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Coal Mining Client Leverages Competitor Analysis to Make Better Product Positioning Decisions

Infiniti PR Infographic Coal Mining - Competitor AnalysisLONDON: Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest competitor analysis solution for a coal mining client. The rising usage of coal in electricity generation is the key contributor to the economic growth of countries across the globe. Coal is one of the leading sources of energy which can reduce energy poverty and achieve substantial economic growth.

“Competitive analysis helped the client in the coal mining industry to anticipate competitive activity and identify market disruptions and interpret events. The engagement also helped the client to launch new products and make better decisions about their product positioning strategy. “ says an expert at Infiniti Research.


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The client in the coal mining industry was also able to accurately develop a SWOT analysis and even understand the competitor’s product portfolio and selling points to market their own ideas. This engagement also offered insights on the strategies to enhance their sales performance in the future.

Additional Benefits of The Competitor Analysis Solution

  • Offer insights on the strategies to enhance sales performance
  • Assist with the launch of the products and make better decisions about product positioning strategy
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Top Fintech Companies Transforming the Financial Landscape Using Technology

Fintech, or financial technology, marks the emergence of the modern world financial sector. Fintech companies are disrupting the traditional banking and financial market setup with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, peer-to-peer lending, predictive analytics, and data-driven marketing. The world of banking and finance has evolved from simple debit and credit of transactions with a foray of innovations including retail banking, online banking, investment, and crypto-currencies. The term financial technology applies to any innovation in terms of how people transact with a business. To put the significance of the fintech industry into perspective, the startups in this sector received $17.4 billion in funding in the year 2016. So who are the players driving the growth of thisRequest Free Proposal multi-billion dollar market?

Ant Financial

Ant Financial is an affiliate of the Chinese Alibaba Group and is the most valuable fintech company in the world. Formerly operating under the name of Alipay, it is the world’s leading third-party payment platform and also runs Ant Financial Cloud and other financial services. The company recently surpassed the $100 billion valuations and also announced that it would launch a digital wallet service in Hong Kong with the help of a joint venture with Sir Li Ka-Shing’s CK Hutchison Holdings. The company focuses its efforts on green finance by promoting low-carbon lifestyle through digital financial instruments.


Adyen is a global payment company founded in 2006 that allows businesses to accept mobile, e-commerce, and point-of-sale payments. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the company serves more than 4,500 firms including an impressive roster of customers, including, Spotify, L’Oréal, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Burberry, Symantec, and Microsoft. The company almost doubled their revenue in the year 2016 and earned more than $700 million by connecting payment platforms across the world. In April 2017, the company was granted a European banking license, giving it the status of an acquiring bank.


Qudian is a Chinese Fintech company that operates as a student micro-loan site, which is an installment payment and investment management platform. The company saw an opportunity in the local markets where credit card purchases were not so popular. Qudian offered a payback of purchases in installment; thereby, driving the overall spending in the Chinese market. Being one of the top fintech companies, it has partnered with several e-commerce, financial services, and digital services providers in a bid to attract customers. According to rumors going around, the company is soon likely to go public by raising as much as $1 billion.


Xero is a New Zealand-based software company and also the fastest growing SaaS company. The company develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has offices in New Zealand, Australia, the US, the UK, and Singapore, which serves more than 1 million subscribers. Their products such as full accrual accounting system with a cashbook, debtors, creditors, automated daily bank feeds, invoicing, sales tax and reporting are used in over 180 different countries.


SoFi or Social Finance is an online personal finance company that offers student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. The fintech company was founded by four Stanford graduate who sought to provide a more affordable option for people seeking to find their education using debt. SoFi initially utilized an alumni-funded lending model, which connected alumni and institutional investors with students and recent graduates through school-specific student loan funds. The company has since widened its portfolio to offer personal loans, student loan refinancing, mortgage loans, wealth management and life insurance. The fintech company is now a multi-billion-dollar company with over $19 billion in loans funded to more than 300,000 members.

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What is Competitive Intelligence and How It Benefits Organizations

Organizations often confuse competitive intelligence with competitor analysis. Analyzing the actions of your competitors is one aspect of the competitive intelligence process, but it includes various stakeholders such as customers, regulators, suppliers, and technology amonga2 others. Businesses can initiate their strategic planning processes based on the insights gained from competitive analysis. Often, companies that dominate the market space understand the importance of competitive intelligence and analytics compared to their counterparts who fail to leverage the benefits it offers. Competitive intelligence is the process of monitoring your competitors, understanding their market plans and behavior to devise and formulate better business strategies, empowering you to anticipate and mitigate potential risks and challenges. Organizations should first understand the concept and then try to fit it into their strategic planning process.

Competitive Intelligence – Information Sources

Competitive intelligence is gaining momentum across several industries such as medical device manufacturing, retail and the gaming industry among others as it helps to understand the market and its competitive landscape. Organizations are increasingly leveraging competitive and market intelligence studies to gain insights about their competitors rather an inside view of their rival’s strategy and market approach. The information sources used in a typical competitive intelligence study are press analysis and pricing research among others. Press analysis includes the analysis of publicly available information like financial information, senior management views and opinions, and change in management. Pricing studies or price analysis involves sifting through price lists and catalogs for product and service price information; thereby, using it to benchmark against their own prices.

Look Beyond Competitors

Companies often focus on the external environment, i.e. their competitors, and overlook the other stakeholders. Organizations should listen to their internal stakeholders such as employees and not disregard their ideas and proposals. The employees interact with customers and have an understanding of the consumer trends and market demands. Therefore, it is essential for the organizations to allow employees to participate in new product development. Competitive intelligence is successful when the business takes into account all of its stake holders – internal and external, enabling them to create customer delight and enhance their customer service. Insights from employees and suppliers can help organizations focus on retaining their own customers before focusing on new customer acquisition.

