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Adopting Competitive Pricing Strategy in Healthcare: What to Keep in Mind

For healthcare companies to attain a healthy profit margin and ensure quality outcomes, it is essential to connect their pricing strategy with the day-to-day operational concerns. With the rising healthcare market competition, healthcare companies must be cautious while creating and implementing their competitive pricing strategies as overlooking even small factors can cause them to lose out on their competitive advantage. Competitive pricing strategy in healthcare does not necessarily mean a race to the bottom in order to offer the lowest prices. In this blog, experts at Infiniti explain the key factors that enable healthcare organizations to create a robust competitive pricing strategy.

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Building a robust competitive pricing strategy in  healthcare

competitive pricing strategyEstablish market identity

Many healthcare organizations are under the misconception that a competitive pricing strategy has got to do primarily with becoming a low-cost or low-price player. Although some low-acuity services such as imaging may require a low-cost option structure, healthcare systems may continue to provide care at historical rates for other services. Moreover, organizations must also seek to understand what their current market identity is and what they want it to be in the future.

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Proactive process to maintain margins

Healthcare organizations need to proactively review prices in order to isolate and resolve any potential margin issues before risk to revenue or compliance occur. It is vital to emphasize on improving key service lines and identifying margin and compliance risks by payer and service lines. Healthcare organizations must also focus on educating their staff on key issues so that charge capture violations can be easily prevented.

Engage in meaningful interactions

Several organizations resort to the practice of using tools to establish their competitive pricing strategy. However, these tools often fail in terms of adjusting to price sensitivity in the market. Although tools prove to be beneficial in building a competitive pricing strategy, it is insufficient to create an overall competitive advantage in the market. While interacting with consumers online, healthcare companies have a unique opportunity to deepen consumer relationships. Providing value messaging, online scheduling, or a live chat option are ways to create meaningful interactions with customers. Furthermore, healthcare organizations can also create a seamless customer experience with flexible payment options as a part of their competitive pricing strategy.

Price transparency to create value

Giving patients a clear idea of what exactly they are being charged on is an effective competitive pricing strategy that can induce patient loyalty. Being transparent with prices can also help healthcare organizations to increase their customer base on a larger scale. Ensuring transparency is pricing is one of the best ways to communicate value to customers and increase consumer confidence towards the organization.

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Transforming Production Processes and Increasing Market Share by 37% for a Food Packaging Company – Infiniti’s Latest Competitor Analysis Engagement

Competitor Analysis for Food Packaging Company

With technological progression and market advancements, the food packaging industry continues to evolve. Moreover, the trends in packaging such as the introduction of sustainable packaging practices, convenient on-the-go packaging, clean labels, and healthy choices have gradually increased the number of new entrants into the European food packaging market. This has made it vital for existing players in the European food packaging market to keep track of their competitors’ plan and actions and refine their existing business models to achieve maximum profitability. Therefore, companies are partnering with firms like Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution.

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Business Challenge

The client is a food packaging company based out of Europe. The entry of new players drastically increased the competition in the European food packaging market. The client, therefore, was facing difficulties in competing with other major players, in terms of cost, quality, and capabilities in providing innovative packaging offerings for customers. Moreover, they were losing customers and market share to their competitors due to their inability to competitively price their products. This compelled them to reduce the price for their products, which subsequently resulted in a loss in profit margin by 7%.

Therefore, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution. By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to explore ways to stay competitive in the market by distinguishing market disruptions, analyzing competitors, and developing strategic business plans.

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client also wanted to tackle several other market challenges:

  • With the increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging materials in Europe, the client was facing difficulties in adapting to the evolving market demands. With this, they were losing market share to their competitors who had already adopted environmental-friendly packaging strategies. Therefore, with Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to analyze their competitors’ offerings in direct comparison to theirs and focus on enhancing their business processes.
  • The client noted that their competitors have already leveraged automation solutions in their business operations. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to identify the technologies leveraged by their competitors. By doing so, they also wanted to adapt to the evolving technologies to maximize uptime and enhance their operations.
  • The client’s unstructured approach to marketing and sales resulted in huge capital losses for the company. By closely analyzing the strategies adopted by their competitors, the client wanted to refine their existing marketing models and devise marketing campaigns that drive maximum sales.
  • The client’s key competitors were offering discounts and other introductory offers to customers. With this, the client was compelled to reduce prices for their packaging materials. Therefore, by leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, they wanted to analyze the pricing strategies followed by their competitors and competitively price their products.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Our experts followed a detailed four-phased competitor analysis approach to help the client tackle the industry challenges. The initial phase of the competitor analysis engagement involved identifying businesses offering similar products and services in the European packaging industry. The next phase of our competitor analysis engagement focused on identifying the client’s key competitors’ customer base. In the third phase of the competitor analysis engagement, the experts focused on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the client in comparison to their competitors. The last phase of our competitor analysis engagement involved conducting a competitive benchmarking analysis, competitor mapping, and also identifying the marketing approaches employed by the client’s competitors.

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the client to gain detailed insights about their end-customers, current market position, and their key competitors. Understanding the needs and demand of their target customers helped the client to innovate their product offerings according to their customers’ requirements. By gaining detailed insights into their competitors’ key strategies and marketing approaches, the client was able to devise well-informed business plans to tailor their product offerings. Also, the experts at Infiniti Research recommended the client to apply automation solutions in their production process. This helped the client to enhance their production efficiency and better manage workflow.

Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution also helped the client to understand their competitors’ pricing strategies and make constant changes in their pricing plans. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solutuon, the client was also able to balance quality and growth. Furthermore, Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the packaging company to better allocate resources and enhance their market share by 37% within the course of one year.

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Importance of Competitor Analysis for Packaging Industry

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Competitor Analysis for a Leading Banking Sector Client Helps Assess Key Competitors and Devise an Effective Strategy to Establish Themselves in the European Market

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