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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape Analysis: How does it help shape markets to your advantage?

Conducting a competitive landscape analysis may seem like an exhaustive process. Mainly because of the time required to gather market data, share insights, and act upon those insights by integrating them into your business strategy. However, on the flip side, getting into your competitor’s head can help you gauge the competitive landscape by offering you a holistic yet impactful overview of the market.

No company is an island- this particularly holds true in today’s competitive markets. And particularly so in the current business environment. Businesses that perceive the competitive landscape as it is are likely to succeed in the future and gain an edge when compared to their peers. Infiniti’s approach to competitive landscape analysis focuses on analyzing the competitive scenario through an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ strategies, business processes, and the market in general. We adopt a holistic approach that moves beyond the usual market trends analysis and competitor mapping. Evidently, the rewards of adopting such an approach are huge- fewer surprises from your competitors and enhanced ability to tap into new opportunities to shape markets to your advantage.

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Given the current business scenario and the complexities of making a move, it isn’t easy to analyze the competitive landscape mostly because every competitor and their decision-makers are not alike. Irrespective of the market in which they operate, every business leader has different assets, resources, and market positions to leverage, safeguard and build upon. This implies that businesses within the same market might have to adopt different strategies to thrive in the long-run. What’s more, even a competitor with similar service or product offerings might have to create unique strategies to achieve the goals that their decision-makers wish to achieve. So if you want to anticipate rather than react to your competitors’ strategic moves, you must analyze the competitive landscape at two different levels- market-level and organization-level.

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How Competitive Landscape Analysis Can Help Businesses

  • Focus on the competition and identify new opportunities
  • Evaluate competitors’ performance
  • Create performance  benchmarks
  • Assess the future of the market and identify those well-positioned to succeed

Breaking Down The Approach to Competitive Landscape Analysis

At Infiniti, we adopt a holistic approach to help our clients analyze the competitive landscape and build effective strategies to meet their business needs.

Phase 1: Competitive Market Research

The initial phase focuses on conducting an in-depth market study to understand the competitive landscape by assessing your competitors’ strategic objectives.


  • Identify opportunities to position your brand across geographies and market segments
  • Gain insights into your competitors’ focus areas and brand strategy
  • Find areas where you and your competitors are winning and losing
  • Leverage market data to identify the untapped market opportunities

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Phase 2: Benchmark Performance Based on Research Findings

The objective is to create visual scorecards that offer a comprehensive view of the competitor’s performance. Our clients’ performance is then compared with top-tier companies to gauge their competitive positions within the industry.


  • Scorecards based visual analysis techniques to help you identify brands that are well-positioned to succeed in the future
  • Interpretation and sharing of large data sets in easy to access formats
  • Identify performance gaps based on KPIs

Phase 3: Strategic Competitor Landscape Analysis

The aim is to analyze the competitive scenario to identify strategic weaknesses and potential risks relative to your positioning, customers, and strategy.


  • Access to product or service-specific data and insights
  • Track your competitor’s moves and anticipate their strategies
  • Find new opportunities to drive brand reach

Integrating competitive insights into business decision-making must be an ongoing process aimed at supporting the strategic plans and business goals.

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Competitive Landscape Analysis

Infiniti’s Competitive Landscape Analysis Accelerates Process Agility and Efficiency for a European Manufacturing Firm

Competitive landscape analysis for the manufacturing industry

The European manufacturing industry is witnessing a phase of tremendous disruption due to the increasing need to embrace automation, become more sustainable, and address the skill shortages. To keep up with the industry transformations, major companies in the manufacturing industry are capitalizing on new opportunities, employing risk mitigation strategies, and mitigating challenges along the supply chain. However, before making huge investments into new market opportunities and investing in technologies, it is vital for manufacturing companies to assess the competitive landscape in the market and make changes in their strategies accordingly.

