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Three Digital Content Strategies You’ll Want to Steal for Your Business

Live content

Going live on social media platforms is currently one of the top digital content strategies for businesses. Video content as a whole has a huge organic reach compared to other types of posts on social media. Consequently, the engagement on video content will also be higher. According to Facebook, live content generates 10x more engagement when compared to other posts shared on the platform. So, a greater number of companies that are invested in the digital landscape have committed themselves to more video creation as a way forward, hoping to capitalize on the positive statistics surrounding this format.

Interactive content

Interactive content will soon become a big draw in the digital content strategy for business. This is one of the main reasons why you can expect to see more companies investing heavily in virtual reality in the near future. However, the cost involved in this technology is high. Digital content creation with virtual reality for your consumers to enjoy will be costly for quality. Despite this, agile brands are expected to capitalize on this technology and garner more audience attention.Request Proposal

New formats of digital content

The changing nature of the internet means that new strategies and digital formats need to be introduced. Old methods of content churning, putting content out for the sake of having it out there, is now a thing of the past. Instead, the typical team of writers are working with graphic designers, video creators, social media gurus, and even community managers. Companies will turn to broader content formats rather than sticking to traditional blogging and social media distribution including event hosting, videos, eBooks, infographics, webinars, and podcasts. The way people consume content, so companies must change their digital content strategies to be in line.


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A Marketers Guide to the New Digital Marketing Trends

From taking over smartphones cta irto becoming a part and parcel of social media, digital marketing trends have evolved drastically over the years. Apps like ‘Pokémon go’ that have fared considerably well in keeping the audience hooked on is proof enough that modern consumers are willing to opt for well-crafted augmented realities and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the rise of new marketing trends like the use of home assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google home have taken digital marketing to a whole new level. As consumers become savvier and more skeptical towards advertisements, the next step for marketers is to identify the best ways to gain audiences’ attention and turn them into a conversion. Here’s a look at some of the new marketing trends this year that agile marketers must take advantage of:

Digital Marketing Trends 2018 

Voice search

Voice search is one of the new digital marketing trends that have gained immense popularity among users. Unlike a traditional search query that gives back several links and answers, voice search responds with one direct answer that is most relevant to the question. New marketing trends like voice search will prove highly useful for marketers in gaining a better reach when it comes to their target audience. Companies must ensure that the main providers of voice search such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft have the correct facts and authentic information about the business.Get More Info

Event marketing

New marketing trends such as event and experiential marketing are seeing a big resurgence. This is prompting several brands to lean in further to these types of digital marketing trends. For instance, in the case of music tour sponsorships, brands can engage in superior venue activities that will enable the audience to interact directly with them. This will also give brands the opportunity to get broadcasts out to a much larger digital audience.

User-generated content

Today’s consumers crave for authenticity from brands. When marketers are looking at adopting new marketing trends, they must ensure that their strategies and content are original. This is one of the important factors that draw customers towards a particular brand. Today, customers tend to pay more heed to what others say about your brand, more than what you claim about your brand. So, it is essential for brands to rely on user-generated content to promote their products and services.

Interactive content

Interactive content is definitely one of the hottest digital marketing trends to keep an eye on this year. Soon, interactive web experience will take the lead in engaging visitors experiences and creating more compelling, animated, and visual content. Furthermore, the use of new marketiContact USng trends like interactive content is a great way to grab the attention of customers and keep them engaged for a longer span of time.

Account-based content marketing

Account-based content marketing is one of the popular digital marketing trends among b2b companies. This allows marketers to target unique individuals within a company and create a unique and highly-targeted user experience. This is mainly done by offering customized content journeys with micro-sites, landing pages, and images and/or calls-to-action for individual customers.

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Newest Content Marketing Trends to Make Your Customer Go Head over Heels for Your Brand

As traditional marketing strategies are becoming less popular with the audience, forward-thinking marketers are on the lookout for newer and better strategies like content marketing to keep the customers hooked on.Get More Info

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as a marketing approach that strategically emphasizes on creating and distributing content that is relevant, consistent, and valuable to attract and retain a target audience group. It is aimed at driving favorable and profitable customer action. In simpler terms, it is merely providing the user with truly relevant and useful content rather than merely pitching the products and services to them.

Content marketing is all about storytelling that builds an interest in the minds of the audience. It involves developing and sharing interesting content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. It is more to do with educating your audience so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. This marketing technique uses online channels such as blogs, podcasts, video, and social media sites as a medium to reach out to the target customer groups.

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Top content marketing trends 2018

content marketingContent marketing has become a prominent marketing technique and is clearly here to stay. With an increasing number of marketers leaving no stone unturned to brush up their own strategies, 2018 will witness some exciting content marketing trends. Moreover, with more content being created now than ever before, users can expect to see some fresh and innovative content from their favorite brands. If you are a marketer, here are some of the bContact USiggest content marketing trends this year around which you must build your marketing strategies:

IoT in content marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT)is literally everywhere now. IoT offers great potential for brands to make their content part of the audience’s life. This is quite evident in the way we interact with devices and new technology. Products like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa are gradually turning into common names in households. These devices respond to customer queries instantly and even provide them with call-and-response content on the go. IoT is making it simpler for companies to share content with a wider audience that doesn’t want to be tied to a screen.

Interactive visual content through VR

Virtual reality is one of the most intriguing content marketing trends right now, and there is nothing like VR when it comes to grabbing complete audience attention and ensuring maximum engagement. Though investment in VR technology might seem to be a costly affair, there are ways to test and implement new marketing tactics with a strategic approach which would go easy on the pockets. For instance, Lowe’s, a home improvement company has already ventured into VR technology as a part of their content marketing strategy. The company is using this technology to help consumers achieve more informed buying decisions by visualizing their plans for home improvement.Request Proposal

Rising focus on transparency

The market competition is shooting up by the day, putting businesses under immense pressure to not fall into the bad books of customers. Modern customers expect businesses to be authentic, transparent and driven to give back to society. Going forward, brands need to focus on transparency and disclosure. With the growth of influencer marketing and endorsements, this has become extremely crucial to build relationships with cautious customers.

Live video content

Live videos on social media channels have become extremely popular among the audience especially millennials. Agile marketers are jumping on this bandwagon and embracing such content marketing trends to promote their brand. More number of customers now prefer to tune into a live video rather than read a blog post. Live video is one of the content marketing trends that have immense potential to effectively capture the audience attention and engagement. In fact, research suggests that people comment 10x more on Facebook Live videos when compared to regular videos Also, through live videos your brand and content that you are trying to promote will appear way more authentic to the audience, which is a brownie point for companies. Modern consumers seek real human connection behind a brand, and it can be given to them through live videos even without a superstar director or professional actor.

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