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Future of Petrochemicals

The Future of Petrochemicals: Dynamic Strategies to Survive in an Evolving Industry

The petrochemical industry is one of the largest subsectors of the chemical industry. As the chemical industry grows, the future of petrochemicals is faced with a series of major challenges. However, the world continues to consume and the need for petrochemical products continues to rise. Although developed economies are turning towards sustainable sources of energy and fuel, preparing for this change can lead the future of petrochemicals towards growth.

Over the past few years, as prices have dropped globally, petrochemical industry producers have been faced with major losses. More recently, the global pandemic, Covid-19 has caused major losses to industries and economies across the globe. With petrochemicals being the source of, and a crucial ingredient in various major industries that have come to a jarring halt, the industry has suffered substantially Industry research experts at Infiniti suggest efficient market intelligence solutions and brand strategies for petrochemical manufacturers to see the industry through to its potential return to growth.

The petrochemicals industry is faced with a wide range of challenges currently. Learn how Infiniti can help petrochemicals producers strategize and develop actionable solutions to overcome these challenges. Request more information to propel the future of petrochemicals in the right direction.

As of 2019, the US, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, China, India, the UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brazil, and South Korea were the major contributors to the global petrochemical industry. Over the recent months, all these countries have seen a steady fall in demand and prices, which in turn has made returning to their previous standard challenging, and growth seem like a distant possibility. However, the growth of the future of petrochemicals can be possible if the appropriate steps are taken.

Key Challenges of the Petrochemicals Industry

Infiniti’s research experts believe growth in the future of petrochemicals is possible, if appropriately strategized. However, it is important to first understand the major challenges of the industry. The following three current and major challenges are affecting the petrochemical industry globally.

  • Advantaged Feedstock Opportunities: As North America and the Middle East move to alternative options for raw materials and chemicals, such as liquid feedstocks, naphtha, gasoil, or mixed gas/oil feedstock. Being the two largest markets for advantaged feedstock opportunities, the toll on the future of petrochemicals is vast.
  • Maturing Economies: It is estimated that as economies continue to mature, the demand for the chemical industry will reduce substantially. Taking the chemicals industry giant China as an example, progress of their economy has slowed down, however, it continues to grow. As it continues to grow, the investment on infrastructure and other industries that use petrochemicals will reduce, while more service -based development will become the focal point. The service and upgrade-based economy has very low demand for the petrochemicals industry.  
  • COVID-19: With the recent global pandemic, manufacturing, construction, travelling, and other major industries that require petrochemicals as a raw material have slowed down, if not come to a halt. Europe, the US, and China stopped travel, transport, and manufacturing for substantial amounts of time, taking a major toll on the future of petrochemicals.
Future of Petrochemicals

Speak to our experts, to gain in-depth insights into the challenges faced by the future of petrochemicals.

The Future of Petrochemicals

The future of petrochemicals is highly dependent on the strategic approach employed by petrochemicals manufacturers. To propel growth in the future of petrochemicals, the following three changes are crucial:

Adapting to Change

As industries evolve and move away from advantaged feedstock demands, and investment increases in other raw materials, it is important for producers to evolve as well. Petrochemical producers with a cohort in the gas-based sector are more likely to evolve and grow with the changes in the industry. As the industry shifts to ethylene cracker investments based liquid feedstocks such as, naphtha, gasoil, and heavier feedstocks, returns will be closer to cost-of-capital. To therefore cope with this change, petrochemical producers must return to their innovative roots, and invest in developing the alternatives that the future of petrochemicals demands.

Digitizing and Analytics

As the industry changes, so should the approach of players within the industry. While innovation is essential, so is re-evaluating current systems and finding opportunities for higher returns within them. Digitization is an important change for all industries in the COVID and post-COVID era. However, the petrochemical industry has highly complex and integrated operations, that can be majorly improved through digitization. Further, applying advanced analytics can help improve commercial processes, and operations.