Business Challenges Faced

The client is a manufacturing company based out of Europe. With leading players in the manufacturing industry taking initiatives in confronting uncertainties in the market and meeting the market demands, the client was losing their market share to their competitors. Also, the client’s inability to address the skill shortages and employ risk mitigation strategies further impacted the company’s overall sales rate. Consequently, the company witnessed a dip in their profit margins by 17%. The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive landscape analysis.

With Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to tackle challenges such as:

Supply chain issues

The inability of an efficient inventory management process resulted in a huge mismatch in the supply and demand. As a result, the company failed to meet their customers’ demands, and this subsequently resulted in lower sales. With Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to closely analyze their direct and indirect competitors’ inventory management processes and make changes in their plans accordingly to efficiently meet the market demand.

Need for sustainability

The increasing pressure from government and public for greener operations put the company under the pressure to become more sustainable. Therefore, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to understand the strategies adopted by top industry players to tackle this challenge.

Need to address skill shortages

Although automation and robotics are filling the labor gap in the manufacturing industry, there are still requirements of human capabilities in manufacturing companies. The client, therefore, wanted to overcome the workforce management challenges.

Data protection

With cyberthreats increasing in the manufacturing industry, investment in data security is becoming imperative for manufacturing companies. Hence, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to analyze the risk mitigation strategies leveraged by their key competitors.

Investing in new technologies

With the advent of technologies such automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, and robotics in the manufacturing industry, major companies have started embracing these technologies and delivering the best quality product at a faster pace. As such, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to monitor their competitors’ investment in new technologies and processes.

Solutions Offered

To help the client tackle the industry challenges and analyze their direct and indirect competitors, the experts at Infiniti Research employed competitive landscape research.

The initial stage of the competitive landscape analysis engagement involved conducting competitive benchmarking analysis. This phase of the competitive landscape analysis engagement helped the client to gain an independent perspective of how well their company performed compared to their competitors. Also, the client was able to drill down into their performance gaps to identify areas of improvement. The client was also able to identify the sustainable manufacturing practices adopted by their key competitors to minimize negative environmental impact. Furthermore, this phase of the competitive landscape analysis engagement also enabled the client to monitor their competitors’ initiatives in employing new technologies and processes.

As a part of the competitive landscape analysis engagement, the experts also conducted demand management and risk assessment process. This phase of the competitive landscape analysis engagement helped the client to efficiently forecast the demand for their products in advance and minimize supply and demand mismatch. This further helped the client in managing their production process and enhancing efficiency.

Also, the risk assessment process conducted as a part of the competitive landscape analysis engagement helped the client to identify cyber risks in the manufacturing industry and employ cybersecurity initiatives to mitigate them before they impact their business operations. Furthermore, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client was able to estimate the viability of their new products and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategy compared to their competitors.

Results Obtained

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis engagement helped the client to identify gaps in their product and service offerings compared to their competitors. Also, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis engagement, the client was able to keep pace with their competitors’ business strategies and make changes in their business plans when required. Within one year, the client was able to achieve a huge increase in their sales. This subsequently helped the client to enhance process agility and reduce operating cost by 33%.

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competitive product analysis

Steps to Undertake an Effective Competitive Product Analysis

It is vital for every business to evaluate and understand their position in the market. A competitive product analysis will help companies to determine where they stand within the industry and also help businesses understand what needs to be done to outperform the competitors. Paying attention to what competitors are offering is important for everyone, but for product managers, it can be particularly valuable. Not only does competitive product analysis illustrate a product’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to its peers in the market, but it also provides a better idea on how to sell and position it. In this blog, experts at Infiniti Research discusses the key steps involved in effective competitive product analysis.

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How to do a competitive product analysis?

Competitive product analysisIdentify competitors

Before undertaking a competitive product analysis, businesses must have a thorough understanding of who their key competitors in the market are. Direct competitors are those who are selling similar products and share the same target market. Increased emphasis should be laid on understanding the market strategies of these companies and what can be done differently to gain more market share than these companies.

