Automotive Components Manufacturer Determines Product Positioning with the Help of Competitive Intelligence

Jan 30, 2018

automotive industry

LONDON: Infiniti Research, a global market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest competitive intelligence analysis for automotive components manufacturers. Low interest rates and declining fuel prices are currently the key drivers for the growth of the automotive industry. With the growing concern for improving the ROI, top manufacturers are focusing on reinventing their business models to connect with the customers and drive loyalty.

“With the implementation of stringent government regulations to curtail emissions, customers in the automotive industry are moving towards the use of greener, fuel efficient, and sustainable vehicles, “says an expert at Infiniti Research.

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The solution offered helped the automotive industry client to understand the bottlenecks for market entry. The client was also able to identify lucrative markets and gain unique market insights to increase the market share. With the help of the analytics solution the automotive industry company also gained substantial information about the competitors and the latest technologies to stay relevant in the market and gain substantial information about the competitors and the relevant technologies

Additional Benefits of The Competitive Intelligence Solution

  • Helped to anticipate the market disruptions and interpret events
  • Analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors to help make better business decisions
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