Media Monitoring

Keep tabs on shifting customer preferences by analyzing media consumption patterns and customer behavior trends across all media channels, including social media.

Brand presence plays a crucial role in driving business success across industries. Hence, understanding your market position in terms of performance, brand awareness, equity, and reputation is equally important from a business standpoint. Our comprehensive portfolio of media monitoring solutions that comprise social media analysis, social media research, and adverse event tracking augment quantitative data with qualitative insights to help you gain an edge by better understanding your customers.

Our solutions have helped address the data challenges facing companies for more than a decade now. By combining unique methodologies and analytical insights, we offer tailored solutions to address your brand’s unique requirements. Media monitoring solutions also help businesses to analyze consumer behavior and identify the underlying factors impacting business growth. Equipped with these insights, companies can quantify the impact of every media channel, drive business intelligence, and create a plan that harnesses these insights for the company’s benefit.

Core capabilities

Our media monitoring solutions empower businesses with timely analytical insights into different factors impacting brand reach. By providing unique, custom-built solutions, we also help our clients to meet their business goals and objectives within short time frames.


Social media monitoring & measurement

Analyzing what consumers and potential customers feel about your brand is crucial for success. Through our social media monitoring solutions, we help our clients understand the effectiveness of their communication outreach. Our solution portfolio includes crisis and event monitoring, media audit and measurement, brand audit, media benchmarking, and competitive benchmarking.


Social media research

We enable clients to make informed business decisions by offering insights on the best practices to follow on digital media, competitive landscape, customer behavior, social media efficacy, and brand performance. By providing an overview of social media interactions, our media monitoring solutions also help measure the effectiveness of your strategies and marketing initiatives in reaching out to the right customer groups.


Crisis & adverse event reporting

Emphasizing the growing need for real-time data, we offer a range of crisis and adverse event monitoring solutions, including real-time negativity reporting, regional negativity reporting, root cause analysis, channel reporting, key influencer mapping, and crisis & sentiment analysis.

Analyze unstructured data sets obtained from media channels and identify factors impacting business growth with media monitoring solutions.
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