Market Intelligence Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

Developing strategic plans and effectively executing all operations while accounting for market trends and changes within the industry is possible. Market Intelligence Solutions can assist petrochemical industry manufacturers change the future of petrochemicals for the better. Infiniti’s industry research experts can assist petrochemical producers achieve the following:

  • Understand upcoming and impacting market trends
  • Profile and understand competitors’ strategies
  • Appropriately prepare for regulation changes
  • Identify the ideal opportunities and clients
  • Reduce time to market
  • Prepare efficient operation and brand strategies

Our market intelligence solutions have proven to be highly effective and helpful in establishing brand strategies for petrochemical industry players. As petrochemical producers attempt to improve the future of petrochemicals, utilizing appropriate market intelligence solutions and strategizing appropriately is highly crucial to them.

As petrochemicals producers work to recover from and grow past the recent years of loss faced by the industry, they must devise strategies and solutions that can help the future of petrochemicals. Request a free proposal to leverage Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions and develop efficient strategies.

Market intelligence services

Devising a Sound Commercialization Strategy for a Consumer Electronics Supplier – Infiniti’s Latest Market Intelligence Engagement

Market Intelligence Services for a Consumer Electronics Supplier

In today’s hyper-competitive market, undertaking the right market intelligence study can help businesses at various stages of product marketing. The rapid changes in the market and regulatory environment creates new opportunities for businesses. Market intelligence services help businesses to keep tabs on profitable market opportunities and gather comprehensive market insights for confident decision-making.

This success story highlights how our market intelligence services helped a consumer electronics supplier to devise a solid commercialization strategy and achieve huge commercial success for its new product.

Want to stay informed about the present and the long-term forecasts of the market? Our market intelligence services can help. Request a FREE proposal today!

Business Challenge

The client is a consumer electronics supplier based out of Canada.

Our client, a consumer electronics supplier, solely relied on its marketing team to provide its sales team with leads. However, the inability of the marketing team to gather comprehensive market insights and identify changing market needs resulted in huge losses for the company. As a result, the company was losing their market share to competitors. In an attempt to curtail losses in market share, they introduced a new product in the market. To achieve huge commercial success for its new product, they needed help in devising a sound commercialization strategy. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence services.

With Infiniti’s market intelligence services, the client also wanted to:

Identify the right set of customers – With Infiniti’s market intelligence services, the client wanted to understand their target customers’ pain points, interaction patterns, purchasing habits, and spending behavior. By gathering these insights, the client wanted to set up marketing campaigns to reach out to the right audience at the right time using the right channels.

Optimize marketing initiatives – As the client was running multiple campaigns at the same time, they wanted to analyze the performance of different campaigns in real-time. By doing so, they wanted to identify the right marketing initiatives to focus on to increase sales. Additionally, with Infiniti’s market intelligence services, they wanted to decide how to allocate their marketing budgets and funnel it to promotional activities that gives them the highest ROI.

Whether you need to introduce a new product or devise a commercialization strategy for your new product, our market intelligence analysts can help. Contact us today!

Our Approach

The experts at Infiniti Research adopted a three-phased approach that included:

A customer intelligence study to understand the needs, preferences, behaviors, and spending patterns of customers in the target region.

A market scanning and monitoring analysis to keep tabs on technological changes and industry developments.

A marketing strategy engagement to devise a solid sales and marketing strategy for product promotion.

Results Obtained

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions helped the client to gain a clear understanding of the market potential for their new product. With Infiniti’s market intelligence services, the client was able to understand their target customers’ pain points, interaction patterns, purchasing habits, and spending behavior. This helped them to create different marketing initiatives for different set of customers. Also, by understanding the right channels to focus on, they were able to reach out to the right set of customers.

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence analysis, the client was also able to analyze the performance of different campaigns in real-time and identify the best performing campaigns. This subsequently helped them to allocate their marketing budget for their promotional activities. Furthermore, with Infiniti’s market intelligence services, the client was able to achieve huge commercial success for their new product. Also, within eight months of their new product launch, they were able to sell approximately 37,000 products.

