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Competitive Battle Cards: How a Smart Lighting Company Closed More Deals and Increased Profits by 32%

Understanding the competitive landscape and competitors’ business priorities can help organizations make better decisions regarding their marketing approach and the strategies they need to gain an edge. This is where competitive battle cards can help businesses. Competitive battle cards serve several purposes enabling businesses to gain granular insights on their competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and product development approaches.

What are competitive battle cards?

Competitive battle cards are research-based reference documents that help sales teams educate customers about their product offerings and explain why they should choose their products over their competitor’s product offerings.

But creating well-articulated competitive battle cards is not as easy as one would perceive. Figuring out what information to include in a competitive battlecard template is often the most challenging part for a sales leader. Hence, the creation of competitive battle cards requires businesses to understand the market landscape, the competitive environment, and most importantly, their customers.

Including the right information about your marketplace, competitors’ strategies, and product offerings in your competitive battlecard template can help you target the right prospects to increase sales. Get in touch with our market research experts to learn how competitive intelligence insights can help unearth a whole new world of opportunities for your business.

About the Client

The client is a well-known manufacturer of smart lighting and home automation systems. Based out of Netherlands, the company is known for its wide range of product offerings that cover different segments, including personal care, household appliances, smart lighting, and other consumer electronics products.

Business Challenge

For several decades, the client had used ground-breaking technological expertise within various electronics goods segments to outrank its competitors and gain an edge by developing innovative systems to address the ever-increasing customer needs. But with the competition increasing rapidly and leading businesses entering the smart lighting segment, the client found itself in troubled waters. The client wanted to leverage competitive intelligence to head off its competitors and reclaim its market position as a smart lighting solutions provider backed by excellent customer service and product innovation.

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Our Approach

To find answers to many questions they had, the client wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of the key competitor’s organizational structure,  business strategies, and the overall business environment. By using competitive intelligence, the client also wanted to understand their competitor’s sales strategy, sales team structure, and inshore promoters.

Our competitive intelligence experts adopted a comprehensive three-phased approach to offer a holistic view of their competitor’s organizational structure, business strategies, and product offerings, along with information on the margins, terms, and structures offered to their retail partners.

Competitive Intelligence Insights

Conducting in-depth market research and leveraging competitive intelligence aided the client in understanding the competitive dynamics and the market situation in general. Competitive intelligence insights gained from analyzing competitors’ spec sheets, landing pages, and webinars also revealed their competitor’s strategies, company background, aiding the creation of competitive battle cards.

Request for more information to find out more about our competitive intelligence solutions.

Product Innovation Intelligence

Conducting interviews and analyzing the inputs received from industry experts and insiders helped us understand the client’s opportunities and challenges. This impartial and independent analysis provided the shareholders with all the answers they needed to their questions on product innovation and product design and development.

Creation of Competitive Battlecards

The  creation of competitive battle cards aided their sales team could counter the competitor’s strengths, highlight the weaknesses and develop killer statements to close more deals and gain an edge in the market.


The insights and recommendations offered by our experts enabled the smart lighting manufacturer to understand the factors that led to their offers being rejected by prospects and what it would take to get them back on board. We also provided them with competitive battle cards to efficiently analyze their competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and sales strategies.

The use of competitive battle cards enabled them to:

  • Improve customer response rates and win more competitive deals
  • Increase product demand and sales by 32%
  • Reclaim their market position within a short span

Decades of experience in competitive intelligence enable us to create impactful competitive battle cards to help sales teams across industries focus on what they do best, i.e., win more customers. To gain comprehensive insights into the benefits of creating a competitive battlecard template, request a free brochure.

Creating competitive battle cards using competitive intelligence: What sets us apart?

Accurate information and custom solutions: Achieve measurable results with competitive insights and real-time data on market trends, competitor’s strategies, and key drivers.

Strategic planning and product innovation support: Collaborating with us ensures strategic planning and support through product design, development, and launch.

Flexible engagement plans: Our flexible engagement plans and pricing policies help our clients develop transformative business plans that help them adapt now and in the future.

qualitative vs quantitative research

Overcoming the Impact of COVID-19 and Maintaining a Strategic Edge with Competitive Intelligence Solutions for a Clean Energy Company

Energy Sector Overview

In recent years, the energy sector has transformed with the advent of renewed government policies, higher investment and focus on renewable energy, and significant technological advancements. As consumers become increasingly conscious of carbon footprints, the harmful impact of fossil fuels, and renewable energy alternatives, clean energy companies are growing exponentially. Constant innovation in the field has also led to major growth and various niche markets within the industry.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic, changing oil prices, fluctuating costs in the renewable energy sector, and rising competition have posed various challenges for clean energy companies. Therefore, clean energy market players leverage competitive intelligence solutions to understand their market, gain insight into changing dynamics, analyze consumers’ needs, and stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Aiming to enter the post-COVID era with a strategic advantage and sustainable solutions? Request a free proposal to leverage Infiniti’s expertise in overcoming industry challenges, prepare for industry trends, and understand competitors’ initiatives.

