Understanding the Pharmaceutical Small Molecule Sector Through Market Landscape Assessment

Jun 26, 2017

Infiniti’s recent market landscape assessment of small molecule drugs helps companies in the pharmaceutical industry to understand the growth drivers and challenges faced by instrument manufacturers.

Growth trends in the pharmaceutical industry

Small molecules constitute an essential and highly effective component of the bio or pharmaceutical portfolio of any company in this industry. Due to the stringent FDA regulations and growing concern of patient care systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers are focused on developing products that meet the changing preferences. These companies are using cost-effective clinical trials to launch products that require small amounts of the API and are easy to formulate into orally delivered dose forms. The presence of counterfeit products is fueling the adoption of advanced technologies to produce therapies that offer superior treatment that requires less time. The market is also witnessing the development and adoption of large-molecule therapeutics that help treat chronic illnesses. The manufacturers are also focusing on developing personalized and custom small molecule therapeutics to enhance patient services and sustain the competition in the market. The market landscape assessment by Infiniti offers a detailed understanding of the pharmaceutical industry that provides strategic insights to many companies in terms of market analysis and competitive landscape.

The stringency of regulations and policies on drug discovery and quality products is changing the quality testing environment in the pharmaceutical industry. The recent FDA regulations are mandating a series of tests before any new drug can be approved for commercial sales, thereby, increasing the investment in laboratory instruments. Some of the suppliers are also offering customized products that are used for different pharmaceutical applications to sustain the competition in the market.

Rise in drug discovery and development

Small molecules have high applications in drug discovery and development by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The instrument manufacturers are supplying different equipment to research institutes that focus on drug development for several diseases. Robust and innovative tools help with the discovery of high-affinity ligands for biologically-related macromolecules, detecting small molecules with broad ranges of binding affinity and clarifying ligand-binding sites. The evolution of the progression of molecular spectroscopy technologies will benefit the supplier and the end-user in the pharmaceutical market.

Emergence of smaller devices

The adoption of robotics in healthcare and life sciences is revolutionizing the testing and sampling equipment in the market. The growing demand for smaller and automated equipment will encourage manufacturers to launch modular designs in the market. The introduction of next-generation devices built with the motors integrated into assemblies will ensure more accurate and faster results during testing and sampling. The smaller devices will help reduce the cost of operations and help in the development of the pharmaceutical market.

Solutions and recommendations

Infiniti’s recent market landscape assessment study on laboratory instruments offers information that helps companies make informed decisions to drive next-generation products. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Analyze the overall market landscape including key competitors, their products, customers, regulatory timelines, and technologies employed
  • Help make strategic business decisions and analyze the revenue impact and analytics turnaround time
  • Obtain cutting-edge information based on the voice of the customer
  • Identify the target respondents and develop a comprehensive database
  • Provide a detailed understanding of the upcoming technology offerings

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