Undertake competitor research

Once the direct competitors are listed out, the next step is to start the competitor research. The best way to do this is through a professional market research study for each competitor. It helps companies to gain a better understanding of similar businesses in the industry and their strategies. Thereby, they can better market their company and product as the optimal choice for consumers.

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Gather and analyze product information

The next step in a competitive product analysis is to gather comprehensive detail regarding the competitor brands in the market. This can primarily be done by reading their sales brochures, browsing their website and, going through their annual reports if available. These sources can provide a plethora of useful data such as how much the other businesses are pricing their products, how well they’re performing, and where the business stands against the competitors in the market.

Develop competitive strategy

The final step of competitive product analysis is to use the data collected to create an effective competitive strategy. The strategy should outline what sets the business apart from others in the market and what must be done in order to market the brand as a better consumer option than other products available. The competitive product analysis of the competitor must also be able to identify the competitor’s marketing strategies. This will help businesses enhance their product positioning and marketing strategies.

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Competitive benchmarking

Why Should Companies Benchmark Themselves Against Competitors? A Weekly Round-Up of Popular Articles on Competitive Benchmarking

LONDON: Infiniti Research, a leading competitive intelligence solutions provider, has announced the release of their new storyboard series on how competitive benchmarking solution helps businesses to identify performance gaps and adapt to continually shifting dynamics in the marketplace.

In today’s fluctuating business environment, the challenge lies in establishing baselines, defining best practices, and creating a competitive environment in an organization. Moreover, with the increasing focus on globalization, major companies are pursuing global strategies to boost their competitiveness. However, being unclear about the company’s performance in comparison to that of the key competitors could prove to be risky. Competitive benchmarking solutions allow businesses to assess competitors’ offerings and differentiate their brand from other players in the market.

With over 15 years of experience in serving companies across all industries, Infiniti Research, has helped many organizations achieve success by analyzing their competitors’ key strengths and weaknesses. Below we’ve listed out some of our success stories and have also discussed the key benefits of competitive benchmarking for businesses.

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#1: Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking engagement helped an automotive major establish market presence in Germany

Germany is one strongest country when it comes to high-tech automotive products. But, as major German automakers have already adapted to the radically changing new automotive world, it becomes highly challenging for new automotive players to gain a leading edge in this market. This was the case with one of our clients who was new to the market. Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution helped the client to gain comprehensive insights into the German automotive market and the major players in the industry. Furthermore, the solution helped them to build a better brand image and differentiate their service offerings. As a result, the client achieved a significant increase in their savings and was able to establish their market presence in the Germany. To gain more insights, read the complete story here.

Infiniti’s Competitive Benchmarking Solution Assists an Automotive Company Establish Market Presence in Germany

#2: Infiniti’s Competitive Benchmarking Engagement to Uncover New Market Opportunities for a Food Company

The food industry is rapidly evolving. Apart from staying on top of the emerging technologies and innovations, companies in the food industry must also keep a close watch on changing consumer preferences and key competitors. With a large number of food companies entering the market every year, it becomes quite difficult for businesses to monitor their competitors’ moves and stay updated on changing customer needs. But, a competitive benchmarking solution can help companies deal with these issues efficiently. This success story explains how competitive benchmarking solution helped a food company facing similar predicaments. Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution helped them to develop a standardized set of processes and marketing metrics to enhance their product offerings and improve profit margins. Want to more about the approach undertaken by the experts at Infiniti Research to help the client achieve these results? Read the complete success story here.