Business Challenges

The client, a leading clean energy company, based out of Europe, sought to capitalize on the upcoming growth market and establish itself as an industry leader. However, the declining costs and supportive government policies led to a significant upsurge in competition, and the market became increasingly crowded. Additionally, all new market-driven projects were facing substantial disruptions. The impact of COVID-19 on oil prices led to a steady lowered price, causing investors and policy-makers to delay new supportive policies in the EU. The client also struggled to establish a pricing benchmark and decide on the ideal price points to offer their products and services. Therefore, the client wanted to understand the changes in their market, gain further insight into current and upcoming regulations, develop improved pricing strategies, and maintain a competitive edge. To do so, the clean energy company chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering competitive intelligence solutions.

The growing clean energy sector has become increasingly competitive, and maintaining a strategic advantage is imperative to success. Request more information to learn how Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions enable growth and an improved market position.

Our Integrated Competitive Intelligence Approach

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence experts developed a comprehensive approach comprising four phases to help clean energy companies. The engagement included the following:

Competitive Intelligence + Clean Energy Company
  • A competitive intelligence study assesses potential and current competitors’ strategies, upcoming initiatives, market position, and offerings in their market.
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis to analyze industry leaders’ organizational structure, business plans, and approaches to changing market dynamics.
  • A competitive pricing solution to determine the ideal price points, evaluate competitors’ pricing strategies and develop new prices as per consumers’ preferences.
  • Market scanning and monitoring analysis to track upcoming trends, regulatory changes, and industry developments and analyze the impact of COVID on the clean energy market.

Business Impact of the Competitive Intelligence Engagement

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution provided the clean energy company with the insights required to adapt to the changing market dynamics, gain a data-driven understanding of their market, and maintain a significant strategic advantage in the market. The engagement also helped the clean energy company analyze their competitors’ offerings, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and develop improved strategies to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, by studying industry leaders’ approaches and organizational structure, the company identified its shortcomings and made necessary changes to keep pace with the competition. The competitive intelligence engagement also helped the clean energy company prepare their price points with other market players and develop improved pricing strategies. Further, Infiniti’s market scanning and monitoring analysis enabled well-informed decisions regarding upcoming regulatory changes, actionable strategies to tackle the implications of COVID-19 and stay abreast of regulatory changes.

Speak with our industry experts to learn how Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions can help clean energy companies prepare for the new normal and propel their growth within the market. 

Competitive Intelligence + FnB Industry

Experts Discuss Making Unparalleled Strategic Decisions in the Food and Beverage Industry with Competitive Intelligence Solutions

The food and beverage industry witnessed a significant decline in growth rate and revenue through 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers’ preferences shifted toward home-cooked meals while dining out and ordering in reduced significantly. As the industry attempts to recover from the pandemic’s business implications, there has also been a significant shift in consumers’ needs and preferences, market trends, and the competitive environment within the industry. These changes have given rise to the growing demand for competitive intelligence in the food and beverage industry.

Competitive Intelligence + FnB Industry

Competitive intelligence solutions include identifying, researching, analyzing, and interpreting relevant data regarding the competitive environment, industry benchmarks, and competitors’ strategies. Companies analyzing competitor intelligence can also successfully:

  • Predict future market trends
  • Differentiate offerings from competitors’ by identifying their upcoming initiatives
  • Improve ROI
  • Make significant operational and logistical changes,
  • Improve their marketing and pricing strategies,
  • Maintain an unparalleled strategic edge.

To help food and beverage companies better understand competitive intelligence in their market, Infiniti’s experts have detailed the importance and significant benefits in this article.

Competing in a challenging industry and unsure of how your business can stand out? Request a free proposal to leverage our competitive intelligence solutions and gain an unparalleled strategic edge in your industry.

Why is Competitive Intelligence Important in the F&B industry?

A highly consumer-centric space, the food and beverage industry often faces dramatic shifts, and industry players struggle to keep pace with these changes. Additionally, being among the most competitive industries globally, companies in this market often grapple with the need to differentiate their offerings, improve customer satisfaction, and stay a step ahead of competitors. Therefore, industry leaders leverage competitive intelligence solutions. These solutions enable data-driven decision making, provide a comprehensive understanding of consumers’ needs, and help companies prepare for current and future trends while keeping track of competitors’ initiatives and strategies.

