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Developing Unparalleled Expansion Strategies with Market Forecasting Solutions in the Surgical Equipment Market

Surgical Equipment Market Overview

The surgical equipment market has witnessed significant growth over recent years, owing to a substantial population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. Surgical procedures have become increasingly common, and healthcare expenditure has increased. Additionally, technological advancements have made various types of surgical procedures possible, further fostering the market’s growth. However, as the market continues to grow, industry players often struggle to keep abreast of constant changes and market developments. Market forecasting is an essential process for companies in a dynamic, rapidly growing, and essential market.

As surgical procedures become increasingly common, surgical equipment manufacturers struggle to keep pace with changing demands, trends, developments, and consumer needs. Rigid regulations increased focus on hygiene and safety, and supply chain complexities are significant challenges affecting the surgical equipment market. Therefore, industry leaders worldwide are leveraging market forecasting solutions to gain insight into upcoming changes and developments in the surgical equipment market. Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions enable strategic decision-making, a better understanding of the market, and improved product and service launches.

Growing markets can become increasingly challenging as demand and competition rise. To stay at the top in the growing surgical equipment market, request a free proposal, and keep a step ahead of the market.

Business Challenges

The client, a surgical equipment manufacturer headquartered in North America, sought to expand their operations further within the United States. However, stringent regulations, supply chain challenges, and uncertainty regarding the market’s future were challenging in developing a comprehensive strategy. The client required an in-depth understanding of the United States market and data-driven insights into upcoming market trends, opportunities, challenges, and developments. With continually changing regulations, uncertainty permeates the market, and the surgical equipment manufacturer wanted to mitigate risks by anticipating and preparing for potential changes. Therefore, the surgical equipment market player sought to leverage Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions.

During the market forecasting engagement, the client also sought to:

  • Identify potential changes in their target consumer segments
  • Keep abreast of future market trends and opportunities
  • Mitigate risks by forecasting potential challenges
  • Gain and maintain clarity regarding government regulations

Identifying, evaluating, and strategizing for potential risks, market trends, and industry developments are crucial to survival in any market. Request more information to gain comprehensive insights into the surgical equipment market and the ideal business solutions.

Our Approach

Market Forecasting Solutions + Surgical Equipment Market

Infiniti’s market forecasting experts developed a comprehensive four-phased approach, including an industry trends analysis, risk assessment, market sizing engagement, and in-depth research. The four phases that were conducted are as follows:

  • Our market forecasting experts conducted in-depth primary and secondary research. The primary research included comprehensive discussions and interviews with stakeholders, industry experts, and surgical equipment specialists. The secondary research included acquiring and compiling information from reliable secondary sources, such as industry databases, company websites, annual reports, and executive presentations.
  • The industry trends analysis was conducted to identify, evaluate, and strategize for current and future surgical equipment market trends. Infiniti’s market forecasting experts utilized the insights from the study to offer the client data-driven recommendations regarding future market changes.
  • Our experts worked closely with the manufacturing team to identify supply chain complexities and risks and evaluate them. The risk assessment also included developing comprehensive strategies to mitigate potential risks and prepare for any unexpected changes.
  • Lastly, the market sizing engagement involved procuring data regarding potential market growth and current market size by analyzing crucial factors such as sales volumes, sales revenues, and potential buyers.

Business Outcomes

Infiniti’s market forecasting solution helped the surgical equipment market client develop a data-driven, comprehensive, market expansion strategy and provided them with an unparalleled understanding of their market. The engagement helped the client learn to identify upcoming trends, and pre-emptively strategize for them. Additionally, with Infiniti’s market forecasting experts’ insights, the surgical equipment manufacturer developed plans for current and immediately forthcoming trends. The risk assessment provided the client with relevant data regarding upcoming risks, and our experts’ insights helped them build risk mitigation strategies for potential challenges, providing the client with a strategic edge. Further, with the insights regarding the market size and more precise expectations, the client planned, evaluated, adapted, and executed an efficient, all-encompassing, and successful market expansion strategy. Within eight months of expanding across the United States, the surgical equipment market client established a strong foothold, expanded their product offerings, tackled all supply chain challenges, and gained significant market share.

