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Why Should You Be Using AR in the Manufacturing Industry?

When you hear the word augmented reality, the first thing that comes to your mind is AR gaming. The application of augmented reality is not just limited to gaming. Its ability to turn the surrounding into an interactive virtual world can augment the experience and performance of any task. Manufacturing industry, in particular, is blessed by such advances in technology, as it increases the process efficiency and helps cut down on production downtime. So what Request Free Proposalare the benefits of using AR technology in the manufacturing industry?

Increase speed of work

It usually takes a lot of time for people to learn assembly and manufacturing skills. This is particularly true in the case of fighter jet engineers who go through years of training to assemble an aircraft. AR technology can hasten the process as it can overlay images in the real world using sensors and cameras. Such information helps engineers to see renderings of bolts, part numbers, and cables with specific instructions on assembling a specific component.

Solving problems

Whenever a problem arises on the shop floor, every team requires real-time access to solve the problem at hand. However, it cannot be possible for all teams to access the problem due to their location. Manufacturing operations employees can directly show all the issues at hand and explain it to the maintenance teams and engineers with the help of AR. Additionally, they can also keep track of the progress of diagnostics processes remotely.

Easy data access

Apart from projecting vital information within a user’s field of view, AR technology also allows service engineers and manufacturers to access data regarding the product or the manufacturing process easily. This includes information on the object’s location in the inventory, lead times to procure them, and their detailed specifications. Also, it is entirely possible to scan QR codes to view live videos, graphics, and images that can assist the engineers in the manufacturing process.

Decreased maintenance time

Augmented reality can project graphics and video in such details that the users would be able to carry out maintenance tasks just by following the instructions. The automotive company Bosch has collaborated with AR firm Reflekt to develop common augmented reality platform (CAP) that can help users with maintenance.

Reduction of production downtime

Production downtime can cause thousands of dollars in losses and incur an opportunity cost in a manufacturing firm. Augmented reality can help maintenance teams and engineers to identify the flaws and prevent downtime from occurring quickly. Teams in the manufacturing setup can use mobile apps to identify the problem on the shop floor and resolve it immediately.

Training uses

AR is one of the most preferred tools when it comes to training and simulation. VR is already extensively used for simulation training for aircraft pilots, military operations, and advanced surgeries. AR can be used in training to facilitate the learning process.

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Augmented Reality: The Next Digitization Milestone in the Automotive Industry

Augmented reality has been raising the bar of customer experience by providing a sci-fi movie-like experience to customers. With increasing competition and entry of multiple players in the market, the automotive industry is slowly transforming by adopting the popular technologies that have already made their way to other industries. Augmented reality is one such technology that many players in the automotive industry are venturing into, considering the wide range of benefits it has to offer. Here are a few advantages of augmented reality in the automotive industry:

Virtual Test Driving of CarsIR_Brochure

 Automotive industry giants such as Volkswagen has started experimenting with augmented reality to provide virtual test drives to customers. By using this technology, the customer gets a full-blown experience of sitting behind the wheel without actually sitting inside a car.

Road Rage Reduction

Wonder how technology can influence the behavior of a person? Often, people display unruly behavior in traffic. Honking too loudly,  hitting sudden brakes, or cutting the other passengers in traffic could give rise to such behavior. But augmented reality has a solution for this too. The idea is to display a message through the windshield such as “Rushing to the hospital, late to the airport”, which could send out a communication to other passengers without giving rise to conflicts for rash driving.

Virtual Workshops For Servicing Professionals

With the growing complexity of automobiles,  the need for service employees to learn the right mechanisms for servicing a vehicle has become quintessential. With the help of augmented reality, companies can now give a hands-on training experience to employees on how to service a particular vehicle.

Perfection Of Vehicle Design

In the automotive industry, the use of augmented reality benefits the manufacturers at the design phase of a vehicle. With the help of this technology, the manufacturers can have a life-like look at the vehicle’s design and parts and make on-the-spot modifications before the final design is formulated.

Presenting Variants To Customers

Today, most of the car buyers research online before they go ahead and make a purchase. With the help of augmented reality, companies in the automotive industry can now create a digital showroom, where the customers can take a virtual test drive and inspect the design and features virtually before making a purchase. This also reduces the dealer’s wastage of space, time, and money involved in showrooms.

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How Augmented Reality Can Change the Face of the Manufacturing Industry?

Manufacturing industries across the globe are increasingly adopting all the latest disruptive technologies of the 21st centuries including IoT, VR, automation, robotics, and big data analytics. Augmented reality is no exception to this statement. The outrageous success of Pokémon GO fueled the widespread acceptance of the augmented reality technology within numerous industries. The ability of this technology to augment digital information onto physical elements and objects has limitless possibilities in the manufacturing industry. It can also cut down operating costs and production downtime in addition to ensuring a smooth flow of operation.

Augmented reality in the Manufacturing Industry 

Helps with Complex Assembly
The manufacturing process has grown complex over time, requiring the assembly of hundreds and thousands of components in precise sequence. Missing any small component or the sequence could severely compromise the product’s quality. Augmented reality eliminates the use of documents such as instructions and dynamically projects all information on the field of view all the times.Contact US

Cut Down on Maintenance Time
Today, companies have to rely on the availability of the technicians for any maintenance tasks. Augmented reality can enable any person to do mechanical tasks by guiding them through 3D models to carry out the maintenance tasks. Additionally, it also eliminates the need for any maintenance manuals and displays the machine’s status in real time for timely maintenance.

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