Competitive Intelligence + FnB Industry

The Benefits of Competitive Intelligence in the F&B Industry

While there are various operational, economic, and functional benefits of competitor intelligence insights in the food and beverage industry, evaluating the most significant benefits is crucial to capitalize on these solutions successfully. Infiniti’s experts identified the following three significant benefits of competitive intelligence solutions in the F&B industry.

Competitive Intelligence + FnB Industry

Predict and Prepare for Competitors’ Initiatives

Identifying, analyzing, and understanding competitors’ initiatives can provide companies with an incomparable strategic advantage. In a competitive market, developing novel offerings and constant innovation are imperative to succeed. To keep pace with the competition, industry and competitor intelligence experts advise tracking competitors’ strategies, developing new and improved product development and marketing initiatives before other industry players, and maintaining a distinctive strategic advantage within the industry.

With Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions, businesses can gain in-depth, data-driven insights into new offerings entering the market, strategize to differentiate their offerings, and reduces the probability of launching clashing or extremely competitive offerings.

The food and beverage industry is extremely challenging and fast-paced, and competitive advantage is imperative. Request more information to learn how Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions can help your business acquire an edge.

Keep Pace with Changing Industry Developments

A fast-paced, consumer-centric industry witnesses a series of trends, challenges, growth drivers, and risks. Keeping track of these various market dynamics is necessary for businesses attempting to stay ahead of the curve and their competitors. Competitor intelligence insights and data are highly influenced by changing dynamics in the surrounding market, and crucial business decisions can be severely impacted if market trends and challenges are not appropriately addressed.

Additionally, the food and beverage industry is vast and witnesses significant changes over short periods due to consumers’ changing preferences. Therefore, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions include insight into end-consumers’ demands, competitors’ offerings, and significant industry developments. These insights also enable efficient strategizing for future trends, capitalizing on upcoming growth drivers, and mitigating potential market risks.

Enhance Speed-to-Market and Decision-Making

The sooner a company launches a new offering, the lower the chances of conflicting competition in the market. Researching, developing, testing, and launching a new offering requires significant investments, and the process can often fail if competitors’ offerings enter the market first. Various trends enter and exit the food and beverage market within short periods, making it increasingly necessary to improve speed-to-market times. To enhance speed-to-market, companies require a comprehensive understanding of the factors impacting the market, similar offerings and competitors in the market, and necessary improvements.

Additionally, the insights enable well-informed decision-making and improved ROI for companies. With reduced product launch failure risks, the company can efficiently invest in its new offerings and determine significant revenue expectations. Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions help companies profile their company, identify weaknesses or gaps and strategize to mitigate the challenges caused by them. Our solutions also help address potential factors impacting the launch or development of a new offering and substantially reduce the probability of failure.

Speak with our industry experts to learn how Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions can help your business stay a step ahead of the curve, enhance speed-to-market, and significantly improve decision-making.

Company Profiling + Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

Appraising the Value of Company Profiling in the Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Market

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Market Overview

Rapid urbanization, the need for improved infrastructure, and the transportation industry’s growth have caused a significant upsurge in demand for heavy construction equipment. Heavy equipment manufacturing market players produce heavy machinery for end-users in various sectors, including agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, and waste management. As commercial, residential, and industrial construction activities increase, the market has witnessed significant growth. However, a large and highly demanded market requires streamlined operations, inter-departmental cohesion, and an unparalleled organizational structure.

This trend has led to an increasing need for company profiling in the heavy equipment manufacturing market. Many market players are leveraging company profiling solutions from renowned research firms to understand their organization’s structure, identify problem points, maintain a healthy relationship within departments, and their company’s position in the market.

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Client Profile

The client is a reputed European heavy equipment manufacturer specializing in producing machinery for construction, mining, and forestry.

Business Challenges

The sudden and steady growth of the heavy equipment manufacturing market made it challenging for the client to keep pace with competitors and market changes. To develop robust strategies, gain a comprehensive understanding of the market, and identify and understand competitors’ strategies, the manufacturer required detailed insights into its strengths, weaknesses, and market position. Additionally, the heavy equipment manufacturer required relevant data regarding their end-consumers’ needs and information regarding its partners’ credibility. Therefore, the client chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering company profiling solutions.

The heavy equipment manufacturing market has evolved substantially in recent years. To learn how these changes will impact your business and how to stay prepared, request more information.

Our Approach

Infiniti’s company profiling experts developed a three-phased approach to assist the heavy equipment manufacturer in gaining an improved understanding of its market, competitors, and internal organizational structure.

Company Profiling + Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
  • Our experts conducted a market analysis to study the projected and current growth, trends, and market structure in the first phase, to help the company strategize for changing market dynamics.
  • The second phase included a competitive benchmarking study to help the client identify and understand competitors’ successful strategies and comparatively understand their market position.
  • For the third phase, our experts conducted a company profiling analysis to identify internal problems, understand their organizational structure, gain actionable insights on end-consumers, and evaluate the credibility of its strategic partnerships and associations.

