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Automotive Cybersecurity Market + Market Opportunity Analysis

The Automotive Cybersecurity Market: The Development of Autonomous Cars and Other Notable Growth Drivers

As dependence on digitization increases, all industries must take an extra step to ensure the safety and security of all consumers. Similarly, connectivity within the automotive sector has progressively increased, and Bluetooth systems, among others, have taken the industry by storm. To ensure the safety and security of consumers, OEMs have started to cooperate with suppliers, and automotive cybersecurity has become a primary focus. This has propelled growth in the automotive cybersecurity market.

Personal mobility and the increasing need for communication due to hectic schedules require consumers to stay connected constantly. Consequently, establishing and maintaining the safety of this connectivity has become a focus for consumers as well. There is an increasing number of vehicles on the road, and crucial parts like steering, brakes, and engines are dependent on computer systems. This dependence on computer systems has given rise to the need for the automotive cybersecurity market.

Why is automotive cybersecurity vital? The automotive cybersecurity market works towards ensuring that computer systems within vehicles are properly protected. Without this protection, car owners, for instance, risk losing important data or, in certain cases, even control of the car to hackers. Automotive cybersecurity protects personal data, crucial systems within the vehicle, and the consumers themselves from theft or harm.

The automotive cybersecurity market has grown exponentially over recent years, and it continues to grow unencumbered. Therefore, automotive cybersecurity market players must be aware of the opportunities for growth in their market and take pre-emptive initiatives to stay ahead of their competitors. In this article, Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis experts discuss the notable growth drivers and challenges in the automotive cybersecurity market. Additionally, the experts detail how a market opportunity analysis can help companies grow.

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Notable Growth Drivers in the Automotive Cybersecurity Market

The need for the automotive cybersecurity market is no longer a debate. However, demand alone cannot propel growth in the market. Therefore, Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis experts analyzed the automotive cybersecurity market and identified the following three notable drivers that significantly prompt growth in this market:

Development of Autonomous Vehicles

Recently, major automakers and OEMs have been investing in and developing autonomous vehicles. These vehicles are highly dependent on efficient autonomous vehicle systems and high levels of connectivity. Developers are aiming to make vehicles completely automatic and minimize human input substantially. While this is a sign of tremendous growth and technological development, without appropriate security, it can put consumers at significant risk.

This advancement in the automotive industry has led to increasing demand for the automotive cybersecurity market among OEMs and automakers. As R&D continues, the need for automotive cybersecurity systems will continue to grow. Market players must shift their focus to creating all-encompassing systems that can ensure the safety of data and consumers in autonomous vehicles.

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Cloud Computing

The incorporation of radios in vehicles is one of the most enjoyed additions to vehicles for many consumers with hectic schedules or professions that require long-distance travel. Over time these systems have shifted from fixed in audio systems to screens that allow consumers and mechanics to access and control in-vehicle systems. These electronic control units enable consumers and mechanics to conduct complete diagnostics on vehicles without dismantling the vehicle. However, if these systems are hacked, it could give hackers access to crucial safety features, such as airbags, and put consumers’ lives at risk.

Additionally, ECUs allow consumers to connect their phones, laptops, and various other cloud-based applications to the car. This may be used for music, infotainment, or other forms of entertainment and communication by car-owners. However, cloud computing includes access to various types of data that may be present on the consumer’s phone and other personal devices. If ECUs are not protected, hackers will have access to the vehicle and the personal data of the consumer. Therefore, automakers and OEMs need to ensure the safety of ECUs, which has led to increasing demand in the automotive cybersecurity market.

Regulatory Mandates and Standards

Governments worldwide have become aware and highly cautious of cyber threats and the theft of personal data. Identity theft, stolen access to financial information, and hacking into citizens’ communication and interaction are some of the recent cyber threats that governments are attempting to curb. The increasing number of personal vehicles on the roads and high dependence on connectivity has encouraged governments to enforce regulations regarding cybersecurity across platforms.

Similarly, the US government proposed legislation to isolate critical software systems and safeguard the entire vehicle against cyber threats. Additionally, major automakers, OEMs, and suppliers are establishing standards and promoting the use of appropriate automotive cybersecurity systems across vehicles. As the adoption of cybersecurity systems increases steadily, the automotive cybersecurity market is expected to grow.

