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Market Opportunity Assessment for the Specialty Chemicals Market

Specialty Chemicals Market: Why is a Market Opportunity Assessment the Best Way Forward?

The specialty chemicals market is highly complex and competitive. The most prominent segments of this market are specialty polymers, surfactants, flavors and fragrances, electronic chemicals, and industrial and institutional cleaners.

Specialty chemicals are in high demand and have a high growth rate due to the purpose they serve in industrialization, which is a widespread global phenomenon currently. As a crucial addition to the cleaning, disinfectant, and food industries, it is also seeing higher demand due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

As emerging markets are proliferating, the largest contributors to the specialty chemicals market are Germany, North America, Netherlands, China, and India. The highest consumers over the past few years have been China for antioxidants, construction, water management systems, and more; North America for agriculture, food, cosmetics, oil field chemicals, and more. Other countries with high consumption rates are India, Japan, and other developing countries and emerging markets due to rapid industrialization.

Emerging markets reflect a higher growth rate because they are calculated from a lower base and are growing rapidly in both demand and consumption. As of 2018, the highest consumption of specialty chemicals was found in the automobile, food, aerospace, agriculture, textile, and cosmetics industries, in no order.

However, as every market does, even the highly demanded specialty chemicals market is faced with various challenges, and key players are attempting to adapt efficiently. Currently, specialty chemicals market players need to identify the ideal opportunities to grow with the growing demand. In this article, industry experts from Infiniti Research discuss the major factors affecting the specialty chemicals market and the solution to identifying market opportunity.

Speak to Infiniti’s industry experts to gain more in-depth insights into the fast-growing specialty chemicals market.

Factors Affecting the Specialty Chemicals Market

The specialty chemicals market is highly influenced – positively and negatively – by various factors. Before employing a solution, it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the market. The following two factors majorly affect the specialty market.

High Demand:

With the constantly developing supply chain management systems, eCommerce purchasing, and strategic sourcing, transparency has increased. Therefore, higher consumer awareness has led to the exponential rise in demand for specialty chemicals across industries. Specialty chemicals have now become a commodity-like addition to every industry that it plays a role in. While this is beneficial for the market, the higher demand has led to a rise in R&D, raw material, and energy costs. To recover these high costs and improve their margins, specialty chemicals producers have raised the prices of their product.

Additionally, the demand for cleaning agents, sanitization, and hygiene has risen over recent months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making specialty chemicals a crucial commodity in the industrial and institutional cleaning industry. Apart from the increased demand for cleaning agents at an individual are family level, major spaces like hospitals, hotels, and community living spaces are in constant need of proper cleaning agents. Further, long-lasting food items with preservatives are in higher demand due to long durations of quarantine across the world.

Emerging markets and developing countries:

The increase in industrialization, trade liberalization and the growing demand for technological advancements in developing countries across the world largely contribute to the growth of the specialty chemicals market. The demand for electronics has grown vastly over recent years of change, and specialty chemicals play a crucial role in the development process of the same. Similarly, construction chemicals and fuel are in high demand across developing countries, which in turn increases the growth of the specialty chemicals market. However, a challenge posed by emerging markets and developing countries is the continually changing regulations regarding additives to food, and chemicals for other manufacturing industries. This could be detrimental to the global growth of the specialty chemicals market.

Understanding the market is the first step towards succeeding in it. Get more information on the factors affecting the specialty chemicals market to strategically prepare for the forecasted growth.

Preparing for Forecasted Growth

As the specialty chemicals market continues to grow at a substantial rate, market players need to prepare strategically. This requires understanding the upcoming market trends and changes and their risks and opportunities. While high demand and global market growth are positive news for specialty chemicals producers, strategically analyzing the challenges and ideal opportunities for growth and equipping their companies for the same is crucial. An unplanned approach leads to higher risks and may lead to losses in terms of opportunity and revenue.

Market Opportunity Assessment for the Specialty Chemicals Market

More importantly, for new entries, the market holds a range of challenges and potential barriers to market entry. Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment allows businesses to plan a comprehensive approach to all potential barriers and assess the market’s preparedness for new offerings. With the specialty chemicals market, as the industry continues to grow, some players are creating barriers for new market entries by focusing on service rather than products. With competitors focusing on building relationships and good customer service, the challenges of entering with new offerings and attempting to build new relationships are much more. Infiniti’s research experts offer the appropriate data, approach, and actionable strategies for businesses to successfully deliver their new offerings into a highly competitive and challenging market such as this.