To maintain unparalleled strategies and stay a step ahead of competitors, businesses must evaluate and anticipate upcoming market changes. Speak with our industry experts to learn how Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions help enterprises achieve unparalleled strategic decision-making.

sales forecasting methods

Everything You Need to Know about Using the Right Sales Forecasting Methods

Sales forecasting methods are used to predict how much of a particular product is likely to be sold within a specified future period in a particular market at a specified price. Using accurate sales forecasting methods is vital for any business to be able to produce and sell the required quantity of goods at the right time. Furthermore, by helping companies to gauge the demand, sales forecasting techniques ensure better inventory management.

Why are sales forecasting methods important?

By leveraging the right sales forecasting methods that suit the business, companies can spot potential threats and demand fluctuations while there is enough time to avoid and mitigate them. For instance, if a business uses sales forecasting techniques and notices that their team is trending much below quota, it gives the business the opportunity to understand what is going wrong and undertake a corrective course of action. Discovering such problems at the early stage rather than at the end of the month or the quarter makes a huge difference to the overall sales. Sales forecasts can also be taken into consideration for a decision including hiring, resource management, goal-setting, and budgeting.

Failing to meet the forecasted goal can significantly hurt stock prices. This can be avoided by leveraging the right sales forecasting methods and strategies. Request a free proposal to know how experts at Infiniti research can help you choose the right sales forecasting methods for your business.

Factors that affect sales forecasting

Sales forecasts are often influenced by both internal and external factors of an organization. These factors can also greatly influence the sales forecasting methods chosen by companies.

sales forecasting methodsInternal factors

Changes in sales territory

If territory assignments are shuffled, boundaries are redefined, or a new sales territory management plan is introduced, there are chances of a temporary dip in sales. However, sales will bounce back to an even higher point once the company’s sales representatives adjust to their new, optimized territories.

Changes to compensation plan

If a company decides to make changes to its sales compensation plan or commission structure, it is likely to have an impact on the sales structure. For instance, if a company switches to a structure that rewards sales representatives for increasing revenue rather than closing more deals, their forecast should anticipate fewer new accounts with a focus on targeting higher-value customers.

Changes in the team size

When more sales representatives are hired, the company will expect a spike in sales as more people on the team are working to close deals. Likewise, as sales representative quit or retire there might be a dip in sales until a replacement is found.

Changes to products or services

Whenever a business introduces a new revenue stream, releases highly-anticipated features, or restructures how offerings are bundled or priced, the changes will impact their sales forecasting methods. If a new offering enables sales reps to speed up the sales cycle or increase their win-rate, for instance, the sales forecasting methods used should reflect that positive gains.

Get in touch with our experts to learn how our solutions can help you.

External factors

Market competition

The decisions and actions of your competitors can affect the outcome irrespective of the sales forecasting methods used. For example, if a major competitor of a company suddenly discounts their prices, that will impact their ability to sell at the current prices.

Market changes in supply and demand

If companies don’t pay attention to the changes around them, sales forecasting methods used can become ineffective. If there’s a growing need for the company’s product or service, that’s a sign the business can be more optimistic in their sales forecast and projected growth (especially if there’s a gap in market supply).


Depending on what is being sold, a company’s sales might naturally rise and fall during certain times of the year. This is different than market changes, as seasonal highs and lows occur on a cyclical basis. Since seasonality is reasonably easy to predict, it should be factored into the sales forecasting methods in order to avoid skewing the results.

The rate of inflation

For long-term forecasting, in particular, potential inflation and how it will affect costs and pricing strategies need to be accounted for.

Learn more about Infiniti's market intelligence solutions

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Business Forecasting

Business Forecasting: The Challenges in Knowing the Unknown

Business forecasting undertaken by managers is prone to numerous biases and limited market knowledge. Over the past few years, various statistical tools and AI programs have assisted managers in improving their forecast accuracy. Human instincts combined with statistical tools and AI programs can help construct a reliable forecasting tool.

