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Transforming the Global Financial Services Industry with Market Intelligence Solutions: Recent Success Stories

Recently, the financial services sector has witnessed and struggled through a plethora of crippling challenges, and many industry players are yet to recover fully. The 2008 financial crisis took a jarring toll on the industry. As the industry recovered, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted economies worldwide and set the financial services sector far behind in its recovery journey. Over time, investment banking companies, banks, and insurance providers have shifted focus to finding sustainable, comprehensive, and strategic solutions to the challenges posed by the circumstances.

This includes addressing the rising dependence on innovative technologies, changing hygiene protocols, the need for improved operating models, and customers’ changing needs. Industry players also struggle with changing regulatory policies, economic and political unrest, digitization, and increasing competition. Additionally, financial services market players are continually faced with the hurdles of recovering from a crisis. Therefore, financial industry players are now leveraging market intelligence solutions for data-driven insights and strategies to tackle various industry challenges.

The financial services sector has witnessed significant changes lately. Staying a step ahead in a dynamic market is crucial to sustainable growth. To leverage our market intelligence solutions for comprehensive insights into your market and novel strategies, request a free proposal.

What is Market Intelligence?

Market intelligence entails crucial data that can help a company identify growth opportunities and maintain a strategic edge even in the most competitive and complex industries. It involves procuring, analyzing, and strategizing according to industry trends, competitors’ strategies, and achieving a comprehensive understanding of their industry.

Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions have enabled companies to identify ideal market opportunities, develop comprehensive market entry strategies, keep abreast of industry developments, analyze their competitors, and efficiently manage demand and inventory. In the financial services industry, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts have helped companies from various sectors with these functions and assisted companies in addressing the challenges of their specific markets and overcoming every crisis’s impact. To further highlight the crucial role of market intelligence solutions in the financial services market, we have curated the following articles that discuss our recent successes in helping financial industry clients.

Recovering from the pandemic, attempting to enter a new market, or unsure of the next regulatory change? To learn how you can prepare for the complexities of the financial services sector and overcome various hurdles with our market intelligence solutions, speak with our experts.

Entering a New Market and Establishing a Strategic Edge in the US Investment Banking Industry

The 2008 financial crisis 2008 caused lasting ripples in the US investment banking industry and led to the decline of many businesses. As the industry aimed to recover, surviving investment banking companies focus on scaling and identifying more profitable markets. Our client, a European investment bank, sought to expand to the United States, establish themselves as an industry leader, and address other industry challenges. Our market intelligence engagement included identifying the ideal market entry solutions, overcoming barriers to entry, capitalizing on market opportunities, and staying a step ahead of changing regulations. With the insights gained from our engagement, the investment banking industry client successfully grew in the US sector and established themselves among the top companies in their new market. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help companies establish themselves in new markets, with a strong and unflinching foundation.

Leveraging Market Intelligence to Enhance Market Share and Expand Business Operations for a Healthcare Insurance Provider

Increasing liability, risks, cost of living, and concern for self and family has led to an increase in the purchase of health insurance, propelling overall growth for the sector. However, the health insurance industry has witnessed various changes in regulations, cost-controlling, and the inability to explore new avenues, which have caused a certain amount of stagnation of growth. A European health insurance provider sought to expand to the US health insurance industry and examine the various channels required to do so efficiently. However, the client faced a sudden surge of challenges, including the rising uncertainty regarding the ACA, the increasing number of communication and marketing channels, and the shift to value-based care. With our comprehensive market intelligence approach, we helped the client understand market developments, healthcare reforms, competitors’ strategies, and potential market entry barriers. The insights gained from our engagement enabled the client to grow their company from one office to 74 offices and enhance their market share by 34%.

To learn more about the role of market intelligence solutions in the financial services industry and how it can help transform your business, request more information.