Competitive Benchmarking Analysis for a Food and Beverage Firm – An Infiniti Research Success Story

#3: Leveraging competitive benchmarking solution to improve quality care and patient satisfaction for a healthcare firm

With US healthcare companies moving from volume-based to value-based model, care delivery and patient centricity are becoming mainstream in the healthcare industry. Also, in the healthcare industry, relentless focus in being given to offering quality services and ensuring patient-care. In this context, healthcare companies realize the importance of leveraging competitive benchmarking solution. Wondering how competitive benchmarking solution can help healthcare companies improve efficiency, quality of care, and patient satisfaction? It is clearly evident in one of our success stories. Read the complete story below to know the other benefits of leveraging competitive benchmarking solution for healthcare companies.

Fostering a Competitive Culture Using Competitive Benchmarking Analysis – A Case Study on the US Healthcare Industry

#4: Leveraging Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking engagement to enhance agility and efficiency in the supply chain process

Supply chain benchmarking is a pre-requisite for businesses, especially in the case of logistics companies. Also, supply chain operations within an organization should be constantly reviewed to identify areas of improvement. Are you facing any difficulties in doing so? If yes, Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution solutions can help as it helped one of the logistics companies. They wanted to optimize and standardize their existing supply chain process. By doing a competitive landscape analysis, the experts helped the client to implement efficient business plans to ensure seamless movement of goods and timely delivery. To gain more insights, read the complete success story here.

Infiniti’s Competitive Benchmarking Assists a Leading Reverse Logistics Company Establish Market Presence

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#5: Enhancing service offerings for a network services provider in Latin America with Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution

With technological advancements and innovations, it becomes highly challenging for companies in the telecom industry to offer reliable services to the customer base. With tough competition in the Latin American market, a network service provider was facing difficulties in promoting their service offerings. Also, the company’s inability to keep up with the key competitors in the market turned out to be risky. This potentially affected the financial capital of the company. But, with our competitive benchmarking solution, they were able to recover from the lost sales and enhance ROI. Interested to know the approach undertaken by our experts to help the client? Read the complete story here for detailed insights.

Competitive Benchmarking Enables a Leading Network Services Provider to Enhance their Service Offerings in the Latin American Market

#6:  What are the steps in a competitive benchmarking process?

To sustain themselves in a competitive business environment, companies continually need to compare their performance with their peers and adopt strategies to stay ahead of competitors. Nowadays, with multiple solutions available for competitive benchmarking analysis, companies often become confused about where to start. However, it’ really imperative for companies to follow a standardized procedure to benchmark their operations against competitors. This article from Infiniti Research discusses the five critical steps in a competitive benchmarking process.

Five Critical Steps in Competitive Benchmarking

#7: How Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking engagement helped a telecom company to prioritize performance gaps and enhance profit margins

With the rising competition in the telecommunication industry, a leading player based out of the United States encountered difficulties in analyzing their competitors and capitalizing on new opportunities. Therefore, to outpace the growing competition, the telecom company approached Infiniti Research. With our approach, the client was able to analyze their key competitors and execute processes to surpass the competition. Also, by leveraging our competitive benchmarking engagement, they were able to gain a leading edge in the US telecom market and enhance profit margins. Want to gain more insights? Read our complete story here.

Analyzing the Competitors for a Telecommunication Industry with the Help of a Competitive Benchmarking– A Case Study by Infiniti Research

#8: How competitive benchmarking helps companies in the steel industry?

With the steel market getting intensively competitive with each passing day, it becomes vital for companies in the steel industry to improve cost competitiveness in the market. However, by incorporating competitive benchmarking solution, steel companies can overcome cost competitiveness. This article from Infiniti Research highlights how competitive benchmarking help steel companies focus on resource utilization, reduce wastages, and overcome cost competitiveness. Read the complete article here.

How can Benchmarking Help Improve Cost Competitiveness in the Steel Market?