Want to know more about our market intelligence services and their benefits for your business? Request a FREE brochure here!

market intelligence

Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Center of Excellence: An Overview of our Industry-leading Engagement Models

For any modern business, an effective market intelligence framework is a ‘must-have’ to unlock their full potential. A successful go-to-market strategy begins with a good foundation of knowledge covering several aspects of the market and key competitors. Infiniti’s market intelligence center of excellence offers a plethora of experience and capabilities in these areas. At Infiniti, we collaborate with our clients as their extended research arm to uncover growth opportunities through simple, effortless, and scalable engagement models.

Positioned at the forefront of market intelligence, Infiniti Research has carved out a niche for itself as the premier provider of market intelligence solutions for leading players across industries. Our unmatched market intelligence solutions, consulting, and comprehensive market assessments are well-known among industry leaders for their ability to solve even the toughest of challenges faced. Our market intelligence center of excellence covers the entire gamut of research and analytics services for your in-house research and corporate strategy team. It includes:

  • Market Research & Consulting
  • Corporate Strategy & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations

Market research and corporate strategy

Market research support

Going through market research data is often cumbersome and could prove to be a time-consuming task. We prepare reports for our clients that’s easy to digest and makes finding the answers that they are looking for as painless as possible. Our advanced market research support services include secondary research, questionnaire designing, primary research interviews, statistical data analysis, and dashboard development.

Business research

Business organizations encounter a number of questions prior to starting a new business or expanding their current operations. They find it tough to determine the right business goals for the company. Business research services aid in rendering success to the business in this aspect. Business research services are highly beneficial for businesses in assisting promotional activities, formulating customer retention strategies, and solve other key operational problems of the business. Business research services offered by Infiniti includes market sizing and analysis, sector analysis, competitive assessment, profiling and benchmarking, and industry reports. As a part of our market intelligence center of excellence, we also provide online tracking platform support that focuses on competitor monitoring, real-time market tracker, and other economic indicators and demographics.


M&A support

Mergers & acquisitions are among the most complex business transactions. Often, mergers and acquisition plans that look great on paper are fraught with problems that can result in difficulties of merging staff and operations, or even to failure. Infiniti’s M&A support services help identify the potential risks in a new deal so that businesses can make decisions with their eyes open and critical facts at their fingertips. Our M&A support services includes processes such as target identification and screening, strategic due diligence, financial modelling, and joint venture support. These techniques can identify potential issues before a merge or acquisition and enable organizations to grow their business with confidence.

The Infiniti advantage

At Infiniti, we believe in helping our clients develop scalable solutions that deliver sustainable efficiency to their organization. With expertise across 50+ industries and business functions, we have deep expertise in delivering transformational solutions that are designed to fulfill the needs of a more demanding, smarter world. Our market intelligence center of excellence offers:

market intelligenceSimple Low-cost partnership

We provide our clients with flexible, scalable and tailored engagement models to overcome specific business challenges. For more insights on our FTE plans Request a free proposal.

Specialized skillset

Gain fast access to skilled and experienced resources with domain specific knowledge by engaging with our team of experts. Our collaboration with your organization can greatly increase their impact of new or existing strategies, with cost and time zone advantages in your market intelligence center of excellence.

Flexible customer-centric engagement

Our global team of experts is dedicated and equipped to enhance capacity on an “as needed” basis when time and resources are sparse. Our market intelligence center of excellence is based on the foundation of effectively helping our clients and partners meet their goals.

Free project management

Tackling and excelling at business transformation is easier said than done. We ensure that a dedicated project manager is provided for each engagement to oversee and monitor FTEs on quality and deadlines and ensure smooth business transformations.

 Advanced delivery mechanism with 24/7 support

Worried about time zone differences and how it can affect the smooth execution and delivery of an engagement? Our delivery team and relationship/project managers are accessible round the clock to provide support or cater to client queries.

Rich repository of research sources

The joint efforts of our executives are channeled into ensuring perpetual quality of services across all solutions and industries. Engaging with us can give you access to thousands of proprietary and paid industry sources, market experts, procurement professionals to obtain critical information.


Market intelligence services

A Quick Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Market Intelligence Services

As the market is becoming increasingly competitive, it has become imperative for businesses to keep a constant watch on their competitor strategies and other changing trends in the market. Traditionally, this process was termed as market intelligence. However, today the scope of market intelligence has proliferated to include comprehensive analysis and analytics that can help revamp business models and projections to suit current business requirements.