Maintaining Business Continuity and Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US Banking Industry

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has plagued every industry, including the US banking industry. The critical condition of many economies, upsurge in political changes, and restrictions on physical interaction have caused a crisis for banks. A US-based bank sought to address the COVID-19 challenges with a flexible operating model, initiatives to support their employees, increased digitization, new contingency plans for customer plans, and by offering customers with certain scope for due payments. Our market intelligence experts immediately worked on creating a flexible operating model and ensuring business continuity, providing the bank with a comprehensive understanding of their customers, developing customer-centric multichannel operation, and rethinking certain portfolio sections. Our market intelligence solution helped the US banking industry client support their remote working employees, promote personal engagement, launch a new digital platform, address technology gaps, and create a seamless customer experience. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help banking industry clients and their customers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with structured and unparalleled strategies.

Market Trends Analysis

Tips to Survive the Ever-Changing Financial Environment with Timely & Accurate Market Insights

In today’s highly volatile marketplace, companies in the financial services industry are under tremendous pressure to keep costs low while delivering enhanced value. Customers of today expect quick and easy access to services, greater personalization, and value for money. To meet these demands, companies in the financial services industry must improve the quality and efficiency of their services, while managing costs. Also, there’s immense pressure to improve profitability and customer experience while adapting to the disruption caused by Financial Technology or FinTech companies. 

Having prior experience in working with some of the world’s leading financial services providers, we can help you to overcome these constraints by tracking the trends in the financial services industry, identifying investment opportunities, and providing market and competitive intelligence solution. This newsletter offers curated insights on how the experts at Infiniti Research helped various companies in the financial services industry identify key investment opportunities and yield huge profits.

Realizing Savings of Over $8 Million for a Financial Services Provider with Market Opportunity Analysis

Planning a market entry can be daunting as leading businesses have failed in their attempt to enter a new of foreign market. Businesses require a thorough understanding of the prevailing market landscape, including the barriers to market entry, industry developments, and competitive landscape. Without these insights, navigating the business environment can be extremely challenging and can set the business up for failure.

Facing a similar challenge was a leading financial services provider based out of the United States. They wanted to explore and assess the Canadian financial services industry. To bolster its odds of succeeding in the new market, they were in search of a trusted market intelligence solutions provider.

With our expertise in offering market opportunity analysis, we helped the client to understand the Canadian financial services industry, identify the untapped opportunities it had to offer, evaluate market entry barriers, and successfully collaborate with FinTech companies in Canada. In addition, the experts helped the client to realize savings of over $8 million within three years of entering the new market.

Competitive Landscape Analysis of the US Financial Services Industry

In order to beat the market competition, businesses must be aware of the latest market trends and analyze what their counterparts in the market are doing to stay in the game. Moreover, having a solid understanding of your competitors and how you differentiate yourself and your business paves the way to success. This is where a competitive intelligence solution helps. It is evident in this success story, where a financial services provider approached us to leverage our expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution.

In order to meet the demand for superior customer experience within the evolving financial services industry, a US-based financial services provider wanted to keep pace with the market trends and make smarter decisions through a systematic synthesis of market and competitive information. 

Through a comprehensive competitive benchmarking analysis, the experts helped this client assess the competitive landscape, assess how they compare to the top companies in the US financial services industry, and evaluate untapped opportunities in the market. Also, the experts helped the client to prioritize the next steps in their international expansion, assign resources, and fine-tune their business strategy.

Risk Analysis Solution Helped a Financial Services Provider to Enhance Operational Efficiency

With the financial services industry becoming increasingly data-driven and the marketplace more competitive, new complexities arise, requiring an adjustment in risk management systems and procedures. One of our clients, a renowned financial services provider was finding difficulties in devising a sound risk management strategy to prevent market risks from impacting the security of the organization. They also needed help in developing a comprehensive and dynamic framework for monitoring, measuring and managing liquidity, interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity price risks.

The market risk analysis engagement carried out by our experts helped the client to build strategic market risk management strategies that minimized the probability of the problem occurring again. Additionally, the solution offered helped the client to curtail losses in market share, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve savings of $4.7 million.

