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Market Segmentation

Infiniti’s Market Opportunity Engagement Helps a Leading Freight Management Firm Identify Trends by Analyzing Market Data

Freight management firms are companies that specialize in the moving of cargo or freight from one place to the other. The demand for freight management services is mainly driven by the increase in domestic manufacturing outputs and growth in international trade. However, large companies benefit from advances in logistics technologies; whereas, the smaller firms offering freight management services compete effectively by specializing in cargo transfer with specific countries, serving a local market, and facilitating the transport of unusual goods.

Let’s look at some of the trends that are transforming the future of the global freight management sector:

  • The shift towards sustainability: Leading freight management service providers are going green by implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint and conserve energy. The freight management sector is saving thousands in pursuit of protecting the environment, right from making the carrier fleet more energy efficient to limiting the number of empty trucks traveling to the distribution centers.
  • Incorporating automation: Automation technologies such as robotics is helping freight management service providers save time and energy by reducing the manual work. Robotics technology plays a significant role in bridging the gap between customer demands and business needs.
  • Deploying data analytics: Data analytics offer relevant insights that can be integrated with third-party logistics and customer systems for improving operational efficiency. Digital management has also made it easier to store and access data.
  • Expanding service capabilities: Adopting third-party platforms that facilitate real-time sharing of load information help freight management service providers develop their service capabilities.

In the freight management sector, there is an increasing need to adopt advanced technology and implement a strategic approach to freight management. Implementing such capabilities for your organization’s logistic management system can help in improving the standard operating proceduresIR_RFP to survive in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Business Challenge:

The client A leading freight management firm

Objective- To identify and access the growth opportunities in the global freight management market.

The client, a leading freight management services provider, wanted to evaluate the current market trends and identify the essential growth opportunities in the freight management market space. The client wanted to leverage the use of Infiniti’s market opportunity solution to understand their penetration levels in different geographic segments. The client also wanted a detailed report on the entry barriers, new market opportunity, risks, and competition in the transportation industry.

Results- Helped the client in establishing ongoing trends in the freight management sector. Also, identified future growth areas in the transportation industry by drawing conclusions on customer preferences and market opportunities.

Freight Management

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The Journey:

The market opportunity experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders across the freight management market space to help the client improve business efficiency. The experts at Infiniti further compiled information from a wide array of secondary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and transportation industry forums to help the client understand the competitive scenario.

The Solution and the Business Impact:

Implementing Infiniti’s market opportunity engagement helped the client identify potential areas to advertise and market their services. It also enabled them to uncover and identify potential threats in the freight management market space. The market opportunity solution offered also helped the freight management firm in determining the market trends to evaluate their market saturation and penetration levels. Moreover, this helped them in devising a scalable approach to discover new growth opportunities.

The Future:

With the growing competition in the transportation sector, existing companies should implement new technologies and extensively improve the quality of services offered to remain in the business. The key to developing a successful strategy in the freight management sector revolves around offering efficient, flexible, and cost-effective services. Moreover, future market opportunities in the freight management sector are set to outweigh their challenges, driving significant changes in this sector. Therefore, those who carefully anticipate and access future challenges and opportunities to address them proactively, will be better positioned to succeed in this sophisticated market space.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the freight management industry.


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Supplier Identification and Profiling: How Infiniti’s Solution Helped a Renowned Freight Management Client

The global freight management market is characterized by the growing number of MNCs and high investment opportunities. Freight management can be considered to be a subset of supply chain management, encompassing solutions related to freight handling, scheduling, tracking, and billing-related services. It involves the use of seamless and scalable solutions to enhance the overall efficiency of the logistics management process. Though the freight management space is witnessing growth in innovations and technology, the market is influenced by certain factors that will influence its growth prospects in the coming years.

  • Imports and exports: Trade plays a pivotal role in the growth of the economy. Globalization and the rising demand for quality products among the consumers are expected to influence the growth of the freight management industry as most of the trade relies on an efficient supply chain to bridge the demand-supply concern.
  • E-commerce: With advances in technology, consumers have become more mobile and are looking for solutions to purchase products and services online. With the penetration of smart devices, the shopping patterns of the consumers have altered, and they are relying on e-commerce platforms to choose their product offerings. This, in turn, can further propel the growth of fright management sector.

