Infiniti Research in the News: Could autonomy foster a roadway safety paradigm shift?

Jun 17, 2017

Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence company with a global presence and provides smart solutions to address your business challenges. Our team of industry experts deliver high-quality support to help you maximize your presence in the global market. We study markets in more than 100 countries to help you analyze competitive activity, see beyond market disruptions, and develop intelligent business strategies.

Fleet Owner mentions Infiniti Research in their June 6th article

“Consulting firm Infiniti Research is the latest “think tank” (for lack of a better term) to take a stab at illustrating the proposed benefits from wider adoption of AVs.

 “Their imminent debut in the mainstream scheme of things will reinvent the concept of driving and personal transportation of people and goods,” the firm noted in a recent report.

Here are the three key advantages Infiniti believes AVs will bring to the transportation table:

Real-time route optimization: AVs on a common stretch of the road are connected together with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) mechanisms that enable driverless vehicles to gain real-time information on the condition of the roads as well as exchange protection and mobility information with the surrounding infrastructure and redirect the routes accordingly. Additionally, employing of V2V and V2I to find out optimal routes can aid in reducing the number of miles driven, save time and rein in the fuel consumption.

Increased lane capacity: AVs can operate at top speeds while trimming down the space between vehicles, leading to greater lane capacity. The latter can also increase with the embracing of adaptive cruise control. This technology adjusts the vehicle’s speed mechanically to ensure a safe distance between the vehicles on that stretch of the road. Such technologies will “shoot up” the lane capacity, Infiniti said, yet reduce accidents – all while ensuring greater passenger comfort and safety, thereby building the customers’ confidence in driverless technology.

Reduced energy consumption: AVs are less prone to accidents and are actually lighter than the conventional automobiles. Thanks to the lightweight composites used for building the modern vehicle, and the efficient manufacturing procedures, vehicles could become lighter while maintaining their overall size, yet remain impervious to accidents. Lightweight automobiles save on fuel consumption, further aided by such eco-friendly driving technologies and practices as cruise control, deceleration and smooth acceleration.”

Fleet Owner News: Could autonomy foster a roadway safety paradigm shift?


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