Financial services industry

Top Technology Trends Transforming the US Financial Services Industry

Financial Services Industry Outlook

Rapid advancements in technologies have drastically changed the outlook of many industries and the US financial services industry is no exception. Latest US financial industry analysis shows that the fintech market is prospering each passing year, with companies in the banking and financial services industry competing for an industry-first advantage. However, traditional banks and financial services companies encounter serious threats from fintech companies that offer innovative and customer-focused solutions to today’s technology-empowered customers. To stay ahead of the game, it’s high time for companies in the financial services industry to focus on scenario planning as the coming years are expected to be volatile. Also, companies in the financial services industry will need to reinvent their business strategies and embrace digital capabilities to efficiently compete with their rivals. In this article, our financial service experts have unveiled four major technology trends changing the business landscape for companies in the US financial services industry.

Given the stiff competition and heavily saturated market landscape, financial services companies will need to redefine their business models and be more competitive and responsive to marketplace needs. Our experts can help you achieve your business goals. Request a FREE proposal!

FinTech Trends That Will Disrupt Financial Services in the Next 5 Years

INFINITI RESEARCHChatbots/AI-based customer engagement platforms

Today, companies in the banking and financial services industry are  finally noticing the difference made by chatbots in banking processes compared to regular customer service. Moreover, chatbots can be synchronized across a myriad of touchpoints at any hour of the day, as they are equipped with machine learning and real-time decision-making capabilities. Apart from these benefits, AI-powered chatbots go beyond customer support and help businesses realize huge profits.

Although AI-based customer engagement models provide huge opportunities for companies in the banking and financial sector, integrating new technologies creates security and financial risks for businesses. Hence, taking a proactive approach can help financial services providers to convert these risks and challenges into valuable opportunities.

Maintaining competitive advantage can be challenging when customers expect round-the-clock banking services. Our experts can help you streamline efficient processes by helping you mitigate the financial services industry risks and challenges. CONTACT US today!


RegTech is a new technology that is gaining much attention in the US financial services industry. RegTech helps providers to improve process efficiency and lowers risks by speeding loan origination to sharpening surveillance against fraud, money laundering, and insider trading. Although RegTech solutions are already being applied by some financial services providers, the current innovations in technology and FinTech trends indicate that we are only at the early stages of the RegTech market, with more development of new solutions expected in the near future.

Therefore, the use of RegTech solutions is becoming vital for any financial services provider in order to strengthen the value chain and scale their operations across multiple markets. Also, the US financial services industry analysis shows that 47% of companies have already incorporated RegTech in their business processes. Hence, it is imperative for other companies in the financial services industry to keep pace with the market innovations and adapt with the latest market innovations to avoid being left behind.

Digital Mortgages

Today, for tech-savvy audiences, digital mortgage services may seem like one more addition to their app list. However, for companies in the financial services industry, digital mortgages pose significant challenges, especially for new market entrants. These platforms are constantly competing to offer the best deals, tailored loan options, and speedy processing. Moreover, digital transformation has made it easier for loan providers to conduct asset verifications, check compliance, and evaluate risks to ensure quicker loan closures. 

With over 15 years of experience in working with retail, commercials, and investment banks, our experts can help you in conducting financial services industry analysis and developing specific solutions to stay relevant, competitive, and compliant. Request for more info!

Financial services industry

Infiniti’s Market Opportunity Analysis Helped a Financial Services Provider to Identify Potential Market Opportunities and Achieve Savings of Over $8 Million

Market Opportunity Analysis for the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is witnessing unprecedented changes as it moves towards digitalization. However, with digitalization and high-speed innovations opening up new opportunities for financial services companies, security threats, and data breaches have started coming to the forefront. Apart from these risks, rising customer expectations, increasing pressure from competitors, inefficiency in meeting investor expectation, and regulatory conditions are presenting challenges for companies in the financial services industry. As a result, it is becoming imperative for financial services companies to conduct a market opportunity assessment before entering a new geography or region.