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Adopting RTLS Solutions to Augment the Bottom Lines of Industries

Infiniti’s latest market assessment study on real-time location systems (RTLS) solutions analyze the market size and segmentation by technologies and end user applications for a leading engineering US-based company.

Application of RTLS solutions

The rising need of the enterprises to improve their profits, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction is driving adoption of real-time location systems (RTLS) technologies. The main application of RTLS is for tracking and locating assets or people in real time using radio frequency (RF) signals as a communication medium. The RTLS tags are designed to provide location information in real time through automatic and continuous feedback that results in improved quality, increased efficiency, and cost saving across several industries. Logistics and transportation, healthcare, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, mining, and chemical are some of the few industries that implement RLTS solutions in their business operations. The applications of these devices include asset tracking, patient’s activity tracking, work in progress tracking, and vehicle tracking. Infiniti’s recent market assessment of RTLS solutions provide a comprehensive overview of the market including market segmentation based on technologies and end user applications, market size, and key competitors. The study also helps companies identify the upcoming niche segments and existing technologies in the market.

The emergence of cost-effective technologies like Zigbee and UWB, establishment of smart factories, and vast use of ultrasound and IR technologies will have a positive impact on the overall development of the RTLS market. The growing demand for security and safety services, such as tracking prisoners and locating assets in the supply chain is increasing the adoption of these solutions in the government sector. Digitalization and industrialization will augment the growth of this market.

Need for inventory management

The adoption of RTLS for ease of inventory management will increase the profitability of the businesses and ensure smoother operations. The introduction of RFID systems that enable automatic data capture will ease the tracking process in different manufacturing units. Suppliers are using these systems to locate stocks that are replenishing faster and find out for the stock economic order quantity. Moreover, these solutions are used to identify customer preferences and to employ discount offers and loyalty programs.


Emergence of smart factories

Smart factories are implementing RTLS, which includes tags and sensors to determine the exact location and identify assets. Smart factories are set up to decrease cycle time, identify the best procedure in a manufacturing process, and reduce manual errors through automation. RTLS solutions are used as data sources for information on the existing plant systems and devices and for interpreting the current state of the factory. By employing these innovative devices, organizations will reduce their working capital costs and boost its profitability.

Solutions and recommendations

The market assessment study by Infiniti assesses the market share of key players, market size, market dynamics and the latest trends of RLTS solutions for a leading engineering US-based company. Some of the solutions are listed below:

  • Offer a comprehensive overview of the RTLS market, stakeholders, and products, along with the product attribute analysis
  • Identify the competitive threats and opportunities in the market that will help organizations make informed business decisions
  • Provide a detailed characterization of the growth drivers, competitive landscape, and challenges
  • Deliver a complete breakdown of the market segmentation; by region, technology, and vertical
  • Analyze the historical, current, and forecasted market size

Read our comprehensive case study on market assessment study on real-time location solutions

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Market Intelligence Study on the Automotive Industry – Seamless Supply Chain Systems to Double Business Growth

The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on supply chain and competitor landscape for the automotive industry helps manufacturers of electric wire and optical fiber cables gain a better understanding of supply chain through which wires and cables are supplied to the automotive manufacturing companies. The study also identifies the key market players involved in the supply chain of the automotive industry.

Understanding the supply chain in the automotive sector

The leading OEMs in the automotive sectors are offering a wide range of vehicle choices that cater to end-users’ demands. Manufacturers are shipping vehicle components instead of an entire vehicle to save costs. Since supply chain landscape of the automotive industry is mostly affected by rapid globalization, the vendors are investing in reliable logistic chains to sustain the competition in the market. Keeping inventories well-stocked but not overstocked and adapting to changes will help manufacturers to maintain an equilibrium in their supply chain facilities. Moreover, better planning, increased visibility, and a focus on continuous improvement in the supply chain will be a key to business success for OEMs.

The market intelligence assessment led to the understanding that with accurate supply chain systems, vendors can meet the innumerable demands of the consumers and launch various brands based on their requirements. The vendors are using innovative technologies like IoT and cloud computing for efficient operations planning and inventory optimizations. These new technologies will help the OEMs to establish robust supply chain systems.

Vendors to offer assorted components

The intensity of the competition in the automotive market is encouraging suppliers to offer a different variety of wires and cables through various supply chains. Identifying key players involved in the supply chain and offering new products will help the manufacturers gain consumers and increase their market share. Furthermore, developing and investing in new technologies will boost the demand and sale of these components in the global market.


Is online retailing and e-commerce the new wave

The emergence of online retailing and e-commerce is slowly gaining a foothold in the automotive industry. This channel of supply helps vendors to communicate with target audience directly and analyze the consumer behavior pattern. Additionally, manufacturers are offering value-added services such as same-day-delivery to attract more consumers and sustain the competition in the market.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers various solutions that identify the key market players involved in the supply chain and provides strategies that foster market growth. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Conduct secondary and primary checks to identify suppliers that provide high-temperature cables
  • Gather data by calculating total wire requirement and supplier shares for each segment
  • Assess the current and emerging market trends and study the supply chain landscape for the target region
  • To provide a better understanding of supply chain through which wires and cables are supplied to various multinational automotive manufacturing companies
  • Offer an overview of the various delivery channels, current market trends, the supply chain map, market size, details of additional suppliers, and the key player’s operators in different levels of the supply chain
  • Identify the applications other than the main harness for which target cables are required

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped a leading client to assess the supply chain and competitor landscape for the automotive industry. 



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