in the marketplace in terms of product price and capability.

Evaluate the growth potential – With Infiniti’s product demand analysis solution, the client wanted to evaluate their long-term growth. Also, they wanted to forecast the average sales potential for their new product by analyzing the demand and market potential for similar products in the Canadian consumer electronics market.

Our product demand analysis can help you evaluate the success rate of your new product and understand how well they will compete in the marketplace. Contact us today!

Solutions Offered

By leveraging our expertise in offering market size analysis solutions, we helped the client to estimate the market size by analyzing factors such as sales volume, the potential number of customers, and average sales revenues.

Also, as a part of the product demand analysis, our experts conducted a competitor analysis to monitor the client’s key competitors’ new product innovations and understand similar product’s win rate in the market. This phase of the product demand analysis helped them to understand how efficiently they could compete with their counterparts in terms of their product prices and capabilities.

Furthermore, by conducting customer needs assessment, our experts helped the client to understand their customers’ demands and differentiate their product to meet the market demand. With Infiniti’s market potential analysis, the experts also helped the client to evaluate their long-term growth potential and understand their customer needs and requirements.

Results Obtained

With Infiniti’s product demand assessment, the client was able to evaluate the success rate of their new product and understand how well their new product will compete in the marketplace. Also, by understanding the customer needs and demands, they were able to incorporate certain changes in their product offerings to gain maximum market share. Furthermore, with Infiniti’s product demand analysis solution, the client was able to successfully launch their new product and realize savings of over 23% within two years of product launch.


Request for more information to gain insights into our product demand analysis and their benefits for your business.

Market Sizing Helps a Telecom Equipment Company to Assess the Potential for its Products in 10+ Countries

Over the years, the competition level among the telecom equipment companies has intensified due to the technological advancements and increasing research and development activities. Although a large number of small players in the telecom equipment industry have found safe niche markets to serve commercial businesses and enterprises, the demand may be volatile at times.

However, Infiniti identifies some of the fundamental challenges encountered by the telecom equipment industry players such as race towards innovating technologies, cost competitiveness, and high carrier consolidation to have an impact on the growth of the telecom equipment industry. As a result of such challenges, many telecom equipment industry players have started adopting for market sizing solutions to assess the potential for their products across various geographies.

Additionally, the market sizing solutions offered by Infiniti, give telecom equipment industry players insights into their revenue generating capacity by covering both the historical growth of the market and forecasting the future growth prospect. They can also gain insights on the drivers and limitations that impact the growth of the market with the help of such solutions.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

Besides data availability problems, a leading telecom industry player was also facing issues understanding the complexities involved in segmentation by technology, customer type, and end-use application. Additionally, due to recent uncertainties in the market space, the forecast outcomes were subject to drastic changes.

Although the leading telecom equipment player had a wealth of statistical data available, there were no accurate statistics on the target market’s segments.

The market sizing solutions offered by Infiniti helped the client gain insights on the important metrics to understand the potential opportunities and current market performance in the telecom equipment market space.

Our Approach and Solutions Offered

Infiniti’s market sizing specialists followed a comprehensive approach comprising of discussions and interviews with leading stakeholders in the telecom equipment market space. Moreover, the market sizing specialists devised a dashboard containing relevant pieces of information to deliver valuable insights to the client.

During the course of this market sizing engagement, the telecom equipment client was able to carry out a comprehensive segmentation including the technology, customer type, and end-user application. Additionally, the client was able to identify the uncertainty in technology and accurately forecast the outcomes. Furthermore, Infiniti created a dashboard that included accurate statistics of the target market’s segments.

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Market Sizing Assessment Benefits:

  • Developed a dashboard to gain vital information about statistics of the target market’s segments
  • Developed a robust business plan and target the most relevant market segments
  • Gathered data to identify and mitigate risks in potential new markets
  • Assessed potential opportunities and current market performance across geographies

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach:

In a span of 12 weeks, the client was able to evaluate the potential for its products and enhance their offerings in 10+ countries with the insights provided about the latest developments in the telecom equipment market. Additionally, the client was also able to identify and standardize their product portfolios effectively.

The market sizing engagement also helped the telecommunication industry client to add values to their data and find new niche market segments, operate more efficiently, and minimize risks across multiple geographical locations.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the telecom equipment industry.


Supplement Market

Market Assessment Study on Professional Power Tools and Accessories

Advanced technologies and product innovations continue to reshape the power tools market with new product roll-outs focused on improving productivity and effectiveness with extended maintenance levels, lower costs, and longer run times.