In this blog, market intelligence experts answer some of the frequently asked questions about market intelligence services.

What is market intelligence?

Market intelligence services involve process of using multiple sources of information to gain a broader picture of a company’s existing market including their customer profiles, business challenges, the growth potential for a new product/service launch, and the key competitor strategies. By leveraging market intelligence services, companies can not only understand and meet their customer needs better than their competitors, but it also helps companies determine their internal goals.

While top-level industry information is easily available on the web and other external sources, gathering data relating to business niche and locality can be difficult. This is where the expertise of market intelligence experts at Infiniti comes into play. Request a free brochure to know how our solutions can help your business.

Market intelligence services vs market research: what’s the difference?

Although the market intelligence services and market research are used interchangeably, there is a fundamental difference between the two. While market research solutions describe what is occurring as it occurs so that companies can react tactically, market intelligence services provide situational insights and interpretations so that companies can strategize on their next move. Strategic market intelligence services provide information relevant to a company’s markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making. It is also highly useful in determining strategy in areas including market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development. Market research involves research relating to the size, location, and other essential elements of a product market.

What are the most effective ways to gather market intelligence?

Companies across industries are engaging in strategies to effectively outdo one another. Market intelligence services play a crucial role in keeping an enterprise on the top. Without adequate market intelligence, decision makers will be incapable of better decision-making or altering existing business strategies. Here are some of the best ways in which companies can gather market intelligence:

Information from the sales teams

The sales teams interact maximum with the customers. As such, they can give accurate and up-to-date information relating to customer needs and what improvements need to be made to the company’s products or services. This feedback is more realistic and practical than undertaking external research.

The key to success for any type of business lies in the ability of the enterprise to make informed business decisions. This can be achieved with the help of a good market intelligence services provider. Request a free proposal to know how our experts can help you generate better profits.

Feedback from channel partners

In the case of product expansion or the sale of a new product, the best source of market intelligence is to gather feedback from the company’s channel partners.  Channel partners can reveal data relating to which products will sell better in the market, which products can be ready to stock, and which product should the enterprise focus on next. Market intelligence services can help in suggesting improvements in the company’s current marketing strategies.

Competitors’ channel partners

Reliable market intelligence services provide data relating to competitor strategies. Companies can gather this data by interacting with the sales representatives or channel partners of competitors in the industry. Market intelligence services providers like Infiniti Research can help your company become better equipped to make decisions based on data and then implement winning strategies.

Use social media

Social media monitoring can be used to understand what customers think of a product and whether their expectations are being met or not. Brand monitoring on social media platforms will also help companies understand what customers are talking about the company.

Learn how Infiniti’s solutions for market intelligence services can help you drive better business growth.

solar panel manufacturers

Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Solution Helps a Prominent Auto Engine Parts Manufacturer Gain Holistic Knowledge of all Aspects of the Marketplace

The growing emphasis on engine efficiency, improvements in the global economic conditions, and rapid decline in commodity and gasoline prices are the major growth contributors for the global auto engine parts manufacturing market. The demand from developing economies is expected to rebound over the next five years, owing to the increase in disposable incomes and technological developments.  Furthermore, as the global consumer’s preferences and demands continue to vary between fuel efficiency and passenger space, the governments have started implementing stringent regulations that apply to all the subsegments within the automobile industry. This has created several challenges as well as growth opportunities for leading players in the auto engine parts manufacturing market space.

The global automobile industry is influenced by a range of factors that play a significant role in increasing the complexity and also affect the economic options available to the automobile engine parts manufacturers. Most of these factors are interdependent, but a few are market-induced and cannot be influenced directly by the manufacturers in the automobile industry.