Entering a new market is challenging, especially one that is growing as exponentially as the specialty chemicals market. Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment can offer you strategic insights on all opportunities and actionable solutions for all potential barriers when entering this market. Request a free proposal to learn more about the readiness of the specialty chemicals market for new offerings.

product research

Decoding the real importance of market intelligence services in 2019

Expansion is the sign of a healthy business. And with the aid of market intelligence services, business expansion is no longer a distant dream for emerging companies. 

Recruiting more staff, expanding into new markets, and building industry reputation are all exciting developments that come with growth. But in today’s competitive market space, growing businesses face a host of different challenges. As the company grows, business leaders start realizing that there is no “one size that fits all” approach – every new opportunity and problem will eventually start demanding different solutions. What worked a year back may not work this year and may not be the best approach. Identifying and mitigating challenges associated with market entry is essential if the business is to survive. Effective leadership will help business leaders make the most of existing opportunities but leveraging market intelligence services can unlock the doors to a lucrative new market segment.

With the rising pressure to sustain profitability and brand image in the market, companies have started facing the need to outpace their opponents when it comes to retaining and acquiring new customers. There’s nothing more depressing to the stakeholders than slow sales or high competition. Companies of today need to be on their toes and constantly think about ways to attract, serve, and retain their customers. Consumers change with every generation and companies need to be agile enough to serve the market as it stands in any given year. Whether you’re in the healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, or retail industry, market intelligence services are still essential for survival. With that being said, let’s take a look at what is market intelligence below and how it can take your business to the next level. (more…)

Competitor analysis

Step by Step Guide to Conducting an Effective Market Opportunity Analysis

Business growth strategies include the evaluation and assessment of new markets and products lines or suggesting new ways to reach existing markets and better meet the needs of customers. In today’s business environment, sustaining growth is a major challenge for companies. Scientific and technological advances shorten the life cycle of products and services, changing business models and giving the scope to new competitors to enter the market. This constant instability makes it important for every market player to seek new business opportunities. But the question that arises here is how to do market opportunity analysis in such conditions?

The first thing you need to do is, define a framework to help search for opportunities. To do this, it is important to understand the business direction of your company and to have knowledge of the strengths, resources, and capabilities of your company. Once you develop a comprehensive understanding of your company goals and areas of expertise, the next step involves analyzing the market and assessing the needs of your customers and how they are being met by companies. For an effective market opportunity analysis, it is necessary to evaluate the business model as a whole by identifying customers and companies and other factors such as direct and indirect competitors, brand value propositions, existing regulations, supply chains, and the general business environment. In this article, we have examined how to analyze these factors in detail:Contact US

Step by Step Guide to Conducting Market Opportunity Analysis


5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Market Opportunity Analysis

Today, in this competitive business environment, constant growth and profitability are never a guarantee. With advancements in technology, life cycles of products and services keep shortening. Additionally, business models keep changing and new competitors enter from various industries. This persistent instability makes it very crucial for businesses to seek new market opportunities to grow and stay ahead of the competition. It is in this context that the real importance of market opportunity analysis comes into the picture. It helps businesses to examine various factors like direct and indirect competitors, brand value propositions, existing regulations, supply chains, and the general business environment. Ask An Analyst_IRAll these factors help frame winning business strategies and allow your business to flourish positively amidst the competitive environment.

With the help of the market analysts at Infiniti, we have highlighted a few reasons why market opportunity analysis is important for any business. But before delving into those factors, let’s understand a bit about market opportunity analysis in simple terms.

What is a Market Opportunity Analysis?

Market opportunity analysis is a tool to determine and access the desirability of a business opportunity. It forms a portion of the business strategy; wherein, before launching a new product or service, the market is analyzed to identify the anticipated revenues and profits from it. Forecasted demand is one of the most important factors that should be considered and analyzed during opportunity analysis. There are a few important questions that can be answered through this analysis. Therefore, these questions must be considered by businesses that perform market opportunity analysis:

  • What are the most profitable segments of the market?Request Proposal
  • What is the rate at which the opportunity is growing?
  • What do competitor and gap analysis mean?
  • What are the major sustainable differentiation points?

Why Market Opportunity Analysis is Important?

#1. Market opportunity analysis helps identify the needs of the customers and accordingly plan, design, and deliver the products or services to derive customer satisfaction.