Entering a new market without a thorough knowledge of the market can be challenging. Request a FREE proposal to know how our market opportunity analysis can help businesses assess potential market opportunities and understand the competitive landscape.

Business Challenge

The client is a financial services provider based out of the Northeastern United States. As the Canadian financial services industry had healthy levels of capital adequacy and liquidity, the client wanted to expand their business operations to Canada. However, before expanding, the client wanted to conduct a market opportunity analysis to understand the Canadian financial services sector landscape and identify industry challenges. The client, therefore, approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market opportunity analysis solution.

Top challenges faced by the company in the financial services industry were:

Financial services industry challenge #1

Regulatory condition – The ever-changing regulatory environment posed major challenges for companies operating in the financial services industry in Canada. This further necessitated financial services companies to spend a large part of their discretionary budget on compliance. Therefore, with Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, the client wanted to thoroughly understand the regulatory conditions in the Canadian financial services industry. By doing so, they wanted to focus on building systems and processes to keep with the regulations and industry standards.

Financial services industry challenge #2

Open banking system – Open banking system had a profound impact on consumers in Canada. Moreover, over 60% of Canadian financial services companies had already incorporated open banking model in their strategic business plan. Therefore, with market opportunity analysis, the client wanted to identify all the profitable business models adopted by major financial services companies.

Financial services industry challenge #3

Increasing popularity of FinTech companies – The increasing popularity of FinTech companies have brought about major challenges for traditional financial services companies in Canada. With Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, the client wanted to analyze the competitive landscape before investing huge capital into the Canadian financial services industry.

Financial services industry challenge #4

Finding the right talent – For smoother expansion into the Canadian financial services industry, the client wanted to find the right talent to meet the demands of the digital world. Therefore, with Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, they wanted to find the right business partners to support their operations in Canada.

To devise a robust market entry or expansion plan, businesses require detailed insights into the new market, competitors, customers, and regulatory environment. Our market opportunity analysis can help you gain detailed insights into the new market and assess the markets’ readiness for new offerings. CONTACT US today!

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a detailed five-phased approach to market opportunity analysis.

Market sizing – In this phase of engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research analyzed factors such as market structure and size, barriers to entry, and financial services industry trends.

Competitive landscape – In the second phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research identified the key players in the Canadian financial services industry and their market share. Also, factors such as competitors’ business strategies, pricing plans, and market position were taken into consideration.

Consumer insights – This phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement involved identifying customers’ needs and expectations regarding financial services. Also, the experts identified the unmet customer needs.

Regulatory assessment – In this phase, the experts analyzed the current regulatory landscape in the Canadian financial services industry. Also, the experts monitored how key players in the financial services industry adapted to the regulatory changes.

Resource analysis – The final phase of the market opportunity analysis engagement included identification of the right business partner to support the client’s business operations.

Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis helped the client to analyze market potential in terms of market size, structure, and trends. Also, the engagement highlighted key barriers to market entry. The insights obtained from Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis helped the client to understand the competitive landscape in the Canadian financial services industry. The financial services provider was also able to identify unmet customer needs and demands. In addition, the client was able to understand the regulatory landscape and build processes to keep up with the regulations and industry standards. The insights obtained from Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis further helped the client to devise a robust market entry strategy.

With Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis solution, the company in the financial services industry was also able to identify the right business partners and collaborate with FinTech companies in Canada to support their business operations. Moreover, the client was able to embrace open banking systems and other business models that are gaining popularity in the Canadian financial services sector.

Furthermore, by having complete insights into the new market, the client was able to successfully establish themselves in the Canadian financial services industry. Also, within three years of entering the Canadian financial services industry, the client was able to achieve savings of over $8 million.

Our market opportunity solutions have helped various global giants to identify potential market opportunities and yield huge profits. Request for more information to gain detailed insights into our services and their benefits for your business.

Top Trends in the Financial Services Industry  

Top Trends in the Financial Services Industry

Want to gain detailed insights into these trends? Read the article here.