Staying ahead of market trends and growth drivers is the first step towards leading your market. Speak to our industry experts and understand what your next step to being a leader in the automotive cybersecurity market should be.

Restraints in the Automotive Cybersecurity Market

Although the automotive cybersecurity market has been growing exponentially, there are various restraints to this trajectory of growth. The supply chain in the automotive industry is highly fragmented, which leads to a higher number of stakeholders and a combination of contributors to every unit. Additionally, OEMs do not have the technical capabilities to incorporate cybersecurity systems into the vehicles and require cybersecurity system suppliers to do the same. This often leads to a time lag in the delivery of cybersecurity updates and hampers the growth of the automotive cybersecurity market.

Why does The Automotive Cybersecurity Market Need Market Opportunity Analysis?

In a rapidly evolving market like the automotive cybersecurity market, companies need to keep abreast of market opportunities. To stay ahead of competitors, one must identify, evaluate, and strategize for market opportunities before other market players. Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis enables automotive cybersecurity market players in the following ways:

  • Companies can identify ideal M&A opportunities to scale
  • They can also understand and solve for consumers’ pain points
  • Keep abreast with competitors’ performance issues
  • Identify growth opportunities and assess the market’s readiness for their offerings

In the automotive cybersecurity market, a market opportunity analysis can also assist companies in understanding regulatory mandates, stay ahead of market dynamics, and devise appropriate strategies to cope with changing ECUs and vehicle software systems. Staying a step ahead of the market can be the biggest differentiator for companies in a fast-growing market.

Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis can help your organization set an industry standard. As competition grows, learn how our research solutions can propel you to the top by requesting more information.

Trend analysis

A Prominent Personal Care Products Brand Leverages Industry Trend Analysis to Keep Pace with Market Innovations and Win Back Lost Market Share

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on profits and operations of industries across the globe, the usually resilient personal care products market is no exception to the impact of the ongoing crisis. During these recessionary times and consequent economic fallout, there will be a pronounced impact on consumer spending. While many personal care products are essential, several others are not, prompting consumers to make alternate choices. Such changes in consumer consumption can have a profound impact on companies operating in the personal care products market with the sharpest market declines witnessed over several decades. An industry trend analysis is crucial to help companies stay ahead of the curve during such unforseen circumstances.

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Personal care industry trends analysis for a global brand

Market under focus: EMEA | Industry: Beauty and wellness | Focus: Personal care products | Duration: 3 weeks

Business challenge

Businesses that take a reactive approach can often get left behind amidst the market competition, and also this also proves to be a significant roadblock in capitalizing on market trends. Our client, a global personal care products manufacturer, was grappling with this challenge. With the personal care products market becoming intensely competitive with numerous market players, the company’s strategies became obsolete, and their market share was plummeting rapidly. The company approached Infiniti Research to help combat this challenge and strategize to build a stronger market foothold. Our industry experts were also tasked with proactively identifying the latest market innovations and trends in the personal care products market through an in-depth market trend analysis. By identifying the gaps in their existing operations and understanding various customer touchpoints, the client also sought to identify new channels to market their products and optimize sales.  

Scope of the engagement

over a span of 12 weeks, experts at Infiniti Research undertook a deep-dive analysis of the personal care products market in EMEA. The engagement covered:

  • Latest market trends and innovations in personal care products
  • Competitor strategies
  • Comprehensive customer intelligence to understand the changing consumer behavior for personal products in EMEA
  • Design innovations and packaging trends in the market

Our Approach

The engagement involved a well-balanced combination of primary and secondary research. Telephonic discussions were undertaken with over 100+ respondents with expertise in the development, sales, marketing, and also customers in the target market for personal care products. The secondary research undertaken by our analysts included comprehensive research materials from company websites, industry news, public database, and a multitude of other structured and unstructured sources.