#2. It helps the company to stay ahead of the competition due to the introduction of customer-oriented products.

#3. It also allows the firm to make optimum use of resources.

#4. It helps the business to accomplish goals like profit margin improvements and market share etc.

#5. It also enables an organization to extend and spread its business in new as well as existing markets.

To know more about how market opportunity analysis can aid in business growth 

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A Leading Oral Care Products Manufacturer Leverages Infiniti’s Market Opportunity Solution to Devise Better Strategies to Address the Future Needs

Dental diseases have been widespread, recognizing a few barriers of ethnicity, class, and economic status globally. Click To Tweet

Perhaps the most important challenge faced by oral care products manufacturers is acquiring new customers. This outdoes the common thought that new customers lead to a growth in business, which, ultimately, is a good thing. A strong business growth is only a fraction of this issue. What is really at stake here is acquiring new customers within an overwhelmingly competitive market. Additionally, with all these realities, oral care products manufacturers believe finding and procuring new customers is something they can easily do with little effort. Request ProposalRegrettably, this can be one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks of growing a practice.

Business Issues

  • The client: A leading oral care products manufacturer

An American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in Ohio, United States approached Infiniti to conduct a market opportunity assessment. The oral care products manufacturer was facing predicaments in profiling the competitors and reaching out to the potential market segments. The client also wanted to devise actionable strategies that would help them pursue new product spaces; thereby, expanding into new market segments. As a result, the client wanted to seek ways to understand the competitive landscape and carry out a robust SWOT analysis to improve their growth trajectory.

How Can Market Opportunity Engagement Help Oral Care Products Manufacturers?

Market opportunity solutions provide a holistic interpretation of the market in terms of the opportunities and risks and help organizations stay relevant in the competition. These solutions also help oral care products manufacturers in identifying new targets, realizing the competitive advantages, decision making, and help discover unmet customer needs. Furthermore, Infiniti’s market opportunity solutions deliver valuable insights into the oral care products market in terms of the competitors, market sizing, growth projections, and barriers to entry.

Summary of our market opportunity solution

Contact US

Client Journey

The market opportunity solution experts at Infiniti Research followed a sophisticated assessment method, which involved considering various factors like customer requirements, technological advancements, geographical target regions, and future enhancement possibilities in the oral care products market. To further understand customer requirements, the experts compiled information across a wide array of proprietary sources.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Infiniti’s market opportunity solution helped the oral care products manufacturer identify opportunities to capture more value while adequately managing their market investments. The manufacturer also unraveled enterprise demand and competitive maneuverings and expanded their product offerings across niche market segments.Get More Info Furthermore, the client devised better strategies to address the future needs of the customers in the oral care products market. 

The Future of Oral Care

Managing customer attitudes has been one of the constant challenges faced by oral care products manufactures. As a result, oral care products manufacturers are trying to bring about positive experiences and change customer opinions by actively communicating with them and giving detailed information about the products and its benefits. Additionally, aesthetics and value for money oral care products are expected to become even more of a focal point for customers in the coming years.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the oral health care space

Request Proposal

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Market Opportunity Analysis on the Heavy Machinery Equipment Market: Understanding the Existing Pain Points and Unmet Needs

According to an industry expert at Infiniti Research “The heavy machinery equipment industry is a classic example of a cyclical market, with pronounced ups and downs and the potential for significant year-to-year swings in demand.” Click To Tweet

One of the biggest challenges heavy machinery equipment manufacturers face today is determining how best to implement Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve operational goals such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing safety, supporting compliance, and stimulating product innovation. Additionally, groundbreaking technological advancements are propelling heavy machinery equipment manufacturing into a new age of automation. Machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence are poised to disrupt the industry in the years to come, and the continuous evolution of these technologies will shape manufacturing’s long-term future. Moreover, the primary challenge for heavy machinery equipment manufacturers is to decide what to automate and what not to Request Proposalautomate in order to obtain the best value.

Business Issues

  • The client: A heavy machinery equipment manufacturer

The client – an American worldwide manufacturer of heavy machinery equipment for a variety of industries including quarrying, recycling, construction, infrastructure, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, mining, and utilities. The client approached Infiniti to conduct a market opportunity analysis as they were facing predicaments in understanding the pain points and unmet needs in the North American market. Additionally, the client wanted to evaluate the market landscape in terms of the competitors, their current offerings, and accordingly devise effective go-to-market strategies to effectively reach out to their new potential target segments.