Top Three Trends in the Financial Services Industry

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3 Key Financial Services Industry Trends That are Expected to Bring Significant Changes in 2019

The financial services industry is, undoubtedly, evolving rapidly all around the globe. But whether you think about regulations, shifts in technology, or global events, the changes can be dizzying. From the smallest community institutions to the largest multinational firms, it’s time to rework on plans for everyone because what has led to success until now may not work as well in the future. With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, the financial services industry is expected to face mounting risks from potential asset-price bubbles. Moreover, for both small and large financial firms, it is time to focus on scenario planning as 2019 can be a volatile year. Today, with the rapidly changing technologies and financial services industry trends, companies must be adept at becoming agile and boost visibility in the marketplace. In this article, we have talked about some of the major financial industry trends that companies must follow to stay vigilant and make the most of opportunities that arise in 2019.


market opportunity

Market Share Analysis For a Leading Fintech Company Helps Boost Their Market Growth and Increase Profit Margin

Infrastructural and regulatory issues are posing as some of the biggest challenges in the growth of the fintech companies. Click To Tweet

In the wake of global digitization, banking sectors are resorting to their in-house technological innovation to cater to customer’s quest for digital transactions. This has led to dwindling dependence on the fintech companies; thereby, curtailing their marketing scopes. On the other hand, the fintech companies are forced to allocate more investments and resources to augment their product portfolio. However, the actual product performance in the market fails to compensate for this product innovation investment subsequently resulting in severe market share loss for these companies. Moreover, fintech companies are relatively new in the market and do not have in-depth information on the regulators and governing bodies they should pledge their adherence to. Request ProposalThis lack of information leads to the delay in obtaining a license and increases the possibility of these companies being slapped with hefty fines.

Business Issues

  • The client: One of the leading player in the fintech companies market

The client- one of the reputed fintech companies approached Infiniti to conduct a market share analysis to gain meaningful insights into their current market position in the global fintech industry space. Additionally, they wanted to gain insights into their growth rate, profitability, cost structure, and distribution channels across the industry. The market share analysis engagement was also expected to help target customer base and consequently lead to optimal investment return and a maximized EBITDA margin.

How Can Market Share Analysis Help Fintech Companies?

Infiniti’s market share analysis solution helps fintech companies to stay abreast of the critical market scenario and keeps them informed about their current market position. These factors are imperative for an undisruptive growth of the fintech companies. The market share analysis also helps companies explore the brand reputation and accordingly make adjustments to the brand needs. In addition to this, a robust market share analysis solution highlights the performance benchmarks to evaluate the brand goal progress in the future.

Summary of Our Fintech Company Market Share Analysis

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Client Journey

Infiniti Research undertook comprehensive primary and secondary research methods while conducting the market share analysis. The research involved interviews and discussions with stakeholders in the fintech industry space. Infiniti’s market share analysis experts also analyzed the inputs gathered from a vast array of resources such as company presentations, industry forums, and paid industry databases. This offered the client a comprehensive overview of the latest fintech industry trends.

Solution Benefits and Business Impact

This market share analysis engagement from Infiniti helped the client gain real-time insights into their market position that also highlighted the advantages and disadvantages that they possess when compared to their peers in the fintech industry space. The solution also helped the client understand customer interests and accordingly target their consumer Get More Infobase. The client was also able to design a progressive and predictive market strategy which helped them gain an edge in the competitive fintech companies market.

Fintech Companies Future

The emergence and thriving of the fintech companies is an inevitable phenomenon in the age of digitalization. A phenomenon which is gradually becoming the podium of all financial transactions. As convenience and accuracy are some of the benefits offered by fintech companies, customers are now more inclined toward fintech based transactions. Additionally, major financial institutions are forming partnerships with the fintech companies to augment their operational efficiency and respond to customer demands. Furthermore, it can be safely said that the fintech companies will grow in tandem with the advancement of technologies.

Want more information about our market share analysis for fintech companies?