To overcome these factors and ensure consistency and reliability in the supply chain process, leading companies are facing the need for a supplier selection solution. The supplier selection process mainly involves the evaluation of different supplier attributes and profiling the most suited suppliers to meet their particular needs. For most organizations, the benefits are gained through achieving high-quality products and enhancing the customer satisfaction.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

A leading freight management client with more than 100 offices spread across the globe wanted to identify and profile the right suppliers among prominent suppliers. The client wanted to consider the value of money, quality, reliability, and service while profiling the suppliers based on business priorities. Moreover, the client wanted to implement a strategic approach while choosing suppliers and adequately allocate financial resources to offer better customer satisfaction. The primary concern for the client was to discover new suppliers and curtail the issue pertaining to the supply chain.

IR- supplier identification

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Our Approach

To identify and choose the potential suppliers and to streamline the supply chain process, Infiniti’s supplier selection experts carried out extensive research such as interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the freight management space. In addition, to gain a cost advantage over existing suppliers, the experts also compiled information from a wide array of secondary sources such as company presentations, industry forums, and newsletters.

Benefits of the Supplier Selection Solution

The supplier selection solution offered by Infiniti helped the client assess the quality suppliers and meet the buyer’s myriad requirements. The engagement helped the freight management firm overcome the potential bottlenecks in terms of product delays and gain better transparency into the supply chain process. The supplier selection solution also offered real-time visibility into the supply chain, including the current suppliers, to further establish a better relationship with the customers. The solution offered also helped identify the performance gaps and discover how the supplier understands their own operations.

Additional Benefits Offered by Infiniti Include:

  • Efficiently notified the manufacturer in terms of the limited production capability and issues with the quality
  • Communicated effectively during production delays and developed supplier quality management programs

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the transportation industry


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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Freight Cost Benchmarking

At present, global trade has been increasing at a colossal rate, leading to an increase in the volume of freight shipping. With the increasing volumes of freight shipping, the shipping environment has also drastically changed, leading to unforeseen delays, obstacles, or changes. Shippers are looking for numerous fixes to address the rising freight cost challenge and make their supply chain agile and flexible.

Consequently, logistics companies are resorting to freight cost benchmarking to address this problem, which leverages accurate and up-to-date market intelligence information. Freight cost benchmarking process optimizes the supply chain by comparing ocean freight costs against the freight costpayments made by the competition. It thereby assists in the process of finding the best rates in the current market.

Benefits of Freight Cost Benchmarking

Overall Analysis

Suppliers and shippers can resort to freight cost benchmarking to analyze spot rates against long-term contracted rates by measuring freight averages over time. It also allows companies to analyze and benchmark data related to the mode of transport, shipping destinations, shipment weight and mileage, cost, distance, and cost per mile. Such an analysis provides the company with an understanding of the competitive shipping rates they get from the carriers and benchmark it against actual freight rates. Companies can finally decide if they want to give the business to the shipper or if they should be looking for more competitive rates. It also provides the company with an advantage during contract negotiations.

Cost Control

Since freight cost benchmarking provides detailed insights into the average contracted freight rates, it allows companies to control excessive accessorial charges and additional surcharges. Companies can figure out ways to avoid these charges or decide alternative options. Additionally, by getting a deeper understanding of competitive shipping rates, companies can handle negotiations better and build a stronger relationship with shippers.

Varied Applications

Although it may seem as cost control is the end goal of freight cost benchmarking, there’s more on offer than just cost control. Freight cost benchmarking can also assess local and regional markets, trade lanes, and multimodal transport systems to identify and avoid root cause issues which enable companies to evaluate the contracts. Additionally, it can also provide an understanding of the market dynamics, which enables companies to maintain optimal inventory levels.

To know more about freight cost benchmarking, freight benchmarking, freight shipping costs, and ocean freight rates, speak to an analyst.

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