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Competitive Intelligence Solution Helps an Airline Industry Major Enhance Risk Management Capabilities

According to a recent survey, consumers benefit from lower fuel prices with lesser fares, more routes, and are expected to spend 1% of world’s GDP on air transport.

The airline industry typically includes transport service providers of cargo and passenger. The primary customers of the airline industry services include governments, individuals, and businesses across the globe. The industry is marked by high growth compared to the (gross national product) GNP trend and continuous productivity increases since the start of commercial air traffic. The constant demand for new low-cost carriers, increasing demand from emerging economies, deregulation, and rising middle-class populations are some of the factors responsible for the growth of the airline industry. The airline industry is also characterized by intense competition and price pressure that involves a continuous requirement to boost efficiency. In the hassle to boost efficiency, several factors are hampering the growth of the airline industry. These factors include:

  • Customer Expectations: One of the most crucial aspects for firms operating in the airline industry is the ability to manage customers’ expectations with relation to their experience. Identifying what customers are expecting out of the air transport services becomes crucial.
  • Air Traffic and Competition: Firms within the airline sector constantly face pressure to comprehend their actual revenue growth and potential profitability although they compete against low-cost and best-cost carriers.

To counter these factors, firms are leveraging competitive intelligence solutions. The competitive intelligence solutions help firms increase focus on benchmarking the products and services offered with that of their direct competitors. These solutions also assist companies in identifying competitive opportunities and trends to discover any potential functionality gaps to enhance their business performance.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

  • The Client: Airline industry firm
  • Area of Engagement: Competitive intelligence

The client, a leading provider of airline services, wanted to minimize their exposure to risk and improve their overall commercial performance. The client wanted to gain a clear understanding of the business process and competitor protocols and strategically position customized product and service offerings. They also wanted to gain recommendations on devising robust marketing strategies and look for promising solutions to achieve continuous growth and increase profits. Additionally, they wanted to fend off the competition across niche markets by profiling their direct competitors across the industry.

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The Journey

The competitive intelligence specialists at Infiniti Research carried out extensive interviews and research with prominent stakeholders across the airline industry to analyze the competitive structures and market environments. The experts also collected information from various secondary sources such as company presentations, industry forums, and paid industry databases to refine the current product groups.

The Solution Offered and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the airline industry client gained an accurate view of the competitors and their product and service offerings. The solution also helped the client keep track of the competition and offer tailored services to their customers. The engagement further helped the client gain insights into the competitive scene to stay ahead of the competitors and cement their market presence.

The Future

The future of the airline industry is likely to be more turbulent, as a new wave of technological change and innovation unfurls. Some see this wave sweeping the airline industry away, citing as precedents the printing industry before computer design software, the music industry before internet downloads, and, the taxi industry before Uber arrived.

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market segmentation

Competitive Intelligence Engagement Enables an Aerospace Composites Manufacturer to Understand the Size and Scope of the Market Landscape

Business Challenge 

In recent years, the aerospace industry has started witnessing the entry of numerous companies due to its high growth prospects. As a result, a leading aerospace composite manufacturer started facing predicaments in understanding the size and scope of the market landscape. In the initial days, the client saw a surge in their production lines, which improved their sales and revenue; but eventually, the client started facing predicaments benchmarking their product offerings in the market. With Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client also wanted to gain insights into the competitive landscape in terms of the competitors, their offerings and planned to position in the aerospace composite manufacturing space.

The primary objective of the client was to understand the market landscape in terms of the trends, current position relative to competition, and market dynamics and customer needs. By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client further wanted to devise an effective go-to-market strategy in terms of product positioning.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered 

To identify and gauge different potential market segments, the client approached Infiniti Research to leverage competitive intelligence solution. Infiniti’s team of competitive intelligence experts carried out a blended approach comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the aerospace industry. Furthermore, to gauge the competitive landscape, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence experts created a database comprising of information from various proprietary sources such as industry experts, leading company presentations, and news aggregators in the aerospace industry.

In a span of 10 weeks, the client was able to develop an effective business strategy and assess the effectiveness of competitors’ market positioning and product messaging. Moreover, the competitive intelligence engagement assisted the client in shaping counter competitive strategies against one or more competitors. After a comprehensive competitive inteligence assessment, the client was able to enhance marketing, strategic planning, finance, and operations.

Competitive Intelligence Engagement Benefits

  • Evaluate and estimate the market size and devise an effective-to-market strategy
  • Understand the supply and demand relationship of the product
  • Assemble information about stakeholders and influencers to predict future market conditions
  • Anticipate competitive activity, analyze the prevailing market disruptions, and make informed business decisions

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Future of the Aerospace Industry

Over the years, the aerospace industry has become more competitive with the growth of global economies and the rise of emerging regions. With the robust support offered by the government and private sector, the aerospace industry has started witnessing unprecedented growth in terms of the revenues and market shares. Moreover, the boom in international and domestic passenger arrivals acted as a catalyst for the growth of the aerospace industry. To target niche markets and benchmark their offerings, competitors in the aerospace industry are relying on robust competitive intelligence studies. Competitive intelligence studies allow organizations to understand their potential competitors and their products and act in accordance to provide best-in-class customer services. In addition, with competitive intelligence solutions, companies can track the prevailing trends and better define the target audience.

In the aerospace industry, competitive intelligence solutions helps organizations to gain relevant market insights and implement possible best practices to compete more effectively in today’s evolving marketplace. Through a robust competitive intelligence assessment, the aerospace industry can seek potential opportunities and develop new business models to meet the demands of cost-conscious customers.

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Why leverage Infiniti’s customer intelligence solution? 

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence study focuses on identifying the prevailing technologies in the aerospace industry landscape and devise effective technologies to improve the passenger experience. The competitive intelligence engagement also focuses on driving more efficient processes to maximize return on investment.

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