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Competitive landscape analysis

Realizing Savings of 23% for a Financial Services Provider – Infiniti’s Competitive Landscape Analysis

The financial services industry in the US is poised to experience unprecedented changes as it moves towards digitalization. The digitalization of financial services along with adoption of cloud computing, smart devices, and data accessibility have steered the financial service industry to the brink of disruption. And, as the challenges in the financial services industry continue to escalate, it becomes imperative for companies in the financial services industry to evaluate and improve their services to keep up with the fast pace of changes in the industry. Moreover, with the entry of new players in the industry, the domestic markets have become saturated. As a result, financial service providers are, therefore, turning their attention to international markets to increase their market shares, revenues, and profits. To avoid being left behind, it becomes imperative for companies to leverage competitive landscape analysis solutions.

Failure to track potential risks can be a major threat to growing businesses. Request for a FREE brochure to learn more about our services portfolio and importance of our competitive landscape analysis engagement for tracking threats and opportunities in the market.

Business Challenge

The client is a renowned financial service provider based out of the United States. The company was established in 1989. With many financial service providers vying for a pole position in the US market, the client approached Infiniti Research to uncover new market opportunities and analyze the competitive landscape in international markets. The client wanted to evaluate the competitive landscape in Brazil, China, Russia, and South Africa, featuring leading player profiles and their main service offerings. Furthermore, our client sought to understand the market size and determine growth opportunity in each country.

Other challenges faced by the client were:

  • With a number of competing financial service providers offering the same services, the client was facing difficulties in understanding the competitive landscape. With the aid of Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to gain deep insights into their competitors’ service offerings to evaluate their position in the target market.
  • As the client was looking to expand their operations across Brazil, China, Russia, and South Africa regions, they wanted to understand the requirements and the demands of the people in those regions to serve them better. With Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis solution, they also wanted to understand the service offerings and pricing strategies of key competitors in the target countries.
  • In today’s customer-oriented business world, the client realized the need to differentiate their business from other major players in the market. With the aid of competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to keep tabs on the competition and enhance business outcomes.
  • By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering competitive landscape analysis, the client wanted to gather enough data about the international markets and required recommendations from the experts to mitigate barriers to entry in foreign markets.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle the above-mentioned challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research leverage competitive landscape analysis engagement. The competitive landscape analysis engagement followed a 3-phased approach.

  • The initial phase of the competitive landscape analysis approach involved gathering data on competitors’ key service offerings and pricing strategies. Our experts also conducted an analysis of the leading international market players to get an initial sense of most-effective service offerings as well as market drivers and trends.
  • After analyzing the leading players and their service offerings, the next step involved identifying the right business partners for the client and the best route to enter the target markets.
  • The final phase of the competitive landscape analysis engagement involved the creation of a competitive matrix and recording the data gathered. This helped the client to rank themselves compared with their competitors. Also, they were able to analyze the key business areas where they needed to focus more.

Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis solution helped the client to validate their internal perspective for international growth and helped them realize the real potential of select markets. The competitive landscape analysis further helped the client to prioritize the next steps in their international expansion, assign resources, and fine-tune their business strategy.

CaptureAlso, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis engagement, the client was able to better benchmark their market position relative to their competitors and develop strategies to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats. This further helped the client to monitor competitors’ USPs and adjust their strategy to attract new customers. In addition to improving customer experience, with Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis solution, the client was able to outperform our expectations with a 23% increase in revenue within 8 weeks.

Want to find out what your competitors are up to in the international markets? Infiniti’s competitive landscape analysis will help you gain a leading edge in the market. Request a FREE proposal to know how.

What is competitive landscape analysis?

Whether you’re running a start-up or a global company, it’s imperative to beat your competition to better position your business. To do so, you’ll need a strategic business plan and insights about your competitors and industry. This is where a competitive landscape analysis comes into play. Competitive landscape analysis can help your company gain insights into the current industry landscape and forecast plans of your key competitors.


