Ensuring Agility and Flexibility in Large Production Operations Using Hydraulic Screw Pumps

Jun 19, 2017

The recent market assessment study by Infiniti Research on hydraulic screw pumps provides insights about the present aftermarket services and the opportunities that help understand future growth opportunities for companies in the oil and gas industry.

Market opportunities for hydraulic screw pumps

Rapid urbanization is propelling the use of hydraulic screw pumps for regulating and handling the flow of fluids with changing characteristics across different industries. Manufacturers prefer using these products as it helps attain agility and flexibility in large production and supply chain operations. The adoption of advanced hydraulic screw pumps will boost the competition in the market and help manufacturers introduce innovative products. The primary end-user industries for these pumps are mining, construction, and material handling sectors. The surge in industrial development activities in the emerging nations of APAC such as Indonesia, India, and China will have a positive impact on the growth of the hydraulic pumps market. Moreover, these products offer benefits such as fluid transferring, cooling, and lubrication associated with hydraulics, which is extremely productive in the oil and gas sector.

Infiniti’s latest market landscape study on hydraulic screw pumps delivers strategic insights in terms of the competitive landscape, market assessment, and plan to position. The team of experts also helps assess the demand for many products across different geographical regions. With automation and demand for fuel-efficient cars, the application of hydraulic screw pumps in the automotive industry is on the rise. The OEMs are investing in technologically advanced cars equipped with more safety features and less fuel consumption. The stringent government rules and growing awareness of pollution related issues are resulting in the emergence of electric vehicles and simultaneously increasing the requirement for hydraulic pumps.

Emergence of multiple-axis technology

Urbanization and industrialization have increased the volume of manufacturing activities across several industries. Technological innovations have led to multiple-axis technologies that are employed across many end-user segments for multiple applications. These innovative pumps are used for the extraction and processing of raw materials for manufacturing finished products across industries. Some of the end-user industries are wastewater treatment, sewage, hydraulic fracturing, food and beverage manufacturing, oil extraction, and chemical industry.

Fire-resistant formulas

The increasing efforts undertaken towards the conservation of depleting natural resources is encouraging companies to switch to liquids and has led to the launch of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. This fire-resistant formula provides effective lubrication and ensures wear- and corrosion-free hydraulic pumps. The fluid has around 45% water, and the composition varies from a water-oil emulsion or water glycol.

Solutions and recommendations

The market assessment team at Infiniti Research helps a US-based company to understand the market landscape for hydraulic screw pumps that include emerging trends, growth drivers, market dynamics, challenges, and competition. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Design an exhaustive dashboard of information obtained from more than two million industry manufacturers, experts, analysts, buyers, consultants, and members of trade associations
  • Analyze the market size based on bearing design, suction mechanism, screw configuration, and end-user application segments
  • Identify the regulatory timelines, key competitors, their products, and technologies
  • Examine the market size and develop an effective growth strategy and take necessary actions

Read our comprehensive case study on how we helped analyze the market landscape for hydraulic screw pumps through a market assessment study

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