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Financial Services Industry Analysis: Trend and Challenges For this Year

The financial services industry plays a pivotal role in the way the world economy functions. It helps in the smooth transition of money from entities with extra funds to those who are in dire need of funds. The financial services industry comprises of companies who specialize in activities such as insurance, lending, investing, and securities trading and issuance. The vast financial services industry also includes professionals who specialize in tax filing, wire transfers, currency exchange, and credit card services. It also encompasses services for debt resolution and well-renown payment providers such as Mastercard and Visa. Firms in the financial services industry specialize in managing money and are world-leaders when it comes to equity market capitalizations and earnings. Their clients range from individuals to non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies.Get more info (more…)

Cyber Security Threats That the Financial Sector Needs to Keep an Eye on

By recognizing the fact that cyber criminals will find a way to exploit vulnerabilities, financial companies can improve the way they deliver their services, manage security risks, and train their employees.

For over half a decade, cyber security issues have been a bane for many industries. But firms operating in the financial sector have been the worst affected due to their inability to keep up with the security requirements of the modern world. Most cyber criminals attack firms operating in the financial sector because that’s where all the money is. However, with banks and other firms quickly learning how to strike a balance between being open and being secure, instances of digital break-ins have reduced significantly. That being said, here are some of the potential cyber security threats that the players in the financial sector should watch out for :IR_Brochure

Third party cyber security risk

Financial sector companies can experience cyber threats from the third parties and the vendors that they work with. Players in the industry must ensure that they have a system to monitor their vendors or other third party providers continuously. Having a continuous monitoring tool will give companies in the financial sector some relief from cyber threats.

Fourth party cyber security risk

Companies in the financial sector do not generally keep a close watch on their fourth parties. When the fourth party is affected by some ransomware attack, there are high chances of the third party, who has the company’s vital information also to be affected.Therefore, it is essential to keep a close watch on fourth party activities also from time to time.

Global business operation risk

For financial sector companies that operate across borders or at an international level, the threat of cybersecurity is greater. So, companies operating at a global scale must be aware of the cyber threats prevalent in the regions that they operate in.

DDOS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service, or DDOS, is the latest buzzword in the financial sector. This form of cyber attack causes a temporary outage of services, affecting the company’s operations.Some common examples of companies affected by these attacks were Amazon and Paypal.

To know more about the risks and threats in the financial sectorAsk an analyst

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Addressing the Challenges in the Financial Services Industry

Breaking the Chains of Conventional Banking – Blockchain Technology

Market Entry Strategies

Market Segmentation Helped a Financial Services Firm Streamline Marketing Efforts and Target New Consumers

Financial services firms across the globe are offering trading applications and financial planning services through cloud technologies, smartphones, social media, and robotics to reduce costs and improve service quality.

Often, proficiency in financial services is well-thought-out to be the backbone of any economy and indicates the socio-economic well being of any country. With rapid globalization, financial service providers are facing the uphill task of providing software and applications that are risk and complaint free to the end-users. Moreover, several firms in this space have been focusing on devising robust and decisive market strategies to attract consumers.

Let’s look at some of the fundamental factors that will influence the growth prospects of the financial services industry in the coming years.

  • Mobile Banking – Financial services firms have to develop new digital delivery strategies to remain competitive. For instance, incorporating mobile banking as a regular delivery channel.
  • Next-generation Platforms – Many firms rely on legacy systems to conduct operations. To address these issues and target the right customers, companies operating in this space need to migrate their current technology architectures to next-generation capabilities quickly.

These factors are forcing firms operating in the financial services space to leverage the use of market segmentation solutions to profile the needs and wants of the customers and develop products accordingly. These studies also help firms overcome the factors influencing the growth, take advantage of the new prospects, and reduce costs across business units.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: BFSI major
  • Area of Engagement: Market Segmentation

The client, a leading player in the financial services space, wanted to personalize their marketing efforts and target niche customer segment and offer enhanced customer service and satisfaction. The client also wanted to be more efficient in allocating their resources across their business units.

financial servicesWant more information about our market segmentation solutions? Contact our experts to know more.