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autonomous vehicles market

Competitive Intelligence Engagement Helps an Automotive Manufacturer Benchmark their Product Portfolio

In today’s fast-paced environment, organizations grow at an enormous rate within the blink of an eye. To analyze the foothold of the company in the market, it becomes indispensable to know the competitors that are showing a remarkable presence in the market. To better understand the leading competitors and their offerings, organizations are relying on competitive intelligence studies. Competitive intelligence helps organizations to analyze the competitive landscape in terms of their product positioning and marketing strategy. It assists businesses in anticipating the potential challenges and face any obstacles hindering their goal. Moreover, competitive intelligence helps businesses gauge the marketplace and identify areas to compete against their counterparts.

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence engagement assists the client to analyze information in predicting competitive activity and future business operations. The engagement also helps the client devise effective marketing strategies and present valuable insights into the market landscape. With the help of such studies, the client can better prepare for the launch of new products, enter a new market, and make sound business decisions.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

A global automotive manufacturer was facing challenges identifying the potential competitors and increasing their shares in the market. The primary objective of the client was to profile the key competitors and their product portfolio across the target regions. The client also wanted to understand the robust challenges that impede their overall growth in the market.

Our Research Methodology

To gain better insights into the competitive landscape, Infiniti’s industry experts conducted a blended approach comprising of telephone-based interviews and discussions, competitor analysis, and SWOT analysis. As a part of the secondary research, our experts also collated information from a wide array of proprietary sources such as company publications, industry forums, and magazines.

Automotive manufacturer

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Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Identify the key countries and verticals posing high level of competition
  • Assess the future acquisition targets
  • Devise robust strategies to increase their market expansion and make informed decisions
  • Identify the key personnel influencing competitor strategy
  • Analyze the level of investment estimated for the current expansion

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a very short period, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence assessment helped the client gain a comprehensive overview of the market, products and stakeholders. In addition, the client also gained actionable insights into product attribute analysis, product forecast, and pricing for key competitors in the automotive manufacturing market.

A must-read competitive intelligence case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to assess the market landscape for the automotive industry.


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Metal Fabrication

What is Competitive Intelligence and How It Benefits Organizations

Organizations often confuse competitive intelligence with competitor analysis. Analyzing the actions of your competitors is one aspect of the competitive intelligence process, but it includes various stakeholders such as customers, regulators, suppliers, and technology amonga2 others. Businesses can initiate their strategic planning processes based on the insights gained from competitive analysis. Often, companies that dominate the market space understand the importance of competitive intelligence and analytics compared to their counterparts who fail to leverage the benefits it offers. Competitive intelligence is the process of monitoring your competitors, understanding their market plans and behavior to devise and formulate better business strategies, empowering you to anticipate and mitigate potential risks and challenges. Organizations should first understand the concept and then try to fit it into their strategic planning process.

Competitive Intelligence – Information Sources

Competitive intelligence is gaining momentum across several industries such as medical device manufacturing, retail and the gaming industry among others as it helps to understand the market and its competitive landscape. Organizations are increasingly leveraging competitive and market intelligence studies to gain insights about their competitors rather an inside view of their rival’s strategy and market approach. The information sources used in a typical competitive intelligence study are press analysis and pricing research among others. Press analysis includes the analysis of publicly available information like financial information, senior management views and opinions, and change in management. Pricing studies or price analysis involves sifting through price lists and catalogs for product and service price information; thereby, using it to benchmark against their own prices.

Look Beyond Competitors

Companies often focus on the external environment, i.e. their competitors, and overlook the other stakeholders. Organizations should listen to their internal stakeholders such as employees and not disregard their ideas and proposals. The employees interact with customers and have an understanding of the consumer trends and market demands. Therefore, it is essential for the organizations to allow employees to participate in new product development. Competitive intelligence is successful when the business takes into account all of its stake holders – internal and external, enabling them to create customer delight and enhance their customer service. Insights from employees and suppliers can help organizations focus on retaining their own customers before focusing on new customer acquisition.