Let’s take a look at the factors influencing the growth of the automobile industry:

  • Increasing demand for innovation and flexibility in manufacturing processes: The auto engine parts manufacturers are not just exploited by the complexity of digital advancements but are also affected by the shortening of product lifecycles. Another important factor is the rise in developments of niche product models for specific target groups.
  • The rise in modification and diversification of product portfolios: It is essential to reduce the product development lifecycles to react to the changing demands of the end-users quickly. Today, companies in the automobile industry change or modify their products within two or three years; whereas, in the past, an average product lifecycle in the automotive sector was about eight years.
  • Increasingly diversified customer preferences: Customers look for products that satisfy their requirement and preferences. However, owing to the increase in competition and IR_RFPgrowing focus on price rather than brand loyalty, consumers are generally not drawn towards companies for their individualized products.

The Business Challenge:

  • The client- A Leading auto engine parts manufacturer

Objective- To identify and analyze the market trends, growth opportunities, and offer an overview of the global auto engine parts market.

The client, a leading manufacturer of auto engine parts, wanted to gain a holistic view of the automobile industry. The client wanted to leverage Infiniti’s market intelligence solution to boost their upselling opportunities by targeting specific consumer groups. The client also wanted a detailed report on the market entry barriers, new opportunities, risks, and competition in the automobile industry.

Results- Devised effective strategies based on the analysis of the marketplace. Also, identified future growth opportunities and guided the client in working towards establishing their goals.

Want more information about our market intelligence solution?

Ask an analyst

The Journey

The market intelligence experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the automotive accessories market to help the client improve business efficiency. The experts at Infiniti further compiled information from a wide array of secondary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and industry forums to help the client understand the competitive scenario.

The Solution and the Business Impact

Our market intelligence solution helped the automotive client refine their decision-making processes. It also helped them in reducing their warranty assistance costs by tens of millions of dollars, while continuing to target assistance to their most valuable customers. The solution offered also helped the auto engine parts manufacturer in improving their business strategies by grounding their decisions in real-world data and analysis.

 This engagement also helped the client in enhancing their process efficiency by devising risk negating strategies and offering real-time updates. Moreover, this helped them in identifying a scalable approach to discover new growth opportunities.

 The Future:

The way businesses are conducted across various industrial segments is changing at an ever-increasing speed, and market intelligence experts are the center of these changes. Constant technological innovations bring about the need to analyze markets better and the opportunities it presents. Very often, organizations that put too much effort into devising strategies to catch up on the competition and end up falling behind, as they cannot anticipate the future market developments effectively.

Moreover, in today’s world, market intelligence solutions have become an essential tool in making smart, data-driven decisions. It is emerging as a fast-growing trend and is increasingly being adopted by various industries. Also, as the dependence on data increases, almost any use of data will require market intelligence to extract actionable insights from it.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the auto engine parts market space.


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Sustainable Energy Supplier Tackles Competitors Strategies with The Help of Market Intelligence Solution

Market Intelligence Solution for Sustainable Energy ClientLONDON: Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest market intelligence solution for a renowned sustainable energy supplier. The problem of carbon dioxide emissions has heightened as the world economy is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. As a result, the issue of sustainable development is growing in importance.

“Market intelligence solutions provide greater insights into the sustainable energy space regarding the competition and market gaps. Additionally, it also offers a 360-degree view of the market, suppliers, opportunities, and also highlighted areas of concerns.,” says an expert at Infiniti Research.

The market intelligence solution helped the sustainable energy supplier gain a competitive advantage enabling them to control costs, act faster than the competition, and react more quickly to customers’ needs.

Additional benefits of the market intelligence assessment

  • Develop strategies to improve their market presence
  • Utilize statistical tools and more complex technologies to handle and manipulate market-related data
  • To know more,  request a free proposal

To know more about how our market intelligence solutions helped the sustainable energy supplier

Ask an analyst

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Competitive Intelligence Vs. Market Intelligence: All You Need to Know to Impress Your Boss

Often, we come across several terms in business that sound more or less the same, but they turn out to be completely different.  Before getting into the differences, let us cut to the chase and get to the basic point of similarity between competitive intelligence and market intelligence.  Both these types of intelligence help companies to gain a better foothold in the market and require considerable amount of accurate research to succeed. So, what is the key difference between the two? Here goes- Competitive intelligence is the strategic study used by companies to understand their industry and track the moves of their rivals. On the other hand, market intelligence is a broader concept which includes the research conducted by a company on the external market it wishes to enter, their competitors, and customers. But that’s not all; there are other factors as well that differentiates the two, curious to know what they are?IR_Brochure

Focus of the Data Collected

As discussed, market intelligence gives a larger picture to companies about the market and customers. This means that it is more client focused, which helps companies to understand their customers and the general consumer behavior better. Competitive intelligence is more business focused as it comprises of data pertaining to a company’s competitors and their business strategies.