How Can Market Opportunity Analysis Help Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturers?

Today, it is indispensable for organizations to understand the competitive landscape and market attractiveness to gain an edge over their peers. Market opportunity analysis helps heavy machinery equipment manufacturers effectively connect products and services with their target customers. Market opportunity engagement also helps organizations comprehend the potential challenges and barriers to entry across niche market segments. Moreover, Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis helps companies gain accurate and actionable data to devise effective go-to-market strategies across the heavy machinery equipment market.

Summary of our market opportunity solution?

Ask An Analyst

Client Journey

To help the client identify potential market opportunities and devise go-to-market strategies, the market opportunity analysis experts at Infiniti followed a sophisticated market analytic approach. The approached involved taking into account various factors like customer requirements, technological advancements, geographical target regions, and future enhancement possibilities in the heavy machinery equipment market.Request Proposal

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, the heavy machinery equipment manufacturer identified the market landscape in terms of the key competitors, market drivers, and trends. The client also validated the potential market opportunities and gained insights on market size estimates. Furthermore, the client gained actionable insights into the existing pain points and unmet needs prevailing in the market.

The Future

The heavy machinery equipment industry is confidently looking toward the future and ready to embrace the transition into the digital era, with a stronger-than-ever focus on technology leadership and customer needs. Additionally, the industry will see major agreements, joint ventures, contracts, and partnerships in the near future. These strategies are further expected to aid the heavy machinery equipment manufacturers to create a large customer and partner base.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the heavy machinery equipment market.

Request Proposal

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Automobile Spare Parts Market Opportunity Assessment

Enhanced data-driven services, the use of light-weight materials, and rapid infrastructural developments for electric vehicles are key trends that are expected to impact the growth of the automobile spare parts market. Click To Tweet

Despite the global cooldown of automotive demand, the automobile spare parts market is expected to remain the main engine for volume growth in the auto industry. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Factors such as the rising inflation and interest rates are expected to deter the purchase of automobiles, which, in turn, is expected to impact the growth of the global automobile spare parts market.

Though the global auto industry market poses a grim picture in terms of growth, it has a silver lining- with strategic planning and implementation of enhanced business plans, manufacturers and dealers of automobile spare parts can turn this scenario into a pool of new opportunities. However, to make the most of market opportunities it is essential to realign the business strategies and conceptualize ideas, which can bring about major disruptions in the market.

The Business Challenge

To gauge the sales potential of their newly introduced automobile spare parts, a leading automobile spare parts manufacturing company approached Infiniti to help them conduct an in-depth market opportunity assessment. The client wanted to devise effective strategies to better position their products in the market and to closely track performance. They also wanted to identify bottlenecks, gauge the attractiveness of newer markets, and understand the growth potential of each new market segment.

How Can Market Opportunity Assessment Help the Auto Industry?

The relentless pressure to stay relevant in an accelerating marketplace makes it a necessity for auto industry players to invest in market opportunity assessments before entering newer market segments. To be successful and establish themselves in any new market, organizations have to adopt specific go-to-market strategies and business plans. Infiniti’s market opportunity solutions are designed to offer a comprehensive view encompassing every aspect of the market. It also assists them to stay aware of the market opportunities and challenges.

Summary of our market opportunity assessment

Automobile Spare Parts

Ask An Analyst

Client Journey

The solutions offered by Infiniti’s market opportunity experts helped the automobile spare parts manufacturer to gain a detailed industry outlook. It also offered relevant market information to gauge the sales potential of the newly launched spare parts.

Furthermore, to help the client gauge the market potential, the market experts at Infiniti conducted a detailed market opportunity assessment to devise executable strategies and achieve their goals in the target segments. The comprehensive approach included primary and secondary research methodologies coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders in the auto industry.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market opportunity solutions, the automobile spare parts manufacturer was able to enhance their overall growth strategies through systematic expansion into complementary product categories within the auto industry. They were also able to conduct an in-depth market opportunity assessment to identify the market potential for their product offerings.

The Future

With rapid transformations taking place in the global automobile landscape, it might be difficult for automobile spare parts manufacturers to stay abreast of the industry trends to gauge the attractiveness of their product offerings in different market segments. This, in turn, has increased the global competition and is forcing auto industry players to devise precise business strategies to drive growth in newer segments.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the auto industry.

Request Proposal

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