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Co-creating a Brand Extension Strategy to Expand the Market Share of a Leading Auto Company

A brand extension strategy helps focus on successfully launching products and services in lateral market segments and categories. Adopting this approach to improve brand growth has its own benefits and risks, including the danger of alienating customers. However, it also enabled brands to capitalize on new opportunities to penetrate new markets and generate sticky revenue streams. Here’s one such example of how a leading auto manufacturer embraced a research-backed brand extension strategy to create awareness and capitalize on market reach.

Steps to Create a Successful Brand Extension Strategy

Creating the right brand extension strategy can help you tap into new opportunities and revenue streams that were inaccessible earlier. However, you need to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction by making appropriate market data-based decisions.

  1. Analyze the market and identify customer needs
  2. Understand brand equity
  3. Research your existing audience and identify potential prospects
  4. Leverage the data gathered to create a brand extension strategy

Developing a brand extension strategy has become an imperative to success in today’s competitive automotive landscape. To learn more about how we can help you contact our market research experts right away!

Business Challenge

Evolving megatrends, digitization, and globalization are redefining the automotive landscape by creating new markets and business opportunities. These megatrends have also impacted lifestyles and living standards globally, leading to an upturn of demand and new opportunities for automotive companies to expand their market share using a well-crafted brand extension strategy. As a result, targeting new customers and addressing their demands is becoming challenging for automotive companies globally. This has prompted businesses to implemented cross-border M&As and multi-branding strategies.

Facing a decline in demand, a leading Switzerland based automotive manufacturer set out to address customer needs using a research-backed approach. The automotive company witnessed a huge first-quarter loss in 2020. Although its recently launched XUV model was positioned as a mass-market car, the reason for the huge loss was traced back to a decline in market demand for fuel-run vehicles.

brand extension strategy

Amid its recent losses, the automotive company also announced the launch of its line of electric cars with high-tech functionalities. This certainly was an intriguing expansion, mainly because their cars are among the most sought-after in the luxury cars segment. The company hoped to combat one of the main reasons for its huge loss by offering its own presumably less expensive electric version.

Despite having a good reputation as an early innovator in the luxury car segments, the client found it hard to make inroads into the electric vehicles market. This was when they approached Infiniti Research seeking help to devise a brand extension strategy backed by research information. By collaborating with us, the automotive manufacturer wanted to understand the market implications of developing electric cars to supplement their existing models.

Having worked with auto manufacturers from across geographies we understand the market scenario and challenges facing players in this segment. If you’re one among them, request a free proposal to learn how advanced, research based brand development strategies can help you.

Our Approach to Brand Extension Strategy Creation

Our experts began the project with extensive qualitative research and conducted semi-structured interviews with leading companies from similar industries in Switzerland to help the client. The second phase of this study focused on conducting detailed market, competitor, and consumer research to gain a comprehensive understanding of brand fit. We also leveraged a quantitative market research approach combined with open-ended questions to gather the information that the client needed to make the right brand extension decisions, which in turn shaped their brand extension strategy and plan of execution.


The in-depth market study helped the client identify and analyze drivers for brand extension. It also offered information on market demand and unraveled new opportunities to further expand its market footprint. Apart from helping the client co-create a brand extension strategy, our experts helped them leverage market data to understand how the new launch would cannibalize sales of their current XUV models, the incremental sales they could achieve using a well-defined brand extension strategy and the predicted ROI from the new electric cars segment.

The results obtained include:

  • A 17% increase in ROI
  • Stabilized market position
  • Improved brand growth

We can help you make strategic decisions around brand repositioning using in-depth market research insights. Request more info for personalized solutions.

Market positioning strategy

How a Global Pharmaceutical Company Reduced R&D Budget by 15% with our Market Positioning Strategy

A global pharmaceutical company sought Infiniti’s help in increasing its output of new products while lowering costs. By devising a new prioritized approach to R&D, Infiniti helped the company to reduce the R&D budget by 15% and time-to-market by 26%.

Market Positioning Strategy for a Pharmaceutical Company

The client is a pharmaceutical company based out of the United States.

Although the client has an extensive R&D team, the company’s R&D process was cumbersome. This was because the company lacked appropriate prioritization and clear cut-off criteria. Also, the company’s R&D team was scattered and lacked cross-functional project management. Consequently, the client was falling short of its goal to bring 3 new chemical entities to market each year, which subsequently impacted their overall revenues. To reverse its declining sales and revenue, the client decided to focus resources on some of the major therapeutic areas and reduce the R&D budget over two years using product positioning strategy. The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market positioning strategy. By leveraging Infiniti’s market positioning strategy, the client also wanted to maximize the value of its investments.