Business Outcomes

Infiniti’s company profiling solution helped the heavy equipment manufacturer identify and develop robust strategies to prepare for the market’s current and upcoming growth. With actionable insights from our experts, the manufacturer understood their competitors’ strategies and adapted their approach to compete and succeed in the challenging market. The market analysis helped the client identify upcoming market dynamics, take preemptive initiatives to address them, and stay a step ahead of market players and key competitors. Additionally, the detailed company profiling analysis helped the client identify and address their problem points, establish improved inter-departmental relations, improve their partnerships, and develop enhanced plans to assist their end-consumers. With the company profiling solution’s changes, the heavy equipment manufacturer prepared for all upcoming market changes identified and adopted unparalleled business strategies, and significantly improved their internal organizational structure, consequently establishing themselves as industry leaders in the European market.

Infiniti’s company profiling solutions help businesses in the heavy equipment manufacturing market prepare for upcoming changes, keep abreast of competitors, and overcome internal organizational challenges. Speak with our industry experts to leverage our solutions and help your company grow.

Competitive Pricing + Packaged Food Industry

Assessing the Significance of Competitive Pricing in the Packaged Food Industry During COVID-19

Packaged Foods Industry Overview

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food and beverage industry has witnessed many challenges. The sudden decline in dining out and increasing focus on home-cooked meals caused a major rift in the growing food services market but propelled growth in the packaged foods industry. Consumers’ demand for convenient, hygienic, cleaned, and packaged food surged significantly over the past year. However, sudden growth led to more food and beverage industry players entering the packaged foods industry. Rising competition, renewed hygiene protocols, and consumers’ demands regarding cleanliness have made it challenging for companies to keep pace with the market and maintain competitive pricing, particularly during a highly impactful pandemic.

The most prevalent challenge in the packaged foods industry has been providing competitive pricing while logistical and raw material costs increase significantly due to the business implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rising competition has made it more challenging, and competitive pricing strategies have become necessary for packaged foods industry players. Many industry leaders leverage competitive pricing solutions from leading research firms to recover from the pandemic, keep pace with increasing costs, and competitively price their offerings.

The COVID-19 outbreak significantly impacted the food and beverage industry. To overcome the pandemic’s impact, maintain business continuity, and regain substantial profits, request a free proposal.

Business Challenges

The client, a packaged foods manufacturer, based in Northern Europe, noticed that increasing competition and changing prices had caused significant customer attrition. The manufacturer struggled to maintain speed and quality due to high costs and simultaneously match their competitors’ pricing in the growing market. Additionally, since the pandemic, consumers demanded healthier and safer alternatives, and the packaged food industry client’s inability to deliver immediately caused further monetary and market share losses. The client required a comprehensive understanding of their competitors’ pricing and supply chain strategies and ensured that their products met consumers’ changing preferences. Therefore, the packaged food manufacturer sought to leverage Infiniti’s competitive pricing solutions.

Through the competitive pricing engagement, the client also wanted to:

  • Understand competitors’ pricing strategies
  • Identify unnecessary costs and mitigate losses
  • Develop a successful competitive pricing strategy
  • Evaluate and meet consumers’ needs with improved offerings

Request more information to learn how Infiniti’s competitive pricing solutions helped packaged food industry players increase their customer retention rate and overcome the implications of the pandemic.

Our Competitive Pricing Approach

Infiniti’s experts developed a comprehensive competitive pricing engagement to address all the packaged food industry client’s pain points and challenges and help them enter the post-COVID era with a strong foothold in the market. The approach included the following three processes:

  • Our experts conducted a pricing analysis to assess consumers’ reactions to various price points in the market and evaluate competitors’ prices for similar offerings. The competitive pricing analysis helped the client gain insight into competitors’ pricing strategies and consumers’ preferences in the packaged foods industry.
  • A competitive benchmarking helped the client gain insights into their key competitors’ and industry leaders’ supply chain strategies and understand how they controlled costs, maintained quality, and speed while offering consumers’ favorable prices. The client also understood how to streamline their supply chain further and significantly reduce costs.
  • Due to significant market changes since the pandemic started, the client needed to revamp its offerings to meet consumers’ demands. Therefore, Infiniti’s experts conducted product research and helped the client understand how their new offerings would perform in the market. This research included providing data regarding consumers’ feedback, similar offerings in the market, and the potential success or failure of a particular product.

Business Outcomes

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive pricing solution, the packaged food industry client overcame the significant challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and renewed their strategies and offerings to meet consumers’ expectations. The pricing analysis helped the manufacturer identify consumers’ preferred price points, and understand their competitors’ pricing strategies, consequently enabling well-informed competitive pricing within the preferred range.