The rising demand for automation and rapid industrialization has fostered the adoption of power tools in the construction, manufacturing, and domestic sectors. A substantial increase in disposable income and rise in do-it-yourself (DIY) activities have also fueled the adoption of power tools in the end-user segments. Although, the market for professional power tools is witnessing augmented adoption, it is subjected to several challenges including introduction of counterfeit products in the market and lack of technical expertise in operating sophisticated tools. The market experts at Infiniti will offer strategic insights into the power tools market in terms of the market size, drivers, segmentation, competition, and challenges.

The Business Challenge

An engineering and electronics company based out of Germany wanted to assess the market landscape for professional power tools in the target regions. The client wanted to validate the market in terms of the market size, market growth, and market share in the Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries. The client also wanted to derive insights into the segmentation of the market and identify high revenue-generating segment.

Our Research Methodology

To explore potential market opportunities, the market assessment experts carried out extensive primary research comprising of interviews and discussions with traditional trade dealers, wholesalers, manufacturers, analysts, competitors, and industry associations. As a part of the secondary research, the engagement collated information from external and proprietary information such as paid industry databases, relevant websites, company publications, and industry forums to perform a detailed analysis of the professional power tools market.

Want to learn more about Infiniti’s research methodology?


Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Assess broad range of product areas and segment the market based on product portfolio
  • Identify the trends, drivers, and potential market opportunities
  • Assess the competition in the market
  • Understand the sales and sales growth of main competitors in the target countries

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

Through a comprehensive market assessment, the client was able to identify the key stakeholders in the market and their shares in the current and the coming years. The client also gained a holistic view of the professional tools market by value and by volume. Moreover, the engagement helped the client identify the challenges and make informed decisions.

A must-read market assessment study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to obtain key insights into the professional power tools and accessories market.


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Market Potential Assessment for Confectionery Oils and Fats Applications in the Food Industry through

While the clean label may be bringing new life to the market for some saturates, confectionery oils and fats may face some dichotomy among consumers as they tend to be high on saturates, from a coating perspective.

Fats and confectionery oils are essential raw materials and functional ingredients for a variety of food products including confectionery, bakery, ice creams, emulsions, and sauces, shortenings, margarine, and other specially tailored products. Besides conferring desirable characteristics on several foods – contributing tenderness to the shortened cake – fats also impart flavor to food products and impact the order in which components of flavor are released when they are eaten.

Globally, health concerns have reached its peak especially due to a rise in health complications, driving several individuals, especially Millennials, around the world to change their lifestyle and eating habits completely. This has influenced the need to develop products with low-fat content, which has resulted in a change in the consumer’s preferences. The development of new food products using fat substitutes presents a significant business opportunity for companies with an objective to reduce costs or substitute trans fat or saturated fat. However, the successful development of such products is a major challenge considering fats and oils not only play a fundamental role in determining the desirable physicochemical and sensory attributes but also because the customers who wish or need to replace these ingredients seek products with characteristics very close to those of the original product.

For companies looking to invest in this dynamic market space, it is crucial to assess the industry’s value chain, supply and demand outlooks, and supplier profiles to enable better marketability of their products. Our market potential assessment solutions provide companies with an in-depth understanding of the recent developments and innovations in the market to help them improve their business’ operating model. Furthermore, our consumer segment analysis employs varied sources of information to generate a holistic overview of the company’s existing market space, competition, customers, problems, and growth prospects of newly launched products.

Learn more about our portfolio of services and how our market potential assessment help businesses formulate effective go-to-market strategies

Brochure CTAThe Business Challenge

To gain effective insights into changing consumers’ preferences in this dynamic market, price profiles, and supply and demand outlooks, the client – a leading global agribusiness and food company with integrated operations from the farm field to the retail shelf – approached Infiniti to carry out a market potential assessment study on the fats and confectionery oils applications across the food industry. The scope of this market potential assessment study was to assess the change in market dynamics and demand-supply trends specific to food applications in specific geographical locations, including North America, Brazil, and Western Europe.

The primary aim of this market potential assessment engagement was to develop a global profile for oils and fats in food applications, which would support the global agribusiness and food company’s strategic growth plans across the target segments.

At Infiniti, our team of market potential assessment professionals understand that to develop an effective market entry strategy, following recent innovations and developments in the market through journals and reaching out to prominent stakeholders such as KOLs, industry experts, product users, and procurement experts is of utmost importance for investors. Moreover, our industry experts also interacted with prominent stakeholders responsible for the distribution and sales of similar products to analyze the trends in the market.