The Journey

To effectively segment niche customers, position their product offerings, and allocate resources accordingly, the market segmentation experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research and interviews with prominent stakeholders in the financial services industry. The experts also gathered information from various secondary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and industry forums.

The Solution Offered and the Business Impact

The market segmentation solution offered by Infiniti helped the financial services industry client identify the niche customer segments and cater to their specific needs and desires to stay ahead of the competition. This engagement also helped the client accurately forecast customer preferences, accordingly position their product and service offerings, and seamlessly meeting their requirements.

The Future

The future of the financial services industry is expected to witness firms looking to pair mobile platforms with their brick-and-mortar branches, all while earning rewards of a stronger economy and improved consumer satisfaction and confidence.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the BFSI industry, request a free brochure to learn more about our solutions.

Infiniti’s Competitive Intelligence Solution Helps a Leading Financial Services Provider Enhance Risk Management Capabilities

According to a recent survey, the financial services sector accounts for 16% of the global economy in terms of GDP.

Despite the industrial risk and regulations in the financial industry, leading banks are looking beyond compliance to optimize their business and enhance financial performance. The industry is witnessing a transformation toward consumer-centric environment to improve additional capital, increase liquidity, and reduce leverage. In the hassle to enhance risk management capabilities and build a nimbler infrastructure, several factors are hampering the growth of the financial sector. These factors include:

  • Global economy: With the recent economic depression, prominent banking services providers had to look for alternative solutions to sustain their presence in the market. Also, with the recent Brexit issue, financial services providers were going through a prolonged period of negative growth. The financial services providers also witnessed a drastic fall in investments owing to lower economic growth.
  • Regulations: With the uncertainty in regulations, leading service providers are forging risk and compliance initiatives to drive efficiency to meet applicable laws and regulations. Also, over the years, the expectations of the regulators have been increasing considerably, and leading organizations are taking necessary measures to remain abreast of regulatory and legislative updates.
  • Digitization: Beyond the conventional banking system, leading organizations need to rely on high-level IT operations to optimize their business process and interact with customers in a seamless manner. A recent report also shows that 40% of the US citizens are not walking into the banks to make necessary monitory transactions. Also, with the growing concern for cybersecurity threats, global financial services providers are struggling to keep up with the authenticity and security needs of the customers.

To counter such forces, the banks are leveraging competitive intelligence solutions. Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution for financial services providers works on the principle of identifying the competitive trends and opportunities to find potential functionality gaps to enhance their business performance. The competitive intelligence solution also focuses on benchmarking the services offered with that of the direct competitors.

The Business Challenge

  • The Client: Financial services company
  • Area of Engagement: Competitive intelligence

A leading financial services provider wanted to profile the direct competitors and anticipate the challenges while entering niche target segments. The client wanted to minimize their exposure to risk and improve their overall commercial performance. The client also wanted to understand the marketing strategies and look for promising solutions to gain continuous growth and increase profits. With the help of competitive intelligence, the client wanted to gain a clear understanding of the business process and competitor protocols and strategically position customized service offerings.

IR- competitive intelligence

Want more information about our competitive intelligence solution?

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The Journey

To analyze the variety of competitor structures and market environments, the competitive intelligence experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research and interviews with prominent stakeholders in the financial services industry. To refine the current product suites, the competitive intelligence experts at Infiniti also compiled information from various secondary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and industry forums.

The Solution Offered and the Business Impact

The competitive intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the client gain a precise and concise view of the competitors and their service offerings. With banks, credit companies, and insurers being the heaviest competitors, the engagement sought ways for the financial services provider to efficiently keep track of the competition and offer personalized services to the customers. With the help of this engagement, the client was able to stay one step ahead of the competitors and define the market presence. The engagement also helped the client gain timely competitive insights and make market recommendations.

The Future

The future of the financial services will be transformed by disruptive technological forces such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, leading service providers will go on par with customers’ trust and brand value and tailor offerings and experiences accordingly.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the financial services


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