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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

IoT in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: How it will Make a Difference

Internet of things (IoT) has the power to revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing in everything ranging from drug discovery to remote patient access and monitoring. Top pharma companies around the globe are increasingly adopting IoT technologies in their manufacturing plants in an effort to achieve optimization and improve process efficiency. Earlier, different data formats for different processes in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant made data access and interpretation a significant challenge for effective communication. IoT technologies enable standardization within a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant by effectively connecting network, equipment, and systems across the plant. Furthermore, Pharma companies can also use IoT technologies to gain access to real-time data and visibility of operations through the entire manufacturing process. Here’s a detailed look on how IoT will transform pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Despite technological advancements, the pressing matter pharma companies have to address is how to achieve more control over their operations within and outside the facilities to remain competitive, optimize time-to-market, avoid shipment delays, and reduce the waste. Request a free proposal to know we can help overcome this dilemma.

IoT in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturingIndustrial mechanics and maintenance

Although the use of industrial monitoring devices are already widespread in the pharmaceutical industry, real-time status information is yet to be widely available. Using pharma IoT monitoring sensors companies can instantaneously feed all relevant facility data into a single dashboard, alerting a supervisor in case of any abnormal conditions or urgent maintenance requirements. IoT in pharmaceutical manufacturing will also enable handling critical conditions remotely.

Managing pharma supply chain

Once the drugs leave the manufacturing plant, they travel through different modes of transport and may be subject to varying temperatures and weather conditions. Although in most cases care is undertaken to maintain the packages within the prescribed temperatures, chances of variations during transit cannot be completely ruled out. IoT can be helpful in such situations to provide real-time data to manufacturers every step of the way with improved supply chain visibility. The temperature changes or any damage to the products will be immediately notified to the manufacturers and determine whether the drugs are fit to sell or not.

In the pharmaceutical industry, mistakes have serious consequences, so progress will always be slow and cautious. Get in touch with our experts to learn how our solutions can help companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Controlling drug manufacturing environment

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, sub-optimal environmental conditions can often prove to be fatal. However, this obstacle can be easily handled with the help of IoT. Pharma IoT establishes transparency in drug production and storage environment by allowing multiple sensors to monitor environmental indicators such as temperature, humidity, radiation, and light in real-time.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Research Process

Today, it has become quintessential for businesses to understand the fact that the concept of marketing has evolved and become more consumer-centric. Satisfaction is now the new aim of marketing, and to achieve this, companies need an appropriate marketing research process in place. 

With constant changes becoming the new norm in business activities, the only thing that remains constant is the need for establishing an effective marketing research process. Every marketing research process helps companies to evaluate market opportunities and take business decisionsGet more info based on hard facts. It is, therefore, the backbone of every successful business initiative. However, today we see that most companies prefer to cut costs when it comes to a marketing research process since it is resource intensive. While this may not be the best business decision, most companies have started following this logic during product or service launches.  Marketing research doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair, as many start-ups have shown, if companies are following the right set of protocols.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best ways companies can improve their marketing research process:   

  • Define “YOUR” problemmarketing research process

This is perhaps one of the most critical steps in establishing a good marketing research process. In this step, companies have to define the scope and aim of their research. This would help businesses determine the information that they need and how they can go about collating that information. Properly defining the scope of the marketing research process can help business stakeholders to deal with the overarching business challenge, such as loss of market share or how to market products or services to a specific sub-segment of users.

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Developing questionnaires that cover your business challenge and examining the actual cause of these issues can help businesses to filter out the unnecessary data. To effectively define “YOUR” problem, take into account as many variables and their causes, respectively.

  • Plan your researchmarketing research process

Once the first step has been completed. The next task involves the process of planning an extensive research approach. This marketing research process can only be carried out once the preliminary step of establishing the research scope has been completed. The research plan or approach can be overwhelming to create since it includes steps and methodologies that can help answer or explore the opportunities uncovered in the first step. Every research technique comprises of the following:

– Interviewing potential customers to obtain feedback

– Conducting surveys with industry stakeholders to gain industry insights

– A/B testing on your businesses’ website to understand customers’ perception

Market Research

All You Need to Know About Energy Storage: FAQs

How is energy storage helpful?

Energy storage is all about improving the way we generate, consume, and deliver energy. The utility of energy storage is more or less similar to saving money – they can prove helpful in meeting contingencies in the future. That is not all; storage systems ensure that they strike a balance between demand and supply, which helps to eliminate problems pertaining to energy shortage to a large extent. They also help in emergency situations like accidents, power outages, equipment failures, etc.

What are the uses of energy storage on a grid scale?

Energy storage systems are highly beneficial on a grid or an industrial scale. How, you wonder? They help shift energy consumption into the future so that the existing generating capacity is used efficiently. Secondly, they ensure that while shifting from one power generation source to another, there is no break in service. Finally, they facilitate the control and management of voltage and frequency to ensure that the sensitive equipment is not damaged in case of fluctuations.

Can energy storage systems work with all fuel sources?

Energy storage systems are fuel neutral, i.e., whether electricity is generated from oil, gas, solar, nuclear, or geothermal, etc., storage systems ensure that the excess energy from electricity is captured at a higher efficiency so that it can be utilized in the case of shortages or emergencies.

Why is energy storage necessary?

Storage of energy is highly essential to overcome the following challenges and contingencies:

Overcoming power outages: Efficient storage systems ensure that power is readily available in the case of any unforeseen events in the future, especially due to power outages. It helps prevent hindrances in the smooth functioning of equipment.

Pocket-friendly for customers: Storage of energy prevents providers from enforcing premium pricing during peak levels of demand. Storage helps avoid the shortage of energy, ensuring that customers are not charged unnecessarily.

Supports use of renewable energyStorage systems support generation and storage of energy through renewable sources, which in turn regulates and reduces emissions. They also help to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels; thus, helping to take a step towards environmental protection.

To know more about the energy storage and energy storage systemsAsk an analyst

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Competitive Benchmarking of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Manufacturers in China

Business Challenge
A pharmaceuticals and healthcare product company wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of its competitors’ strategies in China (in the API category).
The client wanted to understand the competitive landscape in China by evaluating the performance and strategies of its top five competitors in the API market, and by benchmarking itself against its competitors.
We conducted in-depth primary and secondary research in China, and developed of key performance indicators, for evaluation of critical parameters to evaluate and benchmark against the competitive landscape.
The client identified the industry best practices that could be implemented across all major functions, ascertained its competitors’ strategies, and altered its own strategies to counter competitive threats.
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