In addition to this, the client wanted to:

  • Lower costs while increasing the output of profitable products
  • Conduct extensive research and development on the selected therapeutic areas
  • Devise a new, prioritized approach to R&D
  • Reduce time to market
  • Achieve its goal to bring 3 new chemical entities to market each year

During these unprecedented times, pharma companies are in the need to respond to challenges arising from the disruptions in supply chains and changes in business processes. Our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions can help you to tackle the business impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Request a complimentary proposal here.

Our Integrated Approach

As a part of the market positioning strategy, the experts at Infiniti Research undertook a three-phased approach:

The initial phase of the market positioning strategy engagement involved identifying and reviewing innovation options. This involved conducting market overview and customer value proposition analysis. Besides, this phase of the market positioning strategy engagement involved performing competitive analysis.

In the next phase of the market positioning strategy engagement, our experts assessed the client’s internal capabilities. This involved assessing technology requirement and capacity needs.

The third phase of the market positioning strategy engagement involved prioritizing innovation options for the new R&D strategy. The brand positioning strategy conducted as a part of the engagement involved implementing and managing redefined R&D strategy and refining R&D budget.

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the global pharmaceutical market. This has even impacted the pharma R&D and manufacturing activities. Contact us to know how our COVID-19 business continuity support solutions can help pharma companies to respond, recover, and thrive in the post-COVID-19 era.

Business Outcome

By leveraging Infiniti’s market positioning strategy, the client was able to clearly define innovation options, understand resource requirements, prioritize the list of innovation options for new R&D strategy, and refine R&D budget. Besides, the experts at Infiniti Research recommended the client to align its project portfolio with the new therapeutic areas to maximize the value.

In addition to this, by leveraging Infiniti’s market positioning strategy, the client was able to:

  • Reduce R&D budget by 15%
  • Reinvest remaining R&D budget into priority projects
  • Establish a well-defined project portfolio prioritization process and cross-functional project management
  • Reduce time-to-market by 26%
  • Achieve the target to bring 3 new chemical entities to market each year

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Brand differentiation

Achieving Successful Brand Positioning in Your Market

What is brand positioning?

A Strong brand is what sets apart the products of one company from another.  Companies use brand positioning strategies to create a brand association in the minds of customers in order to make them perceive a brand in a particular manner. Effective brand positioning maximizes customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness while enhancing the brand value in the market. The extent to which a brand is considered as favorable, credible, and unique by customers determines the success or failure of a company’s  positioning strategy.

What is a brand positioning statement?

A brand positioning statement refers to a brief description communicated to the target customers about the brand’s unique value in relation to the key market competitors. It is an expression of how the company’s products fills the gaps in a particular customer need better than the competitor brands in the market. It involves identifying a market niche and then establishing the brand in that area.

Need help in creating an ideal brand positioning statement that truly represents everything that your brand stands for? Request a free proposal to know how experts at Infiniti Research can help.

Steps in an effective brand positioning strategy

Brand positioningA successful brand positioning strategy requires companies to deep dive into the brand details and discover their unique selling propositions that make their offerings unique and more desirable than similar products in the market. Experts at Infiniti Research have highlighted six critical steps to create an effective brand positioning strategy:

Determine current brand positioning 

One of the first steps towards creating an effective brand positioning strategy is to determine your brand’s current positioning. This gives you important insights into where to go next and also provides an opportunity to further analyze the competition. Start by segmenting and defining your target customers. The next step is to identify your brand’s vision and values and understand what makes your brand different from others in the market.

Determine your competition

Using competitor analysis, you can analyze your key competitors in the market. This will help you gain a better idea of who you are up against in the market and what their key strategies are. Some of the key methods you can use to determine your competition include:

  • Market research
  • Customer feedback
  • Social media

Identify your unique selling proposition

A successful brand positioning is all about communicating to customers about what makes your brand different from the others. Competitor research will reveal patterns in the business operations of competitors that would have been previously unnoticed. Also, as you examine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, you may notice that their weakness is your strength. You can use this as a key element in promoting your brand positioning strategy.

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Create a brand positioning statement

As mentioned earlier, a brand positioning statement is a comprehensive declaration that communicates your brand’s unique value to your customers. Before drafting a positioning statement, some of the questions that you must answer includes:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • What are the categories that you deal in?
  • What are the core benefits that your products offer?
  • What is the proof of those benefits?

Test your brand positioning statement

Creating a brand positioning statement is only the beginning. The real challenge lies in testing and gathering feedback on whether the  positioning strategy is living up to what is expected. You must take out time to gather feedback from the target customer and identify if there are any improvements that can be made to achieve the desired result.

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