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Redesigning Your Marketing Strategies to Suit New-Age Consumers

Marketing organizations seem to have lagged behind when compared to other sectors in terms of technological transformations and customer expectations. From the growth in popularity of online shopping channels to personalized ad campaigns for specific customer groups, consumer marketing strategies have evolved drastically over the past decade. Although the channels and technologies used by modern marketing companies have changed considerably, the manner in which tasks are approached remains more or less the same even today, and that is not a good sign. Organizations that continue to roll out large and infrequent campaigns, rely on media purchasing agencies, and are organized by geography or by product fail to take full advantage of the latest digital and advanced analytics tools. They can be used as effective marketing tools to chalk out marketing strategies that are more engaging, effective, and agile. Making use of these capabilities for effective marketing strategies require new management approaches.

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Building New age marketing strategies

Marketing strategiesManage internal and external partnerships

Organizations must leverage opportunities for advanced marketing strategies available today including search, social, programmatic, and content management. Internal and external teams that deliver these services must aim to function as an interconnected ecosystem. A key decision relating to marketing strategies to be made here is to figure out what needs to be handled internally and what must be outsourced to an external partner. It is advisable for the brand to handle core competencies such as strategy, while execution functions such as experimenting with new media or channels can be outsourced to external partners.

Build globally dispersed networks

Over the years, a common practice followed by brands to manage marketing strategies is by putting a global team under control of global marketing campaigns and assigning a local team to locally execute these campaigns. This could often create a clash between teams, especially with local teams thinking that the global team lacks a comprehensive understanding of their market. To combat this issue while promoting marketing strategies, a new age concept brand tribe have emerged. Brand tribes refer to an informal and globally dispersed network of marketers who come together to identify and share their best assets. Instead of the conventional top-down approach, these brand tribes have community managers who foster global collaboration, post insights, promote assets for particular markets, and discourage off-brand execution. This can also act as a way to reinforce brand standards.

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Identify new growth channels

With the rising market competition, brands are under extreme pressure to identify and pursue new sources of growth that may be internal or external to the core business. Fastest growers in any industry are those that develop new products or services while maintaining their baseline capabilities. One way to achieve this is to create a dedicated new-ventures unit in the company that examines and identifies new growth opportunities for the company. Another way to do this is by partnering with start-ups that can provide a larger pool of opportunities in terms of emerging technologies and innovation.

 Building an agile operating model

Building marketing strategies to attract new age consumers have become extremely challenging. As a result, now brands are even taking inspiration from companies in other sectors to innovate their operations. The concept of agile is one such strategy that has originated from software development wherein small, self-organizing, cross-functional teams that work towards specific goals by breaking down large tasks in smaller units, assigning responsibility to team members, and constantly reviewing progress. Agile operating models can help identify profitable opportunities in real-time, rapidly deploy tests, evaluate results, and constantly reiterate.

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Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Pass Our Test? Three Things You Can Improve Today!

To sustain profitability in today’s competitive market space, a digital marketing strategy plays an extremely crucial role. But it is equally critical to establish a successful digital marketing plan to stay a step ahead of your peers. Many big organizations’ leaders lack clarity on what “digital” means for their strategy. They underrate the degree of digital disruption to the economic underpinnings of their businesses. They also don’t give much importance to the speed with which digital ecosystems are blurring the boundaries of any industry and this is the reason why their digital marketing strategy fails. Therefore, the only way for leaders to cut through inertia and improve is to take tough steps on four fronts: ignorance, fear, guesswork, and diffusion of effort.  In this article, we have discussed how an organization can improve overcoming inertia while building confidence about how to design an appropriate digital marketing strategy and master the new economics of going digital. This can give your digital marketing strategy Get More Infoa jolt and accelerate the shift of your digital marketing plan as a whole.

marshall field (2)

# Improvement 1: Deal with ignorance effectively

In an organization, many senior executives are not fully fluent in what their digital marketing plan is and how it can change the way their businesses operate or the competitive context. They tend to invest in cool digital technologies, which might not be relevant to their business. This is due to the lack of a clear understanding of whether such technologies can generate value for their business. They are also more likely to make overlapping, fragmented, or subscale digital investments. Ignorance, ultimately, slows down the pace at which a business deploys new digital technologies. This can be improved by raising the technology IQ and overcoming competitive blind spots. It can also help in formulating a digital marketing strategy more effectively.

# Improvement 2: Replace guesswork with smart work

An aggressive digital marketing strategy involves taking the occasional leap of faith. You are likely to move into new areas and recondition existing businesses with advanced technologies. While making a digital marketing plan, it is likely that you’ll take some hasty decisions based on your intuition or guesswork. One way to fight this guesswork is to evaluate your strategy decisions based on its implications in different businesses and their outcomes. Another way to reduce the need for guesswork is to take complete advantage of real-time data and the opportunities they provide for experimentation.