However, many companies still follow an archaic process of quarterly forecasts, which is estimated by managers of respective units. The individual estimates are then consolidated and negotiated to match the final target. In this article, our experts unveil some of the common challenges in the business forecasting process.

Copy of Copy of banner IR (1)

Common Challenges in the Business Forecasting Process

Estimating Forecast for New Products

Almost all forecast tools rely on historical data to predict future outcomes. The managers do not have any historical data to refer to in the case of evaluating performance for a new product.

This problem is particularly evident in industries such as consumer electronics, fashion, and books, where new product introductions account for the bulk of sales. So, an error in forecasting can result in a loss of sales opportunity. To tackle such problems, companies usually resort to historical data of similar products and assortments to build a forecast.

Lack of Quantitative Analysis

Despite the availability of numerous forecasting tools and software, most managers simply ignore using quantitative analysis for their forecasts. A majority of the managers are habituated to use a simplistic approach such as linear extrapolation and also adjust the forecast techniques to align with their instincts. Currently, business forecasting is largely inaccurate as organizations lack access or expertise to use forecasting tools.

Our business forecasting solution can help you to gather comprehensive insights into the market and industry developments. Contact us today!

Tackling Variance in Sales Volume

An organization’s sales figure is highly dynamic and dependent on a large number of factors such as economic, political, cultural, and legal factors. It can be challenging to accurately estimate the sales volume as such factors completely disrupt the historical pattern. Various predictive models are being developed to take inputs from multiple factors such as that enhance the process of business forecasting.

Want to gather more insights into our business forecasting services and their benefits for your business? Request more info from our experts.

Market Segmentation

Market Forecast and Model Development for a Neurocritical Care Client Aids in Developing a Robust Market Model

Over the past few years, neurocritical care has evolved as an individual medical specialty service that links neurology, neurosurgery, and critical care medicine for management and treatment of complex, severe, life-threatening neurological complications. The rising incidences of head trauma and stroke ailments are expected to boost the growth of the industry. Additionally, increasing advances in neurosurgical techniques are further expected to fuel the growth of the neurocritical care industry.

However, according to the market forecast specialists, the increasing number of patients across the globe preferring specialty clinics for neurocritical care and the rising demand for more critical care units may impact the growth prospects of the key market players. As a result, many players in the neurocritical care industry have started adopting market forecast and model development solutions to develop a robust market model and gain a stronger foothold in the neurocritical care market space. The market forecast solutions offered by Infiniti help neurocritical care clients to design and devise a robust market model and evaluate the impact of various scenarios that could affect the growth of the industry.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

A leading player in the neurocritical care space with offices spread across the globe wanted to obtain a deeper understanding of the various conditions leading to an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP), procedural penetration of ICP monitoring, and a procedural mix of various ICP monitoring modalities. The client also wanted to assess the ICP monitoring market and associate leading treatment modalities for their future growth prospects.

Our Approach and Solutions Offered

Infiniti’s market forecast specialists formulated a dashboard comprising relevant pieces of information to deliver valuable insights to the client. The dashboard included an in-depth clinical/literature database search to comprehend the treatment paradigm of individual conditions, indications of ICP monitoring, adoption trends, and penetration of ICP monitoring devices.

During the course of this market forecast engagement, the client was able to understand the distinct conditions and their contribution to the overall ICP market. Additionally, the robust market model offered by Infiniti, which included authentic financial data, helped the neurocritical care client gain an immediate acceptance among the customers and helped them devise an effective strategic plan for future growth.

Neurocritical CareWant more information about our market forecast solutions?