Experts at Infiniti Research carried out a comprehensive market intelligence assessment and industry trend analysis to help the client understand the latest market trends, selecting the right channel strategy, and analyze in detail the changing consumer behavior. The detailed industry trend analysis highlighted the latest innovations, technologies, processes, and ingredients within different product categories. Through this, the client was able to gather an idea on the changing and challenging current trends in the personal care products market. They were also able to weigh the pros and cons of each of the latest market trends in the personal care products category and choose the right trends to channel their investments. The risk assessment strategy provided enabled them to plan for possible market threats and underlying risks and plan their positioning strategy, pricing, collaborations, and product launches accordingly. The client also identified the right channels for attracting target customers and built optimum social media and online marketing strategies to promote the brand’s products to the desired audience groups.

Infiniti’s competitor intelligence solution allowed the client to gather insights on a region-wise breakup of data on key product portfolios and marketing strategies used by top competitors. This also included exclusive insights on products targeted by competitors based on their customer segmentation strategy and associated pricing strategies.

For more insights into our solutions portfolio for companies in the beauty and wellness market, get in touch with an industry expert.

Business Impact

The industry trend analysis enabled the personal care products brand to monitor innovative technologies, products, and ingredient trends in the EMEA region. The data gathered through the engagement was leveraged to restructure their innovative pipeline, enabling the client to plan and revamp their product launch and pricing strategies. Through the risk assessment by experts at Infiniti Research, the client was able to identify early signs of risks and build concrete action plans to mitigate them. They also identified and invested in a number of strategies to compete with category-killers using the deep-dive insights and market entry strategies provided by our industry experts.

The company invested in an attractive and trending product category based on the recommendations of our industry experts. Within nine months of implementation, the personal care products company became one of the top brands for this product category in the EMEA region. During the next two consecutive quarters, they also recorded a 30% increase in their quarterly profits and a 17% increase in per-unit sales within the first six months, consequently strengthening their market share in the EMEA region.

Want more insights on this engagement with market data and insights on the trends, challenges, opportunities, and competitor analysis in the personal care products market?

Market Opportunity Assessment for the Specialty Chemicals Market

Specialty Chemicals Market: Why is a Market Opportunity Assessment the Best Way Forward?

The specialty chemicals market is highly complex and competitive. The most prominent segments of this market are specialty polymers, surfactants, flavors and fragrances, electronic chemicals, and industrial and institutional cleaners.

Specialty chemicals are in high demand and have a high growth rate due to the purpose they serve in industrialization, which is a widespread global phenomenon currently. As a crucial addition to the cleaning, disinfectant, and food industries, it is also seeing higher demand due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

As emerging markets are proliferating, the largest contributors to the specialty chemicals market are Germany, North America, Netherlands, China, and India. The highest consumers over the past few years have been China for antioxidants, construction, water management systems, and more; North America for agriculture, food, cosmetics, oil field chemicals, and more. Other countries with high consumption rates are India, Japan, and other developing countries and emerging markets due to rapid industrialization.

Emerging markets reflect a higher growth rate because they are calculated from a lower base and are growing rapidly in both demand and consumption. As of 2018, the highest consumption of specialty chemicals was found in the automobile, food, aerospace, agriculture, textile, and cosmetics industries, in no order.

However, as every market does, even the highly demanded specialty chemicals market is faced with various challenges, and key players are attempting to adapt efficiently. Currently, specialty chemicals market players need to identify the ideal opportunities to grow with the growing demand. In this article, industry experts from Infiniti Research discuss the major factors affecting the specialty chemicals market and the solution to identifying market opportunity.

Speak to Infiniti’s industry experts to gain more in-depth insights into the fast-growing specialty chemicals market.

Factors Affecting the Specialty Chemicals Market

The specialty chemicals market is highly influenced – positively and negatively – by various factors. Before employing a solution, it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the market. The following two factors majorly affect the specialty market.

High Demand:

With the constantly developing supply chain management systems, eCommerce purchasing, and strategic sourcing, transparency has increased. Therefore, higher consumer awareness has led to the exponential rise in demand for specialty chemicals across industries. Specialty chemicals have now become a commodity-like addition to every industry that it plays a role in. While this is beneficial for the market, the higher demand has led to a rise in R&D, raw material, and energy costs. To recover these high costs and improve their margins, specialty chemicals producers have raised the prices of their product.