To know more about our competitive intelligence solutions

market opportunity

Market Landscape Assessment Helps a Laboratory Instrument Manufacturer

Small molecules are classic active substances that make up the majority of drugs on the market today and represent nearly two-thirds of the drug-development pipeline. The pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on small molecules drugs to address the growing medical needs of the people. Although the market is slowly moving toward the adoption of large-molecule therapeutics, small-molecule drugs constitute an essential and highly effective component of the bio/pharmaceutical portfolio. Small molecules have several advantages – small amounts of API required, easy to formulate into orally delivered dose forms, and simpler and less expensive clinical trials.

The market for small molecules is witnessing fast-paced growth; however, rising customer expectations, stringent FDA regulations, and the presence of counterfeit products are the prominent factors hindering the growth of the market. Infiniti’s market research experts have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry that helps them provide strategic insights to the client in terms of market analysis and competitive landscape.

The Business Challenge

With the aim to explore future market potential, a laboratory equipment manufacturer based out of the US wanted to understand the growth inhibitors and the symptoms of these challenges as faced by the customers regarding current offerings within the pharmaceutical small molecule market. Understanding the challenges will help the client make informed decisions to drive next generation of products.

Our Research Methodology

Our experienced team of market assessment experts carried out semi-structured telephonic interviews with laboratory managers, lab analysts, and scientists followed by data analysis and insight development. Also, to derive better insights into the market landscape, our team of analysts developed a robust questionnaire to cover the key research areas and collated the information from external sources including company publications, case studies, journals/magazines, news aggregators, and industry forums.

Want to learn more about Infiniti’s research methodology?


Our Solutions Helped the Client:

  • Obtain up-to-date information based on the voice of the customer
  • Identify the target respondents and develop a comprehensive database
  • Get a detailed understanding on the upcoming technology offerings

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

Infiniti’s market assessment team analyzed the overall market landscape including customers, key competitors, their products, regulatory timelines, and technologies employed. These valuable insights helped the client make strategic business decisions and benefit in terms of the revenue impact and analytics turnaround time.

Some of the key points appreciated by our clients

  • Dedicated Market Assessment. A centralized platform for the collection, storing, processing, reporting, and dissemination of information with the specific purpose of assisting the decision-making process and developing actionable insights. This portal includes comprehensive information on quantitative and qualitative aspects on target markets, competitors and end-users.
  • Collaborative Learning. We leveraged the experience of our healthcare team and our technical capabilities to enable report-sharing and other collaborative features appreciated by client teams.
  • Interactive Dashboard. Using our portal-based solution for healthcare professionals, we took a design-first approach to problem-solving and helped break through previously held assertions.
  • Value for Money. Infiniti’s dedicated client management team customizes reports to suit business requirements and offers the best insights for every dollar spent.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking for effective solutions in the pharmaceutical sector


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Virtual Gaming Goods to Enrich Gamers’ Experience and Create Avenues for Innovation

The recent competitive intelligence study by Infiniti Research on virtual gaming goods provides a comprehensive breakdown of the players who sell and buy their game accounts and a complete overview of the global gaming virtual goods market for the Americas, APAC, and the European regions.

Transforming the gaming market with virtual gaming

The advent of mobile gaming and emerging VR technologies is revolutionizing the gaming market. The availability of various gaming platforms and influx of gaming app developers is fueling the adoption of new devices in the market. Leading companies are selling virtual goods for services in social networking, online games, and other websites to trap the growth opportunities of these rapidly growing markets. Virtual goods are non-physical objects that are exchanged on the Internet represented by animations or three-dimensional objects, pictures, social networking sites, and games. Large corporations are designing business models for online engagement to reach a larger group of end-users and remain competitive in the market. It is becoming imperative to adopt the latest trends and analyze the market landscape to generate higher revenues. The competitive intelligence study by Infiniti on virtual gaming goods examines the market chain analysis for participants who buy and sell their game accounts and players who trade in gold, which is virtual money in the game.

