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Market Intelligence Study on the Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market

Counterfeiting is a major problem across industries, with the pharmaceutical industry most at risk owing to the illegal and dangerous substances used in counterfeit drugs. Counterfeiting not only affects the brand value of a company but also reduces profitability by a significant margin. To prevent counterfeiting of sensitive products and retain the authenticity of products, packaging plays a prominent role. Anti-counterfeiting packaging measures are used to prevent imitation and ensure safety of goods, thereby reducing economic damage and risks to the consumers’ health. To curtail the use of counterfeit product, many companies encourage the adoption of anti-counterfeiting technologies which are classified as overt, covert, forensic, and sterilization. Some of the overt anti-counterfeiting features include the use of holograms, optically variable device, color shifting security inks and films, security graphics, and sequential product numbering.

Anti-counterfeiting packaging market is witnessing fast-paced growth with the rise of omnichannel retailing, demand for traceability systems, and stringent government regulations. However, the market is also subjected to several challenges such as inefficient technologies and interoperability issues. Infiniti’s industry experts offered understanding the client a deep-dive assessment of the market and competitive landscape of anti-counterfeiting packaging in terms of the trends, opportunities, competition, and technologies in the market.

The Business Challenge

A technology and specialty materials company based out of the US was facing challenges understanding the competitive landscape of the anti-counterfeiting and cellulose acetate film market. Assessing the market landscape would help the client identify the growth drivers, trends, and potential opportunities in the market. The client also wanted to analyze the market share and identify the key competitors, their product offerings, and pricing intelligence of products in the market.

Our Research Methodology

Our market intelligence experts carried out extensive primary research comprising of interviews and discussions with market leading experts, key leading stakeholders, distributors, analysts, consultants, and researchers. We collated information from secondary sources such as online publications, journals and magazines, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, blogs, and industry forums.

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Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Identify key competitors and the popular end-user segments
  • Identify potential market trends, opportunities, and growth drivers
  • Devise new technologies and patent analysis
  • Identify the pain points in the anti-counterfeiting packaging market and make informed decisions

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

Through the market intelligence study, the client gained actionable insights into anti-counterfeiting packaging and cellulose acetate film market. The client identified the areas where counterfeit prevention needs to be assessed such as pharma, food supplements, cosmetics, and electronics. Moreover, our industry experts engaged in a value chain analysis and helped the client identify the dominant decision makers/influencers among players in the value chain which helped the client make informed business decisions.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking for effective market assessment for anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions.

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