The insights from the competitive benchmarking study enabled significant supply chain improvements for the packaged food industry player. They renewed their supply chain strategies, identified better suppliers, increased transparency within the supply chain, and improved quality and speed with their new approach. Additionally, the product research provided relevant data regarding target consumers’ unmet needs and enabled the development of unique offerings in the highly competitive packaged foods industry.

Our competitive pricing experts also used the product research insights to help the client forecast revenue estimates and set competitive prices for their novel offerings. The competitive pricing solution helped the packaged food industry client overcome the implications of COVID-19, streamline their supply chain, significantly reduce costs, develop improved pricing strategies, and introduce offerings that targeted consumers’ unmet needs. Within six months of the engagement, the manufacturer started to regain its market share, improved its price points, increased customer retention, and successfully launched a new set of products that exceeded revenue expectations and received positive consumer feedback.

Staying a step ahead of competitors, evaluating consumers’ needs, and identifying changing market trends is imperative to growth in the food and beverage industry. Speak with our experts to learn how your business can achieve this and champion your sector with our market and competitive intelligence solutions.

qualitative vs quantitative research

Champion Your Industry and Spearhead Progress with Competitive Benchmarking Solutions

Rising competition, changing market dynamics, and the constantly increasing population has made every industry a challenging and competitive space. Previously demanding sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications, have become increasingly competitive, and companies struggle to establish themselves. Staying ahead of the curve, keeping track of competitors’ strategies, identifying and meeting a certain standard – these are necessities in a competitive world.

Tracking competitors’ strategies and keeping abreast of new initiatives in the market is difficult and requires a specific set of skills. Therefore, many industry leaders have turned to research firms to leverage competitive intelligence solutions and gain an unparalleled strategic edge. Competitive intelligence solutions include company profiling, developing competitive pricing strategies, understanding customers’ response to pricing, and competitive benchmarking.

Overcoming industry challenges and staying ahead of competitors requires unparalleled strategies and a comprehensive understanding of your market. To learn how our competitive benchmarking solutions provide in-depth insights into your industry, request a free proposal.

What is Competitive Benchmarking?

Competitive benchmarking involves analyzing a company’s performance as per various metrics and comparing it with key competitors’ performance. This helps businesses and professionals understand their standing in the market, gain insight into competitors’ strategies and market share, and keep abreast of performance gaps or weaknesses within the market. Additionally, with these insights, companies in all industries can identify successful strategies and recent technological advancements used by industry leaders, adopt them, and improve the position of their business in a competitive market.

Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solutions have helped companies overcome various industry challenges, reduce costs, and improve profit margins. Our experts assist businesses in varying industries and help professionals develop data-driven strategic decisions, innovative initiatives, and leading marketing approaches. In this article, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence experts discuss the value of competitive benchmarking in various industries using our recent successes as examples.

Learn how competitive benchmarking can propel your company forward, expand business operations, and overcome potential risks, by speaking to our experts.

Launched a Successful New IoT Platform with Competitive Benchmarking

Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm and created niche markets within various industries, including industrial manufacturing. An industrial manufacturer based in the United States sought to enter the IoT services market, optimize production, and increase customer satisfaction. To ensure this initiative was successful, the manufacturer required a comprehensive understanding of current suppliers in the IoT services market. This included understanding pricing strategies, changing market dynamics, and product offerings. Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking experts developed a four-phased approach to help the industrial manufacturer, including planning, data aggregation, data analysis, and reporting. The insights procured from this helped the manufacturer understand the IoT services market, route investment in profitable segments, and leverage predictive maintenance and planning. Lastly, Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution helped the client launch a cloud-based IoT platform that provided various benefits, including reduced costs and improved visibility into operations.

Reduced Operating Costs and Realized Significant Savings

The automotive industry is highly competitive and requires data-driven decision making. Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking solution helped an automotive manufacturer tackle challenges such as the demand for new technologies, supply chain shortcomings, and financial issues. The competitive benchmarking engagement involved process benchmarking, strategic benchmarking, and performance benchmarking. The insights procured from the varying types of benchmarking helped the automotive manufacturer successfully understood their current market position. With our engagement, the client gained a comprehensive understanding of how industry leaders addressed similar challenges and gained perspective regarding where their business stands in the market. With the insights from our competitive benchmarking engagement, the automotive manufacturer identified and adopted improved business models, reduced operating costs by 20%, and realized $7.8 million.