Digging Deeper into the Data

Customers are in the spotlight in case of market intelligence; therefore, the data gathered in this type of business intelligence involves economic and social statistics of people such as demographics, population, consumption, and demand. On the other hand, competitive intelligence helps companies identify competitor’s strategies, their strengths and weaknesses, the chunk of the market share they own, how their tactics are impacting your business, etc.

The Game Plan

While the ultimate aim of both these strategies is to reduce business risk and up the game in the business, the data focus of both these techniques is very different. Therefore, their application in a formal business plan of a company also differs. Market intelligence is employed by businesses to improve their existing product offerings and develop new and innovative products, which will ultimately result in improved customer loyalty. Competitive intelligence is used by companies to plan specific strategies to overcome the competition from various competitors in the market. Each competitor will have different business strategies and tactics and with the help of competitor intelligence, companies can plan different counter tactics for each of them.

To know more about the business applications of competitive intelligence and market intelligenceAsk an analyst

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Market Intelligence Study Helps a Leading Solar Energy Client Improve Their Current Business Model

Over the years, the ever-increasing competition in the solar energy industry is forcing leading players to enhance their current business models and projections. This has forced players in the solar energy industry to rely on market intelligence solutions. Devising robust competitive intelligence solutions, help players operating in this industry space gain actionable insights into the competition levels and evaluate the entry of new competitors into the industry space. Additionally, clients can identify the potential customers and tailor product and service offerings accordingly. Also, through a comprehensive market assessment, players operating in this industry space can better position their marketing campaigns and outshine their competitors.IR_Brochure

With years of expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help clients gain a 360-degree view of the market space. Infiniti’s market intelligence experts provide precise and accurate insights into the market in terms of customer behavior to allocate resources accordingly.

The Business Challenge

The ever-rising demand for solar energy products among the end-users is forcing market players in this industry space to offer a wide array of products. A global solar energy industry client with offices spread across various geographies was facing predicaments in understanding the market landscape including competitors, their offerings, and product positioning. Additionally, the client wanted to devise robust strategies to understand the demand forecasting scenario and market projection.

Our Approach

The market intelligence experts at Infiniti tailored an extensive research containing interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the solar energy industry space to identify and analyze the emerging trends. Additionally, market intelligence experts also tailored a dashboard including information from various proprietary sources such as industry forums, paid industry databases, and company presentations to analyze the potential opportunities in the solar energy industry.

solar energyWant more information about our market intelligence engagement?

Ask an analyst

Market Intelligence Engagement Benefits:

  • Categorize the opportunities and predict the market development
  • Analyze information about the customers and accordingly design the product offerings
  • Gain robust insights into the factors restraining the growth of the market
  • Keep track of the competition and consequently improve current business model
  • Tailor marketing and product efforts around customer needs

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

The solar energy industry client was able to enhance their marketing effectiveness and brand awareness among consumers in a mere span of 14 weeks. Additionally, the client gained in-depth insights into the competitor’s marketing strategy across geographies to gain a competitive advantage over them. Furthermore, the solar energy client was able to develop better market penetration strategies and identify the potential buyers and distributors in the solar energy industry space.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the solar energy industry.


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Market Intelligence Helps a Sporting Goods Manufacturer Launch Products in the South East Asian Market

Over the past few years, the sporting goods industry has witnessed steady growth due to increasing consumer income and demographic trends. Additionally, sporting goods manufacturers are offering a wide range of products and services to a wide range of target customers to enhance brand promotion across several geographies. However, due to the presence of low intensive labor and production costs in the South East Asian market, players in the sporting goods space have started adopting market intelligence studies to analyze the market potential for their products. In addition, market intelligence engagements also help clients revolutionize new products to reach out to niche market segments and adapt to the emerging trends.IR_Brochure

With years of experience in offering market intelligence solutions, Infiniti Research helps clients devise a robust speed-to-market approach to improve sales performance. The client can also leverage the use of market intelligence solutions to reinvent themselves and launch their products in the South East Asian market.

