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Emergence of Cost Effective and Green Lighting Technologies to Drive Value Growth of Lighting Sector

The recent market intelligence assessment by Infiniti Research on the lighting sector identifies and obtains information on the important stakeholders and decision makers responsible for solutions across the US and Canada.

Smart lighting technologies

The increasing awareness for cost reduction, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability is propelling the growth of new forms LEDs, such as OLED and AMOLED. The leading manufacturers are integrating effective software, hardware, and the Internet to lighting solutions to promote smart lighting technologies in the market. The advent of connected lighting devices enables consumers to control and manage to light from their smartphones and smartwatches. The rising concern towards a sustainable environment is paving its way for smart, wireless lighting controls in the industry. Moreover, the introduction of horticulture lighting that helps with the reduction of carbon footprint, investigation of grain sterility, and support in germination is revolutionizing the market. The competitive intelligence assessment by Infiniti identifies possible stakeholders and decision makers responsible for lighting solutions with the help of account-based marketing strategies.

The launch of self-learning control systems reduces manual intervention and results in higher energy savings. These are smart lighting solutions that adapt to the surrounding environment and can detect a change in the condition of the light and other light sources. Some of these devices control the thermostats from a remote location via connected devices. Technological innovations are helping manufacturers launch energy-efficient solutions that offer easy and comfort to the end-users.

Emergence of camera-based lighting control

The implementation of the camera in lighting devices acts as sensors to control the lighting and shade applications. These devices are used for effective lighting control functions, fire detection and security, automatic lighting controls, and promoting energy savings. Moreover, these can be integrated with smartphones, enabling a cost-effective method of remotely controlling lighting devices.


Wireless lighting

Wireless lighting technologies are energy-saving, cost-efficient, and low maintenance devices that are gaining immense popularity in the market. These devices find applications in industrial, architectural, and backlighting applications. Additionally, these functional designs are incorporated into the home security systems and outdoor lighting systems. These devices are controlled through automated systems that can adjust the color, intensity, and brightness.

Solutions and recommendations

The recent competitive intelligence assessment by Infiniti Research helps develop an estimation of lighting solutions’ demand and gathers details for the key decision makers in the industry. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Identify and obtain information of the key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Gather contact details of the important decision makers to develop effective account based marketing strategies
  • Evaluate and improve a large database of companies across the US and Canada
  • Analyze various industry research reports to gain insights into the market landscape and leading players in the market
  • Offer insights on the current needs and purchase decision-making process of the competitors

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading client with a competitive intelligence assessment for the lighting sector

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