Improved Operating Margins and Increased Productivity Substantially

A US shipbuilding company sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of key players in their industry, competitors’ strategies, and industry leaders’ decision-making processes. The shipbuilding industry player witnessed a steady decline in productivity, difficulties with cost growth, and high operating margins. With Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking engagement, our experts assisted the client by providing them with in-depth information regarding the market. Our experts conducted in-depth market research, an industry best practice assessment, and a market opportunity analysis during the engagement. With these three phases, the insights procured enabled crucial changes within the shipbuilding company and propelled its growth. Our solution helped the client improve their operating margins by 10%, increase productivity by 31%, understand and replicate efficient cost-cutting strategies, and identify unmet needs in the market.

Identifying and adopting the best strategies for your business can be a highly challenging prospect. Request more information to learn how our competitive benchmarking solutions can tackle these challenges efficiently.

Trend analysis

A Prominent Personal Care Products Brand Leverages Industry Trend Analysis to Keep Pace with Market Innovations and Win Back Lost Market Share

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on profits and operations of industries across the globe, the usually resilient personal care products market is no exception to the impact of the ongoing crisis. During these recessionary times and consequent economic fallout, there will be a pronounced impact on consumer spending. While many personal care products are essential, several others are not, prompting consumers to make alternate choices. Such changes in consumer consumption can have a profound impact on companies operating in the personal care products market with the sharpest market declines witnessed over several decades. An industry trend analysis is crucial to help companies stay ahead of the curve during such unforseen circumstances.

Is your business equipped to combat the impact of COVID-19 on sales and operations? Request a free proposal to learn how our COVID-19 impact & recovery analysis can help.

Personal care industry trends analysis for a global brand

Market under focus: EMEA | Industry: Beauty and wellness | Focus: Personal care products | Duration: 3 weeks

Business challenge

Businesses that take a reactive approach can often get left behind amidst the market competition, and also this also proves to be a significant roadblock in capitalizing on market trends. Our client, a global personal care products manufacturer, was grappling with this challenge. With the personal care products market becoming intensely competitive with numerous market players, the company’s strategies became obsolete, and their market share was plummeting rapidly. The company approached Infiniti Research to help combat this challenge and strategize to build a stronger market foothold. Our industry experts were also tasked with proactively identifying the latest market innovations and trends in the personal care products market through an in-depth market trend analysis. By identifying the gaps in their existing operations and understanding various customer touchpoints, the client also sought to identify new channels to market their products and optimize sales.  

Scope of the engagement

over a span of 12 weeks, experts at Infiniti Research undertook a deep-dive analysis of the personal care products market in EMEA. The engagement covered:

  • Latest market trends and innovations in personal care products
  • Competitor strategies
  • Comprehensive customer intelligence to understand the changing consumer behavior for personal products in EMEA
  • Design innovations and packaging trends in the market

Our Approach

The engagement involved a well-balanced combination of primary and secondary research. Telephonic discussions were undertaken with over 100+ respondents with expertise in the development, sales, marketing, and also customers in the target market for personal care products. The secondary research undertaken by our analysts included comprehensive research materials from company websites, industry news, public database, and a multitude of other structured and unstructured sources.

Experts at Infiniti Research carried out a comprehensive market intelligence assessment and industry trend analysis to help the client understand the latest market trends, selecting the right channel strategy, and analyze in detail the changing consumer behavior. The detailed industry trend analysis highlighted the latest innovations, technologies, processes, and ingredients within different product categories. Through this, the client was able to gather an idea on the changing and challenging current trends in the personal care products market. They were also able to weigh the pros and cons of each of the latest market trends in the personal care products category and choose the right trends to channel their investments. The risk assessment strategy provided enabled them to plan for possible market threats and underlying risks and plan their positioning strategy, pricing, collaborations, and product launches accordingly. The client also identified the right channels for attracting target customers and built optimum social media and online marketing strategies to promote the brand’s products to the desired audience groups.

Infiniti’s competitor intelligence solution allowed the client to gather insights on a region-wise breakup of data on key product portfolios and marketing strategies used by top competitors. This also included exclusive insights on products targeted by competitors based on their customer segmentation strategy and associated pricing strategies.

For more insights into our solutions portfolio for companies in the beauty and wellness market, get in touch with an industry expert.

Business Impact

The industry trend analysis enabled the personal care products brand to monitor innovative technologies, products, and ingredient trends in the EMEA region. The data gathered through the engagement was leveraged to restructure their innovative pipeline, enabling the client to plan and revamp their product launch and pricing strategies. Through the risk assessment by experts at Infiniti Research, the client was able to identify early signs of risks and build concrete action plans to mitigate them. They also identified and invested in a number of strategies to compete with category-killers using the deep-dive insights and market entry strategies provided by our industry experts.

The company invested in an attractive and trending product category based on the recommendations of our industry experts. Within nine months of implementation, the personal care products company became one of the top brands for this product category in the EMEA region. During the next two consecutive quarters, they also recorded a 30% increase in their quarterly profits and a 17% increase in per-unit sales within the first six months, consequently strengthening their market share in the EMEA region.