The Business Challenge

A global sporting goods manufacturer with offices spread across various geographical locations wanted to gain insights into the potential opportunities in the South East Asian market. Additionally, the client wanted to understand the competitors in the market, their current offerings, and the technologies adopted by the competitors. This would help them devise an effective go-to-market approach and enhance their product offerings. The sporting goods manufacturing company also wanted to increase leads and build a positive customer relationships across niche market segments.

Our Approach

To assess the market potential in the South East Asian market, the client approached Infiniti’s market intelligence specialists. With years of expertise in offering robust market intelligence solutions, Infiniti’s industry experts carried out a comprehensive approach including discussions and interviews with leading stakeholders in the sporting goods space.

market intelligenceWant more information about our market intelligence engagement?

Ask an analyst

Market Intelligence Engagement Benefits:

  • Identify the potential opportunities and forecast the growth of the market
  • Understand the size of the market and its growth potential
  • Gain an in-depth information on customers and product lines
  • Gain robust insights on the key factors affecting the market growth
  • Effectively map, track, and monitor market performance and determine the KPI

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a span of 14 weeks, the sporting goods manufacturer gained several benefits from the market intelligence engagement in terms of the potential opportunities, target segments, and market direction. Furthermore, the client gained insights on ways to enter the South East Asian market and launch their products.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the sporting goods industry.


Market Intelligence Study Helps a Leading Medical Imaging Firm Increase Brand Awareness

Over the past few years, organizations in the healthcare segment have started increasing their focus on entering lucrative and niche market segments. Additionally, the relentless growth of technology in the medical imaging landscape has forced organizations to adopt innovative technologies and standards to optimize efficiency in treatment patterns. Moreover, the higher level of competition in this market space is forcing medical imaging firms to leverage robust market intelligence studies to tap new market segments, enhance their product offerings, and promote superior patient outcomes. Market intelligence also helps clients to innovate new products, reach out to niche market segments, and rapidly adapt to the emerging trends.IR_Brochure

Infiniti’s market intelligence specialists, who have proficiency in offering business solutions to global conglomerates, help clients devise a robust speed-to-market approach to augment marketing activities with sales; thereby, improving the sales performance. Additionally, the client can reinvent themselves in the market and enhance their brand awareness by leveraging these market intelligence solutions.

The Business Challenge

A global medical imaging firm with offices spread across various geographies was facing predicaments identifying potential customers and increasing their brand awareness. Additionally, the client wanted to understand their competitors, current offerings, and current technologies to devise an effective go-to-market approach and enhance their product offerings, increase leads, and develop positive customer relationships.

Our Approach

To assess the current market landscape and expand to niche market segments, the medical imaging client contacted Infiniti’s market intelligence specialists. With years of proficiency in offering efficient market intelligence services, Infiniti’s healthcare industry specialists conducted a thorough assessment of the market by carrying out discussions and interviews with leading stakeholders in the medical imaging space.

Additionally, the research team offered strategic insights to the medical imaging client by compiling information from various proprietary sources such as company presentations, paid industry databases, and online forums to meet the increasing consumer demands.

Medical ImagingWant more information about our market intelligence engagement?

Ask an analyst

Market Intelligence Engagement Benefits:

  • Identify the potential opportunities and forecast market growth
  • Segment the size and growth and assess the potential market opportunities
  • Analyze information on the customers and product offerings
  • Gain robust insights into the drivers and restraining factors of the market
  • Effectively map, monitor, and track market performance and determine the KPI

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a span of mere eight weeks, the medical imaging client gained in-depth insights into the potential opportunities, market direction, and target segments. Additionally, the client was able to improve their marketing effectiveness and brand awareness among consumers.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the medical imaging industry.


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