Market Intelligence Solution

Insights to help you expand, diversify, and tackle market competition.


Market Opportunity Assessment

Our solutions help businesses review potential barriers to market entry, analyze distribution channels, conduct Porter’s five forces analysis, and assess markets’ readiness for new offerings.

Market Entry Research

Our market entry advisory solutions help clients review macro and micro economic environments, identify potential barriers to market entry, compare competitor offerings with available alternatives, and build robust route-to-market strategies.

Market Scanning & Monitoring

Our solutions for market scanning & monitoring help businesses keep tabs on target market segments, forecast demand-supply shifts, track emerging market trends, regional market developments, and provide insights on the potential impact of changing factors on business segments.

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

Our CI and benchmarking solutions assist businesses in evaluating competitive landscape and analyzing and tracking their competitors’ market presence, business models, financial performance, and strategic moves.

Comparative Market Analysis

Our solutions for market analysis help businesses to analyze the price points at which similar products or services are sold by competitors. Since no products or services are similar, our solutions can help companies adjust their pricing strategy to determine a fair offer or sale price.

Demand Management

Accurately predicting, planning, and meeting customer demand is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies today. Our demand management solutions can help such companies deal with issues pertaining to analyzing and estimating consumers’ demands and other challenges such as availability of multiple channels and proliferating SKUs.

Demand Planning

Demand planning solutions can help companies to extend their supply chain and provide the visibility required to grow their business. Our solutions can help businesses to keep their stakeholders informed and connected so that businesses decisions can be taken based on real-time information.

Inventory Forecasting

To be successful in today’s competitive market, businesses must be able to accurately fulfill consumers’ demands seamlessly. This makes it necessary to avoid excess inventory or avoid situations, where items do not appear ‘out of stock’. Our solutions can help businesses thrive in today’s competitive market by identifying the target stock levels that are required to meet the rising demand for goods and services.

Introduction to our case studies

Market Intelligence Study on the Aluminum Market in Europe

Business Challenge

A leading metals manufacturer wanted to understand the potential for its aluminum products and the competitive landscape in the European market.


The client wanted to gain insights on the market potential and top market players in the Aluminum market across 10 countries in Europe.


The client was able to gain insights on critical success factors to devise its go-to-market strategy and route to entry in the market. They also got an understanding of the offerings and strengths of key competitors.

Aftermarket Automotive Market in China: A Case Study

Business Challenge

A leading US based automotive component manufacturer wanted to understand the landscape for the aftermarket automotive components segment in China.


The client wanted to gain an understanding of the market landscape by studying critical factors including investment environment, industry development, supply-demand conditions, industry capacity and marketing channels.


Based on our insights, the client was able to devise its market entry plan and partnership structure for the Chinese market. Our Beijing team also assisted the client in setting up the office and establishing partnerships.

Market Intelligence Study on Industrial Screen Market for the Mining Sector

Business Challenge

A leading multinational company wanted to understand the opportunity for its industrial screen products in the mining sector.


The client wanted to gain better understanding of the current and future market potential, spend, value chain and market trends for its .industrial screen products in the mining sector at a Global level.


Based on our insights, the client gained detailed insights on the market demographics and competitive scenario. They also developed a detailed understanding of attractiveness of market opportunities for their product offerings.

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