Additionally, the demand for cleaning agents, sanitization, and hygiene has risen over recent months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making specialty chemicals a crucial commodity in the industrial and institutional cleaning industry. Apart from the increased demand for cleaning agents at an individual are family level, major spaces like hospitals, hotels, and community living spaces are in constant need of proper cleaning agents. Further, long-lasting food items with preservatives are in higher demand due to long durations of quarantine across the world.

Emerging markets and developing countries:

The increase in industrialization, trade liberalization and the growing demand for technological advancements in developing countries across the world largely contribute to the growth of the specialty chemicals market. The demand for electronics has grown vastly over recent years of change, and specialty chemicals play a crucial role in the development process of the same. Similarly, construction chemicals and fuel are in high demand across developing countries, which in turn increases the growth of the specialty chemicals market. However, a challenge posed by emerging markets and developing countries is the continually changing regulations regarding additives to food, and chemicals for other manufacturing industries. This could be detrimental to the global growth of the specialty chemicals market.

Understanding the market is the first step towards succeeding in it. Get more information on the factors affecting the specialty chemicals market to strategically prepare for the forecasted growth.

Preparing for Forecasted Growth

As the specialty chemicals market continues to grow at a substantial rate, market players need to prepare strategically. This requires understanding the upcoming market trends and changes and their risks and opportunities. While high demand and global market growth are positive news for specialty chemicals producers, strategically analyzing the challenges and ideal opportunities for growth and equipping their companies for the same is crucial. An unplanned approach leads to higher risks and may lead to losses in terms of opportunity and revenue.

Market Opportunity Assessment for the Specialty Chemicals Market

More importantly, for new entries, the market holds a range of challenges and potential barriers to market entry. Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment allows businesses to plan a comprehensive approach to all potential barriers and assess the market’s preparedness for new offerings. With the specialty chemicals market, as the industry continues to grow, some players are creating barriers for new market entries by focusing on service rather than products. With competitors focusing on building relationships and good customer service, the challenges of entering with new offerings and attempting to build new relationships are much more. Infiniti’s research experts offer the appropriate data, approach, and actionable strategies for businesses to successfully deliver their new offerings into a highly competitive and challenging market such as this.

Entering a new market is challenging, especially one that is growing as exponentially as the specialty chemicals market. Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment can offer you strategic insights on all opportunities and actionable solutions for all potential barriers when entering this market. Request a free proposal to learn more about the readiness of the specialty chemicals market for new offerings.

Market opportunity analysis

An Automotive Company Achieved Significant Service Level Improvement and Profit Growth with Market Opportunity Analysis

Although the German automotive sector has been witnessing a positive growth over these years, a host of geographical and technological developments are expected to disrupt the automotive market over the next five years. The automotive industry is undergoing dramatic changes owing to the acceleration of technological innovation, evolving customer expectations, and rapidly changing market requirements. These rapid changes in the automotive sector compel automakers to take full advantage of the expected changes and capture the resulting new opportunities. This is where Infiniti steps in with its best-in-class market opportunity analysis. Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis can help automotive companies to make smarter choices in their market development strategies in order to maintain stronger positions in the future.


The client is an automotive manufacturer and supplier based out of Germany.

The client experienced a serious decline in sales for two consecutive years. Consequently, the company started losing its market share. They even noted that their competitors were winning with their new product offerings and superior levels of customer service. Also, they realized that their production model did not meet the market requirement. To manage cost and deliver quality, the client needed to rethink its operations model. Besides, they wanted to revamp their production model by identifying the latest opportunities and market developments. They partnered with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market opportunity analysis. By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client also wanted to reduce complexity and improve their manufacturing and purchasing.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a major impact on the global automotive sector. Automakers must evaluate the impact of the crisis on their business operations and prepare for the rebound. Our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions can help you to achieve this objective. Request a FREE proposal here.


In the initial phase of the market opportunity analysis, the experts worked closely with the client to develop and implement a three-phased strategy.

The initial phase of the market opportunity analysis involved strategy development. This involved analyzing market growth and trends, identifying customer needs, and analyzing competitor positioning. Besides, by leveraging market opportunity analysis, the experts evaluated the client’s financial and operational objectives and challenges.

