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Market Intelligence Solutions for Logistics and Transportation Industry – An Infiniti Research Success Story

In today’s consumer-oriented and digitized society, the transportation and logistics industry is under the constant pressure to remain competitive, deliver high-quality services to customers, and adopt innovative ways to optimize their processes. Even though these markets present exciting opportunities for companies in the transportation and logistics industry, lack of in-depth knowledge about the topography and geographic limitations, roadways, air transport, and specific ports affects the transportation and logistics industry’s growth.

Thus, factors such as identifying new market trends before the competitors and having accurate market knowledge have become important for the companies in this industry. To make the most of existing market opportunities, companies in the transportation and logistics industry are looking at understanding what is happening in their market place, what competitors are doing, and what the likely market potential is for new products or services based on previous activities and responses. Market intelligence draws on numerous external and internal sources of information to paint an accurate portrait of the existing or prospective market, customers, challenges and the growth potential for new products and services.