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# Improvement 3: Avoid the risk of diffusion

An effective digital marketing plan requires focus but responding to digital technologies inevitably risks diffusion of effort. Most companies we know are struggling and trying to do two things simultaneously: creating innovative new digital businesses and reinventing the core by digitizing and automating some of its key elements. This poses an acute challenge because of the unsteady pace of digital change and uncertainties surrounding the adoption of advanced technologies. Therefore, in such a condition, you can improve in two ways. One is analyzing the portfolio of initiatives of your company at different stages like nurturing, seeding, growing, or pruning. The other is embracing the necessity of big moves like sustained capital investment, dramatic reallocation of resources, and radical productivity improvements.

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A Marketers Guide to the New Digital Marketing Trends

From taking over smartphones cta irto becoming a part and parcel of social media, digital marketing trends have evolved drastically over the years. Apps like ‘Pokémon go’ that have fared considerably well in keeping the audience hooked on is proof enough that modern consumers are willing to opt for well-crafted augmented realities and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the rise of new marketing trends like the use of home assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google home have taken digital marketing to a whole new level. As consumers become savvier and more skeptical towards advertisements, the next step for marketers is to identify the best ways to gain audiences’ attention and turn them into a conversion. Here’s a look at some of the new marketing trends this year that agile marketers must take advantage of:

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 

Voice search

Voice search is one of the new digital marketing trends that have gained immense popularity among users. Unlike a traditional search query that gives back several links and answers, voice search responds with one direct answer that is most relevant to the question. New marketing trends like voice search will prove highly useful for marketers in gaining a better reach when it comes to their target audience. Companies must ensure that the main providers of voice search such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have the correct facts and authentic information about the business.Get More Info

Event marketing

New marketing trends such as event and experiential marketing are seeing a big resurgence. This is prompting several brands to lean in further to these types of digital marketing trends. For instance, in the case of music tour sponsorships, brands can engage in superior venue activities that will enable the audience to interact directly with them. This will also give brands the opportunity to get broadcasts out to a much larger digital audience.

User-generated content

Today’s consumers crave for authenticity from brands. When marketers are looking at adopting new marketing trends, they must ensure that their strategies and content are original. This is one of the important factors that draw customers towards a particular brand. Today, customers tend to pay more heed to what others say about your brand, more than what you claim about your brand. So, it is essential for brands to rely on user-generated content to promote their products and services.

Interactive content

Interactive content is definitely one of the hottest digital marketing trends to keep an eye on this year. Soon, interactive web experience will take the lead in engaging visitors experiences and creating more compelling, animated, and visual content. Furthermore, the use of new marketiContact USng trends like interactive content is a great way to grab the attention of customers and keep them engaged for a longer span of time.

Account-based content marketing

Account-based content marketing is one of the popular digital marketing trends among b2b companies. This allows marketers to target unique individuals within a company and create a unique and highly-targeted user experience. This is mainly done by offering customized content journeys with micro-sites, landing pages, and images and/or calls-to-action for individual customers.

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Types of Digital Marketing Channels for Business and How to Choose the Right One

There is an immense number of opportunities available online for businesses. But ensuring that you drive the right audience to your website and direct them to the sales funnel often proves to be a challenging task. The success of a company’s online marketing effort largely depends on the types of digital marketing channels that they adopt. Businesses need to invest in those digital marketing channels that would help them reach their target audience and that is well within their budget. These channels have great potential to influence the audience at different points in the path of purchase.  Each kind of web-based advertising requires specialist knowledge, aptitudes, flare, and skills to guarantee that it is compelling and able to optimize your online marketing campaign. This article from Infiniti Research takes you through some of the key digital marketing channels for business and their practical applications in optimizing your online presence:Request Proposal

Social media marketing 

Social media is currently one of the most widely used digital marketing channels that have given phenomenal results for businesses. This channel enables companies to reach out to highly targeted potential customers through direct and person-to-person engagement. Social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will continue to be the easiest and best ways to get in touch with their customers, especially as the number of social media users continues to grow each day.

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Almost everyone using the Internet is familiar with and use search engines for their search queries. The role of SEO is to increase the page rank of a website in the search engine result page. Pages that have a higher ranking are more likely to increase visibility and drive more customers to their websites. Some of the key tools that can be used to enhance the SEO include Moz SEO tools, Bing Webmaster,, and Google Keyword Planner.

Pay per click (PPC) 

Pay per click is one of the fastest digital marketing channels that can be used to drive targeted traffic to the company’s website and related pages. But this method of paid advertising comes at a higher price, so businesses must be extremely cautious and planned while investing in such efforts. This technique is driven by how much the company is willing to invest and pay per customer for acquiring them.

Video marketing 

Videos are a great way to keep the audience hooked on to your content. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which goes to prove that there is a huge number of people searching content on this platform. Video marketing is one of the most loved types of digital marketing channels in light of the fact that it combines such a variety of various components: Social media marketing, Copywriting, SEO, and obviously Video Production.

E-mail marketing 

Considered to be one of the most important digital marketing channels, e-mail marketing is a standout amongst the most immediate and private types of correspondence. Many businesses with in-house digital marketers use email marketing as an excellent tool for delivering ROI. The contact information of customers like phone numbers and email addresses from potential customers, including permissions to send them updates that a company possess, can be used by companies to promote e-mail marketing.

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