In the second phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts developed an entirely new approach to purchasing and supplier relationships. Besides, the experts conducted a thorough analysis of the actual contribution of each product line and determined attractive product lines.

In the last phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts determined key drivers of profitability and success and benchmarked competitors on costs, service, and profitability.


With Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment, the client experienced a significant service level improvement and profit growth. Also, with market opportunity analysis, they were able to improve their performance substantially.

Besides, Infiniti’s marketing opportunity analysis helped the client to:

  • Install new scheduling systems in each plant
  • Improve stability, eliminate off-line repairs, and eliminate the root causes of scheduling problems
  • Reduce the complexity of vehicle market offerings
  • Alter vehicles to better meet customer needs and requirements
  • Identify key market penetration success factors that maximized potential sales and delivered the most attractive market opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of the growth trends from a customer perspective
  • Implement a demand-pull production model

We have helped clients across various industries to achieve extraordinary outcome during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact us to know our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions can help your organization to emerge stronger post the COVID-19 crisis.

market opportunity analysis

Attracting New Customer Groups with Market Opportunity Analysis for a Fast Fashion Retailer

The fast fashion sector is a booming industry with diverse and big opportunities in store. However, this sector is faced with a unique set of challenges due to its highly dynamic nature. The recent events of some of the biggest fast fashion retailers having to shut shop is a wake-up call for players in the industry to stay prepared for a tougher economic environment with changing consumer trends and shifts in the fashion system. According to experts at Infiniti, this year will be shaped by consumer shifts linked to technology, social causes, and trust issues along with the potential disruption from geopolitical and other macroeconomic events. Only those fast fashion retailers who accurately reflect the trends or have the courage to self-disrupt will emerge as winners. By leveraging a market opportunity analysis fast fashion retailer can stay abreast with the changing market dynamics and also identify lucrative opportunities that can be capitalized on.

Every day you’re dealing with the changing nature of retailing and the information imbalance caused by mobile apps, social media, and big competitors with bigger budgets. Request a free proposal to know how our market opportunity analysis can help you successfully compete.

Business challenge

The client is a fast fashion retailer headquartered in Central America

market opportunity analysisOur client, a reputed fast fashion retailer noticed a sudden drop in sales. They believed it was due to the recent change in their merchandising mix. Their newer clothing line adhered to the latest trends in the fashion industry. They assumed that this attracted a different and new set of customers for the business. They were facing predicaments in confirming this assumption and if proved right they wanted to identify opportunities to lure similar customers and strategize to keep them hooked on to their brand. With Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, the client also wanted to:

  • Find the exact age group of the new customer base
  • Identify the right marketing channels to invest in
  • Implement strategies to bring sales back on track

Capitalize on the right opportunities to scale your business to greater heights. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about our market opportunity analysis solutions and its benefits for your business.

Solutions offered

Our industry experts helped the client undertake a comprehensive market opportunity analysis. Factors including market size, customer database, and market trends were taken into account. A detailed customer intelligence engagement was also provided to the client apart from market opportunity analysis.

During the customer intelligence solution, our team of experts split customers into groups based on those who purchased since the merchandising mix change was implemented and those who hadn’t. For each group, they compared the number of new vs. existing customers, purchase frequency, transaction, and the total spend. When the categories favored by the different segments were compared, it was found that new merchandise was purchased mostly by new customers. It was also identified that the newer customers were younger, between the age group of 20-35.

Infiniti’s market assessment study offered as part of the market opportunity analysis also helped the client identify the key transformations in the US fast fashion industry. It also helped them identify the top marketing channels that are most lucrative to attract and retain new customers.

Results obtained

With over 15 years of experience in helping global businesses in successfully overcoming roadblocks in business, our experts helped the company in the fast fashion retail industry to adapt to the industry trends and transformations.

market opportunity analysisOur market opportunity analysis helped the client identify that their target customers are more likely to respond to display ads over direct marketing. This helped them invest in the right marketing channel and lure more customers to their brand. With this, they attained a 19% increase in targeted segment spend. Consequently, in less than 60 days they reversed their declining sales.