Social media networking and gaming are integrating at a fast pace and creating a phenomenon in the global market. Companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google are investing in the development of these games to redesign the mobile gaming landscape. Facebook’s introduction of the universal virtual currency changed the online and VR gaming market overnight. Games such as Minecraft and Candy Crush are fueling the growth and development of social gaming platforms and demand for virtual gaming tools.

Providing a 360° video experience

360° video and play platforms are the newest trends emerging in the virtual games market. The advancement of technology and the rising requirement for lifelike gaming experience is paving the 360° videos in the market. The introduction of innovative platforms like Oculus Rift, Morpheus, and Vive is boosting the popularity of these videos among gamers. Consumers can pan and rotate the scene to get a 360° view of the video, which enhances the gaming experience and creates an uncanny illusion of the real world.


Depth-sensing camera for VR headsets

Depth-sensing is a special camera that contains sensors, which scan objects in 3D and creates a new dimension for photography, gaming, buying and selling, and several other applications. These new innovative devices provide a better facial, object, and gesture recognition and help determine the distance of the object. Several mobile companies are installing these cameras in their smartphones to increase the adoption of the virtual games and offer maximum satisfaction to the consumers.

Solutions and recommendations

The competitive intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape of the gaming virtual goods market for a leading online game developer and operator.  Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Analyze the present scenario of the global gaming virtual goods market
  • Offer a detailed assessment covering various influential factors for latest market trends, market growth, and payment channel analysis
  • Provide insights and a complete overview of the current and future market scenario in the target countries
  • Assess the competitors’ business overview, market share and size, their business model, and goods trading volume (per day/week)
  • Provide a complete classification of the segmentation in the gaming virtual goods market, along with forecast, market size, and industry chain analysis

Read our detailed case study on how we helped a leading client to assess the competitive of the global gaming virtual goods market

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Market Assessment Study on the Two-way Professional Commercial Radio (PCR) Market

The clear advantages of digital radio over analog is likely to drive widespread adoption of professional two-way digital radio solutions in the coming years.

Over the years, two-way radio communication has evolved significantly from analog to digital. With an increasing demand for inexpensive and reliable mobile radio communication systems, the two-way professional commercial radio (PCR) market has witnessed extraordinary growth. Although, the PCR offers robust benefits over analog, the market is subjected to several challenges. Radio communication is associated with poor coverage; the frequency of the radio keeps fluctuating which considerably increases the chances of missing out discrete information. Moreover, the PCR proves to be ineffective if the background is noisy and the batteries used in the product have a very short lifespan. With years of experience in market research, our market assessment experts at Infiniti offer strategic insights into the market landscape in terms of market landscape, growth drivers, and potential opportunities in the PCR market.

The Business Challenge

A telecommunication provider based out of the US was facing challenges understanding the overall business size, competitive landscape, and business opportunity for the professional commercial two-way radio (PCR) in Australia and New Zealand. The client also wanted to assess the market landscape and market size of broadband PTT in the target regions.

Our Research Methodology

To obtain relevant market information and develop insights, our industry experts carried out exhaustive primary research comprising in-depth interviews and discussions with leading industry experts, business executives, and market stakeholders in the PCR market. As a part of the secondary research, we collated information from proprietary and open sources database such as annual reports, media platforms, news aggregators, industry forums, and company presentations.

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Our Solution Helped the Client:

  • Assess the PCR market in each country
  • Identify the key leading stakeholders in the market
  • Map potential market opportunities and make informed decisions
  • Identify the strategy to increase market shares in the target verticals/states

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

After a comprehensive analysis, our client gained actionable insights into the market size, segmentation, adoption rates and penetration levels of the major states within Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, the client was able to assess and identify five major competitors and their product offerings in the market. Our team of market assessment experts were able to draw an outline into the market scenario and make recommendations to the client.

A must-read market assessment study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to understand the market size, competitive landscape and technology roadmap for the PCR market.


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