Want more insights on this engagement with market data and insights on the trends, challenges, opportunities, and competitor analysis in the personal care products market?

Medical devices market

Making Sound Investment and Commercial Decisions in the Volatile Medical Devices Market Using Competitive Intelligence Solution

Medical Devices Market Overview

The medical devices market has grown promisingly over the last five years and our experts predict that it will continue to move forward at a substantial pace in the years to come. Growing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising geriatric population, and growing surgical procedures are driving the medical devices market growth. Besides, technological advancements and growing demand for innovative therapies are other factors propelling the growth of the medical devices market. However, the rising costs of medical devices and evolving healthcare regulations are expected to restrain the medical devices industry growth. To counter these rising challenges, major medical device market players are in the need to reduce costs and enhance quality, while maintaining profitability.

Performing a competitive intelligence study is crucial for companies in the medical devices market to gain a competitive advantage. Request a FREE proposal here.

Business Challenges

The client, a medical device services provider in Canada, that offered advanced CT scanners and diagnostic ECG machinery faced growing threats from competitors in both product development and go-to-market activities. Also, the medical devices market client faced difficulties in anticipating competitors’ activities, understanding past market disruptions, and planning for future market opportunities and disruptions. Besides, the medical devices market client was unable to assess the effectiveness of competitors market positioning.

Moreover, rapid technological advancements and low barriers to entry made it easier for new medical devices companies to enter the Canadian market. As a result, the client witnessed a huge decline in its revenue. The medical devices market client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution.

For over 15 years, we have specialized in offering actionable market insights backed by reliable data to help companies gain a competitive advantage in the market. Contact us to leverage our competitive intelligence solution.

Our Integrated Approach

With competitive intelligence study, the experts at Infiniti Research were able to uncover the key strategies of relevant competitors, pricing tactics, relevant strategic partnerships, product sales strategy, and product development challenges.

Besides, a company profiling and analysis was conducted to gather comprehensive insights into the top medical equipment companies in Canada. Factors such as competitors’ investments, business models, end-customers, and strengths and weaknesses were taken into consideration.

Also, by conducting customer intelligence study, we provided actionable insights to the client relating to the key criteria that drove medical devices vendor selection, how customers viewed various vendors and, other components of their purchase decisions.

Results Obtained

With Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the medical devices market client acquired a baseline understanding of the competitive landscape and established an ongoing intelligence operation affording greater strategic agility in the face of rapid innovation.

Also, they were able to identify technologies and processes leveraged by their competitors to tackle security and operational risks in the industry. Our experts also helped the client to identify the top medical devices outsourcing companies to help them at the time of immediate requirements. The medical devices company was able to meet their immediate priorities and attain faster time to market. This helped them to reduce operational cost by 23%.

Besides, the medical devices market client was able to understand their competitors’ investment into R&D and new technologies. By gathering comprehensive insights into the market and their competitors’ strategies, they were able to revamp their processes and efficiently tackle the industry challenges. Competitive intelligence, combined with our industry insights, positioned the medical devices market client to make more fully informed investment and commercial decisions in a fast-moving market.

Want to know how our competitive intelligence solution can help you streamline your business activities and gain a leading-edge? Request more info and our experts will get in touch with you with relevant insights.

market opportunity

Increasing Sales by 43% for a Frozen Food Packaging Company Using Competitor Analysis Solution

Competitor Analysis for Frozen Food Packaging Company

With technological progression and market advancements, the frozen food packaging industry continues to evolve. Moreover, the trends in packaging such as the introduction of sustainable packaging practices, convenient on-the-go packaging, clean labels, and healthy choices have gradually increased the number of new entrants into the European frozen food packaging market. This has made it vital for existing players in the European frozen food packaging market to keep track of their competitors’ plan and actions and refine their existing business models to achieve maximum profitability. Therefore, companies are partnering with firms like Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution.

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Business Challenge

The client is a frozen food packaging company based out of Europe. The entry of new players drastically increased the competition in the European frozen food packaging market. The client, therefore, was facing difficulties in competing with other major players, in terms of cost, quality, and capabilities in providing innovative packaging offerings for customers. Moreover, they were losing customers and market share to their competitors due to their inability to competitively price their products. This compelled them to reduce the price for their products, which subsequently resulted in a loss in profit margin by 7%.

Therefore, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution. By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to explore ways to stay competitive in the market by distinguishing market disruptions, analyzing competitors, and developing strategic business plans.