Learn more about Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis solutions

Boosting Profit Margins by 17% for a Financial Services Provider – A Market Opportunity Analysis by Infiniti Research

Realizing Savings of 13% for a Financial Services Provider 

Business Challenge 

The financial services industry is facing unprecedented changes, due to the digitalization trend. Rising customer expectations, increasing competition from financial technology companies, regulatory pressures, and data security challenges are affecting companies in the financial services industry. As these challenges continue to escalate, companies in the financial services industry need to constantly evaluate and improve their operations, to keep up with the fast pace of change in the industry.

A leading financial services provider, who was looking to expand their business to international markets such as South America and Europe, approached Infiniti Research to leverage our expertise in gauging the profit potential of untapped market opportunities. With Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis solution, the client wanted to better understand the current market, identify other niches within the market, and plan a marketing strategy to expand their business or enter a new market.

Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis solutions have helped companies evaluate potential barriers to market entry, analyze distribution channels, and assess markets’ willingness for new offerings.

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Top Challenges Faced by Financial Service Providers 

Problem Statement 1: Increasing popularity of FinTech Companies

The increasing popularity of FinTech companies was disrupting the way traditional companies in the financial services industry operated. This created huge challenges for the client as they were not able to adjust quickly to the market changes, not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of operations, culture, and other facets of the industry.

Problem Statement 2: Regulatory Pressure

With regulatory requirements continuing to increase, financial service providers were forced to spend a large part of their discretionary budget on being compliant, and on building systems and processes to keep up with the escalating requirements. With the help of market opportunity analysis, the client wanted to better understand the business environment before expanding their operations.

Problem Statement 3: Sales Projection

By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering market opportunity analysis solutions, the client wanted to analyze market size and industry outlook for the next 10 years. Also, they wanted to forecast their average sales, annually.

Request for a FREE proposal to know how leveraging market opportunity analysis can support your organization in strategically entering a new market or expanding in an existing market.

Solutions Delivered and Value Offered 

To help the client tackle challenges in the industry, the experts at Infiniti Research recommended a market opportunity analysis solution.

Phase 1: Competitive analysis

Based on our insights, the client gained detailed insights on market demographics and competitive scenario. This helped them to adapt quickly to the market changes and enhance service offerings.

Phase 2: Porter’s five forces analysis

The experts at Infiniti Research conducted porter’s five forces analysis. This helped the client to understand factors affecting profitability and identify areas of strength, to avoid costly mistakes.

Phase 3: Analyzing sales projection

With the help of market opportunity analysis, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client forecast their average sales rate for the next 10 years. This phase of market opportunity analysis solution further helped them estimate the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) annually.

Our market researchers equipped the company with qualitative and quantitative market opportunity insights to help spur sales, take better decisions, and identify new market opportunities. Also, with the aid of our market opportunity analysis solution, the client was able to develop an accurate business plan, which increased the company’s profit margin by 17% in a year.

Request for more info to know more about our market opportunity analysis solutions.

Competitor analysis

Step by Step Guide to Conducting an Effective Market Opportunity Analysis

Business growth strategies include the evaluation and assessment of new markets and products lines or suggesting new ways to reach existing markets and better meet the needs of customers. In today’s business environment, sustaining growth is a major challenge for companies. Scientific and technological advances shorten the life cycle of products and services, changing business models and giving the scope to new competitors to enter the market. This constant instability makes it important for every market player to seek new business opportunities. But the question that arises here is how to do market opportunity analysis in such conditions?

The first thing you need to do is, define a framework to help search for opportunities. To do this, it is important to understand the business direction of your company and to have knowledge of the strengths, resources, and capabilities of your company. Once you develop a comprehensive understanding of your company goals and areas of expertise, the next step involves analyzing the market and assessing the needs of your customers and how they are being met by companies. For an effective market opportunity analysis, it is necessary to evaluate the business model as a whole by identifying customers and companies and other factors such as direct and indirect competitors, brand value propositions, existing regulations, supply chains, and the general business environment. In this article, we have examined how to analyze these factors in detail:Contact US

Step by Step Guide to Conducting Market Opportunity Analysis


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