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Using Smart Packaging to Tackle Business Challenges – How the Market Leaders Are Doing it

Smart packaging is still evolving, but we cannot completely ignore its importance. Agile businesses are looking at packaging as a possible holistic solution to transform the way they deliver, sell, and use products. Innovative smart packaging applications are being embraced by market leaders across industries who are trying to leverage the benefits of smart packaging solutions to enhance their operations and at the same time provide an unparalleled customer experience. In this blog, experts at Infiniti explore how top companies are using smart packaging to overcome some key business issues.

Our analysis of the packaging space suggests that the different applications are arriving in waves. Is your business prepared for such transformations? Request a free proposal to know how we can help you stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in your industry.

How businesses can benefit from smart packaging

smart packagingInventory and lifecycle management

Smart packaging can provide solutions to common supply chain challenges including sourcing raw materials from suppliers, managing the supply chain, and delivering products to the final customer. With smart packaging solutions, companies can gain real-time ability to track and trace the exact product location in the production and distribution cycle. It also offers benefits including agility, quality and safety, and sustainability.

Protection against internal and external threats

Packaging of a product often acts as a valuable layer of defense against both internal and external threats affecting the product integrity. In the food retail industry alone close to 30% of food products are known to be discarded due to spoilage. Smart packaging can help avoid such counterfeits and combat excessive losses for companies. By using advanced technologies such as blockchain, brands can create a secure, unalterable record of a product’s origin as well as the path to market.

Smart packaging offers significant opportunities and a real risk of disruption. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our solutions for more insights on what your business needs to know before implementing smart packaging solutions.

Enhance user experience

Using packaging, brands can enhance user satisfaction by making the use of the product more engaging, efficient, or informative, as well as by providing valuable consumer insights to brand owners and retailers. Companies can earn greater brand loyalty by using innovations in smart packaging to lure more customers. For instance, some brands are even using technologies such as AR-based apps to transform the customer experience through packaging.

Learn more about how Infiniti’s solutions can help your business

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Are you Overspending on Your Packaging? Know the Factors That Affect Packaging Costs

Packaging has become an indispensable part of product marketing. For some products, packaging just steals the limelight away from the product; whereas, for others, it adds to the user experience. Packaging for business purpose serves different functionality, where it is more about preserving the content for throughout the supply chain rather than attracting the customer. With a lot of emphases placed on the main product itself, one can easily ignore the packaging costs. People may often feel that the packaging cost is insignificant. Although sometimes, the cost can well exceed the price of the product itself. For instance, a shower gel can cost about 10p to manufacture with the bottle itself costing three times more at around 30p. It is important to control such wasteful packaging, as it not only increases the overall price but also burdens the environment by creating waste. So it is important to be well-versed Request Free Proposalwith the cost of packaging and what factors affect the final price.

Factors affecting the packaging costs

Product sensitivity and specification

It is perhaps one of the most obvious factors affecting the cost of packaging. The more sensitive the product is, the more manufacturers have to spend on packaging. There’s a direct correlation between the fragility of the product and the final packaging price. For instance, fragile products will have to be wrapped in bubble wrap, padded with thermocol, and finally be sealed inside the corrugated boxes. As a result, the packaging cost can skyrocket. Additionally, larger product will also require more packaging materials and consequently impose a higher packaging cost.

Role in supply chain

Apart from the sensitivity of the product, the packaging cost also depends on its role in the supply chain. It is essential to consider how the product moves through the supply chain, what kind of environment it will face, and the type of handling it will experience. For instance, products that go through courier networks will change hands multiple times, and it will go through numerous distribution centers, vans, and lorries. The product might be exposed to different settings and forces including impact and vibration. If the product is shipped directly to the customer, then it can do away with all those extra packagings, where primary packaging itself might be sufficient.

Packaging complexity

Apart from the materials used in the packaging to protect the items, several other factors may complicate the packaging. For instance, a simple cardboard box may have different die cut inside, which requires complicated assembly. Sometimes such elaborate packaging needs humans to fix the packaging as packaging machines might only be capable of performing simple cuts. Although complex packaging wows the consumers, it does add to the packaging cost as it requires more manual hand work. Take beer case packaging, for example, a simple beer box case is easy to package and can be done by machines itself. But for wrapping a six-pack with the handle it requires manual work which not only consumes time but also drives up the cost.

Order volumes

Its common sense by now that whenever items are bought in bulk, the cost per item will lower significantly. The same principle applies to packaging while ordering in large volumes as well. The reduction in cost is realized due to multiple factors such as lower machine setup time, seamless manufacturing process, less manual tasks, and ease in storage and shipping needs.

Marketing costs

Finally, companies need to consider the role of packaging in the product’s marketing. For economical products, price may be the selling point, but for luxury products packaging needs to be elaborate. For instance, the cost will significantly increase when using multi-color print in the corrugated boxes instead of single-color black print. Additionally, using matte plastic over shiny ones will also incur extra cost.

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If Your Packaging Isn’t Smart, Green or Digital, You Should Worry!

Packaging is often used as a marketing tool to promote the brand, also indulge in some cross-branding while its primary objective is to protect the product. As much as we enjoy bursting the bubbles off the bubble wrap, little do we know that – Styrofoam and bubble wrap – are both inferior in terms of quality and harmful to the environment. With the increase in consumer awareness and the growing concerns over sustainability and the environment, manufacturers have gradually shifted to newer packaging options. The packaging industry is highly complex and requires organizations to adopt the right materials and right processes, to succeed and avoid unnecessary complications.

Packaging Opens Up the Next Competitive Frontier 

Today, suppliers and manufacturers are hunting for an opportunity to innovate the processes and packaging practices that score high on creativity and sustainability, to help retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers to enhance product safety, increase sales and create customer delight. If a sustainable packaging process is adopted, it not only protects the product but also prolongs its shelf life, especially that of food items, which in turn reduces wastage and encourages recycling of the packaging materials. One of the trends in the packaging world, transit packaging, is gaining importance in various industries such as healthcare, food and beverages, chemical and e-commerce among others by promoting three benefits namely convenience, ease of use, and reliable transport. Read more about why transit packaging is in the limelight.

Why so much attention to packaging and labelling, you ask? Because low-quality packaging sends a bad message and harms the brand, while on the other hand premium packaging drives customer loyalty and satisfies the end-user.

Are you still stuck over the old bubble wrap and styrofoam inspired packaging? Is your box made up of materials that harm the environment? If the answers to the questions above is yes, you should worry. Read on to know more about the different sustainable and attractive packaging options available in the market today.

Green is the New Corrugated in the Packaging World

Packaging industry is turning to a compostable packaging technique with a natural look, preferring craft paper over other options. Additionally, trends like Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) and active packaging are gaining momentum as they help in maintaining optimum air content and temperature thereby reducing supply chain wastage. Therefore, be it brown or green packaging, or lightweight packaging material, these trends facilitate shelf life extension of the products, creating a win-win situation for the manufacturer, retailer and end user.

Smart Packaging and Digital Prints 

Smart packaging is a great option to facilitate consumer engagement with the brand owing to the increased penetration of mobile and internet in the lives of the consumers. A product with smart labels provides customers with necessary product information (nutritional value, compliance standards and product usage instructions) that they can obtain by scanning the label or code through their smartphone or PDAs. Also, brands are leveraging digital print packaging to personalize products and connect to social media, thereby creating a favorable impact on the brand as well as enhancing customer experience. It not only speaks volumes about the high quality but also drives cost efficiency thereby reducing the spend on packaging and labelling.

Infiniti will help your business leverage the perks of smart packaging into productive, far-reaching insights.

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