Why Infiniti Research is the preferred partner for more than 55 Fortune 500 Companies


Solution Offered and Business Impact

To understand the market and supplier dynamics specific to confectionery oils and fats in each region, our industry specialists engaged in extensive discussions with industry experts, business executives and market stakeholders. Our research team also referred to paid industry databases, annual reports, media platforms, news aggregators, industry forums and company presentations to develop initial market hypotheses and identify stakeholders for primary research. Our detailed assessment of the market landscape provided regional profiles of each region under focus covering supply outlooks, demand outlooks, price profiles, market volumes for key segments, and major trends. The insights obtained through this market potential assessment study would help the global agribusiness and food company develop effective marketing strategies for its products.

By following a blended approach comprising of an analysis of country-specific data on influential decision-makers and key players in the value chain, our market potential assessment team carried out a market assessment for each country under focus. This market potential assessment study offered a brief description of the change in market dynamics and demand-supply trends specific to food applications in specific geographic regions including North America, Brazil, and Western Europe. Furthermore, to meet the client’s specific business requirements, a global profile for oils and fats in food applications was developed.

In a short period of 12 weeks, the client – a global food and agribusiness corporation – was able to gain a detailed understanding of the profiles of leading oil and fat suppliers in each region with a specific focus on their capabilities.

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Benefits of Our Integrated Approach?

In a mere span of 12 weeks, the client was able to derive significant knowledge of the confectionery oil and fats segment and was able to quantify potential market opportunities for its products in the food industry. The additional option of report customizability coupled with our unparalleled expertise in offering services for market entry helped them understand the market space better and identify lucrative market opportunities to stay ahead of its competitors.

Here are some of the key points appreciated by our clients

  • Dedicated Market Intelligence Portal. A centralized platform for the collection, storing, processing, reporting, and dissemination of information with the specific purpose of assisting the decision-making process and developing actionable insights. This portal includes comprehensive information on quantitative and qualitative aspects on target markets, competitors and end-users.
  • Collaborative learning. We leveraged the experience of our healthcare team and our technical capabilities to enable report-sharing and other collaborative features appreciated by client teams.
  • Database Access. Access to a patient database containing information about 60+ medical diseases and conditions, such as patients undergoing treatment, untreated patients, and patients with chronic conditions.
  • Interactive Dashboard. Using our Portal based solution for healthcare professionals, we took a design-first approach to problem-solving and helped break through previously held assertions.
  • Value for Money. Infiniti’s dedicated client management team customizes reports to suit business requirements and offers the best insights for every dollar spent.


Residential Smoke Detectors

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Metal Casting Products Market Assessment Study in the APAC Region

Business Challenge
A leading manufacturing firm wanted to understand the potential market opportunities for metal casting products in the APAC region.
The client wanted to utilize the emerging market opportunities across China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia for its metal casting products. It was looking for advisory services for a complete market assessment to develop marketing strategies.
We conducted a detailed market assessment including situation analysis, market sizing, market structure, and identification of high-potential growth segments in each region. We also conducted an analysis of potential end-user segments and obtained insights specific to their emerging requirements.
The client was able to gain insights on critical success factors to devise its market entry and go-to market strategies. It was also able to shortlist business partners through partner due diligence and understand the best practices in partnership structuring.
market opportunity

Industrial Pump Market Assessment Study for a Pump Manufacturer

Business Challenge
A leading industrial pump manufacturer wanted to conduct a study to assess the potential for its products in Africa.
The client wanted to improve its brand equity by analysis of customer perception of its products and services, brand preferences, and how they receive information on brands (external influencer assessment).
We conducted in-depth primary and secondary research specific to the opportunities in the countries of focus. We adopted multiple research techniques including secondary/desk research and face-to-face/telephone-based interviews.
The client was able to evaluate the market attractiveness of each target country and accordingly decide on positioning its products in various countries.

High Voltage Submarine Power Cable Market Potential Assessment Study

Business Challenge
A European power transmission company wanted to understand how to eliminate stagnation in its sales and improve its business growth in the global market.
The client wanted to assess the future market potential for its high voltage submarine power cables and was looking for strategic consulting services to reformulate its business strategies for faster growth.
We conducted a comprehensive assessment of market dynamics including demand and supply, investment pattern, value chain strategies, and benchmarking against top five competitors to assess the company’s performance against industry standards.
Based on our insights, the client gained a detailed understanding of the market dynamics and made changes in its business strategies, which propelled a considerable growth in its sales and market share.

Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgears Market Potential Analysis in North America

Business Challenge
A leading manufacturer of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Switchgears was interested in the assessment of the potential for its products in North America.
The client was looking for advisory on the market requirements, demand-supply gaps, assessing the market potential, and understanding the competitive landscape to formulate its business strategies.
We identified key market stakeholders in the region and conducted interviews and discussions with them, followed by in-depth analysis for evaluation of the market dynamics and major opportunities.
Based on our insights, the client was able to identify gaps in the market where it could position its products and secure its ‘market leader’ status and was able to develop strategies for the same.
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