Ask an analyst

Market Forecast Engagement Benefits:

  • Gathered data to identify and mitigate risks across segments
  • Developed a robust market model and analyzed the target market
  • Devised an effective strategic plan for their future growth prospects
  • Assessed current market performance and potential opportunities across geographies

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach:

In a span of mere 14 weeks, the neurocritical care client was able to devise an effective strategic plan for their future growth across all verticals. Additionally, the client was also able to gain a comprehensive picture of the critical components to target in the market space. The market forecast engagement also helped the client increase their operational efficiency and reduce risks across various geographical locations.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the neurocritical care industry.


target market analysis

Control Valves Market Assessment Study in Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Business Challenge
A leading integrated engineering systems provider wanted to restructure its business approach specific to the control valves market in various geographies to achieve higher growth in the market.
The client wanted to assess the future market potential for its control valve product segment, and was looking for strategic consulting on how to reformulate its business strategies for higher growth.
We conducted a comprehensive assessment of market dynamics including demand and supply, sales projections, price and demand trends, cost drivers, value chain strategies, and end-user segment attractiveness to develop key performance indicators for insights generation.
Through our consulting services, the client was able to evaluate the critical parameters for growth in the control valve market and realign business strategies to achieve higher growth and competitive advantage.
reduce packaging costs

Market Opportunity Assessment for Distributed Control Systems

Business Challenge
A leading automation solutions company wanted to assess the potential for its distributed control systems in the Chemical industry in Europe.
The client wanted to gain insights on the market dynamics, including market landscape, market size and demand situation and assess market saturation and trends to identify a potential addressable market in Europe.
We leveraged our existing database of market stakeholders and deployed our information source mapping team to identify additional contacts who could provide information specific to the distributed control systems market and conducted in-depth interviews with the shortlisted key stakeholders, followed by insights development.
The client was able to understand the challenges related to the demand and supply scenario in the market, identify the causes for saturation in demand, and identify new potential addressable markets.

Industrial Bearings Market Research Study in South America

Business Challenge
A leading bearings manufacturer in Europe wanted to understand the market potential for its products in five South American countries.
The client wanted to reformulate its business strategies by understanding the market potential for its products (such as ball bearings, roller bearings, wheel bearings, automotive bearings, and bearing units) in Latin America.
We conducted an in-depth market assessment covering market size and segmentation, value chains, potential distribution channels, and end-user segments. We also shortlisted potential end-user segments and obtained insights about their emerging requirements.
The client was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics and critical factors such as purchase criteria and buyer preferences and requirements. It was also able to develop an understanding of the supply market to devise effective procurement strategies.
industry competitor

Market Intelligence Study on Laser Tooling and Plasma Processing Market in the US and Canada

Business Challenge
A leading laser tooling and plasma processing services provider wanted to leverage the emerging opportunities in North America.
The client wanted complete analysis of the market in North America, including market demand, trends, key growth drivers, and major customer segments to understand and leverage the latest opportunities.
We conducted extensive primary and secondary research in the US and Canada through our proprietary contact databases, to assess the market growth, evaluate the major market trends, and identify the most attractive market segments.
The client was able to gain geography-specific insights, which helped in evaluating the appeal and attractiveness of the markets in the US and Canada and identifying the segment with the highest growth potential.
venture capital

Market Intelligence on Endocrinology Drugs Market in the EMEA Region

Business Challenge
A global endocrinology therapeutics major was interested in ascertaining the size of the market for endocrinology drugs and also on determining the region-wise potential for these drugs.
The client wanted to conduct a growth assessment for 25 countries in the EMEA region to determine the regions it should focus on for aggressive growth.
We conducted 100+ primary interviews and exhaustive secondary research, followed by a comprehensive sectorial analysis of the market. We also provided market trend and growth and profit forecasts for a 5-year outlook period.
The strategic insights helped the client identify the market segments with the highest growth potential, and also to choose a geography to focus its marketing and growth strategies on.
medical device companies

Market and Competitive Analysis of Building Insulation Market in the UK

Business Challenge
A leading building insulation products and services provider wanted to leverage the emerging opportunities in the UK to gain higher market share and competitive advantage.
The Building Insulation Products market in the UK was undergoing a phase of substantial growth and the client wanted to leverage the opportunities to obtain a stronger grip on the market with better sales volumes and market share.
We conducted an in-depth assessment of the market forecast, trends, and drivers for various segments of the Insulation market, followed by an analysis of the leading players in the UK for insulation products and services to understand the competitive landscape.
The client used our market information to realign its sales force and aggressively target the markets with high demand for insulation products for roof cavity, wall cavity, structural, industrial purposes industries, and increase its revenue share from different segments.
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