Market Assessment Study for Wearable Fitness Devices – Technological Innovations and Developments

Jun 19, 2017

Infiniti Research’s latest project on the wristband market in China for a leading barcode printing and RTLS technology company provides insights on the market trends, competitive analysis, and challenges of these products in the target region.

Wearable fitness devices – latest trends and developments

The athletes, young adults, and healthy aging population are extensively using fitness wearable devices to improve the exercise levels and everyday health by tracking their fitness levels. Wristbands or smart wearables are driving the consumers to exercise on a regular basis, which, in turn, reduces healthcare costs. Some of these devices that are available in the market include laser printed wristbands, thermal printed wristbands, smart clothing, activity monitors, non-printed wristbands, and RFID wristbands. These smart devices are monitoring tools that are used to identify and track changes in body signatures for various organs. The manufacturers in the market are focusing on investing in new technologies that integrate with smart wearables and its information handling systems to make them efficient and easy-to-use.

The latest market assessment study by Infiniti Research analyzes the drivers, market trends, challenges, and major players in this market space. The team of experts also provides served available market (SAM) for wristbands categorized for all business segments and the total wristband sales by all vendors. Connectivity is one of the major benefits of using these wearable fitness devices. The wristbands that are available in the market are compatible with most of the mobile OS and can connect to any smartphones using Bluetooth. Tracking and monitoring physical activities are becoming extremely easy using these devices. Moreover, manufacturers are launching products that have additional specifications that meet the requirements of every consumer.

Emergence of cross-over products

The current trend of integrating smart watches with wearable fitness devices is boosting the sale of these products in the market. Manufacturers are launching fitness device that provides the basic functionalities of a smartwatch. One such example is the introduction of fitness bands that have calling and texting functions, thus merging smartphone operations in one product. Such innovations will add value to the product and increases the functionality and comfort for the end-users.

Use of advanced sensors

The implementation of advanced sensors in wearable fitness devices will provide accurate metrics and inform if there are chances of any other ailment that might affect the user in the future. Measuring blood pressure, stress levels, and other stats are the primary function of these new sensors. The new wearable fitness devices use micro and nanosensors to measure various health-related metrics and transmit the data wirelessly to the connected device. These products are the future of healthcare and fitness – all integrated into one.

Solutions and recommendations

The market assessment team at Infiniti Research offered in-depth primary research involving the wristband producers within the varied and developed regions and developed custom models for the different business verticals. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Study includes served available market (SAM) and total available market (TAM) for wristbands in the healthcare and hospitality industry
  • Offer information on patient ID or safety mandates for the wristband sector in healthcare and hospitality and other notable trends
  • Identify competitors and assess their market position, market share, and their successful distribution channel
  • Offer insights on competitive share analysis, market trends and challenges, and key players in the target region

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