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client also wanted to tackle several other market challenges:

  • With the increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging materials in Europe, the client was facing difficulties in adapting to the evolving market demands. With this, they were losing market share to their competitors who had already adopted environmental-friendly packaging strategies. Therefore, with Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to analyze their competitors’ offerings in direct comparison to theirs and focus on enhancing their business processes.
  • The client noted that their competitors have already leveraged automation solutions in their business operations. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to identify the technologies leveraged by their competitors. By doing so, they also wanted to adapt to the evolving technologies to maximize uptime and enhance their operations.
  • The client’s unstructured approach to marketing and sales resulted in huge capital losses for the company. By closely analyzing the strategies adopted by their competitors, the client wanted to refine their existing marketing models and devise marketing campaigns that drive maximum sales.
  • The client’s key competitors were offering discounts and other introductory offers to customers. With this, the client was compelled to reduce prices for their packaging materials. Therefore, by leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, they wanted to analyze the pricing strategies followed by their competitors and competitively price their products.

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Solutions Offered 

Our experts followed a detailed four-phased competitor analysis approach to help the client tackle the industry challenges. The initial phase of the competitor analysis engagement involved identifying businesses offering similar products and services in the European packaging industry. The next phase of our competitor analysis engagement focused on identifying the client’s key competitors’ customer base. In the third phase of the competitor analysis engagement, the experts focused on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the client in comparison to their competitors. The last phase of our competitor analysis engagement involved conducting a competitive benchmarking analysis, competitor mapping, and also identifying the marketing approaches employed by the client’s competitors.

Results Obtained

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the client to gain detailed insights about their end-customers, current market position, and their key competitors. Understanding the needs and demand of their target customers helped the client to innovate their product offerings according to their customers’ requirements. By gaining detailed insights into their competitors’ key strategies and marketing approaches, the client was able to devise well-informed business plans to tailor their product offerings. Also, the experts at Infiniti Research recommended the client to apply automation solutions in their production process. This helped the client to enhance their production efficiency and better manage workflow.

Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution also helped the client to understand their competitors’ pricing strategies and make constant changes in their pricing plans. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solutuon, the client was also able to balance quality and growth. Furthermore, Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the packaging company to better allocate resources and enhance their sales by 43% within the course of one year.

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Competitive assessment

Identifying Business Gaps and Unmet Customer Needs for a Beverage Company | Competitive Assessment Solution

Competitive Assessment Solution for a Beverage Company

In today’s competitive marketplace, achieving profitable business growth requires offering products and services that stand out from the competition. However, fulfilling this strategic objective becomes difficult as most businesses face competition from other companies offering similar products and services. This is where the real power of leveraging competitive assessment solution comes into play. Competitive assessment solution helps business leaders to gather actionable competitive insights and make effective future strategies. Besides, competitive assessment solution helps businesses to stay on top of what competitors are doing and identify business gaps to differentiate offerings.

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Business Challenge

The client is a beverage company based out of Germany.

Our client, a beverage company, wanted to identify areas where they performed well or lagged in comparison to their competitors. Also, as they were new to the market, they wanted to identify their direct and indirect competitors. Besides, they wanted to compare their market position, product offerings, market share, and pricing in comparison to their competitors. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive assessment solution.

Other key objectives that the client wanted to achieve by leveraging Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution were:

Identify direct and indirect competitors – With Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution, the client wanted to identify businesses that provided similar products and services and that offered slightly different products and services.

Gather competitive data and insights – By identifying direct and indirect competitors, the client wanted to evaluate their competitors’ product offerings, pricing, market reputation, positioning, and branding.

Analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses – With Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution, the client wanted to identify areas where they performed well or lagged in comparison to their competitors. By doing so, they wanted to build strategies to take advantage of their competitors’ weak points.

Measure marketing effectiveness – By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution, the client wanted to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in comparison to their competitors. By doing so, they wanted to streamline their marketing campaigns to drive maximum sales.

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Our Approach

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a four-phased approach that involved:

Competitor mapping to identify the top companies in the German beverage market and group them based on their market position.

Competitive benchmarking analysis to compare the client’s offerings with that of the top companies in the German beverage market.

Competitive pricing analysis to measure customers’ sensitivity to price changes and identify price gaps.

Marketing and strategy engagement to measure the effectiveness of the client’s marketing campaigns.

Results Obtained

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution helped the client to understand how well they performed in comparison to the top companies in the German beverage market. Also, the client was able to identify areas that needed improvement and refine their business initiatives. Besides, by closely monitoring their competitors’ offerings, they were able to identify business gaps and differentiate their product offerings.

Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution also helped the client to understand their current market position. Besides, they were able to adopt sound pricing strategies and competitively price their products.

Furthermore, by leveraging Infiniti’s competitive assessment solution, the client was able to:

  • Identify unmet customer needs and revamp business strategies
  • Serve niche market segments
  • Keep up with technological advancements and market developments
  • Gain a strategic edge in the market

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