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Our specialized market intelligence services include market access, patient pathway, and healthcare and reimbursement landscape to help healthcare providers and payers understand the current reimbursement policies, pathways, and the rapidly evolving landscape of the specialized healthcare industry.

Market access is essentially the process by which a pharmaceutical company makes its product available to the patient population, and in the face of an evolving pharmaceutical market landscape, market access is not limited to new product launches. It’s a broader term that encompasses an evaluation of the implications that the newly introduced drug would have on the healthcare sector as well as the impact that the changing healthcare industry could have on the new drug. Moreover, it also involves planning a strategic roadmap for creating a positive environment for the influencers in the respective markets and conveying the estimated value of the new product to a large number of stakeholders to influence uptake.

Emerging markets and innovations are redefining the healthcare industry. At Infiniti Research, our specialists have the local knowledge you can rely on – right from ensuring customers’ identity to influencing key stakeholders – we link your requirements at a global level to the needs at a country level. Our market access strategies help you assess the value creation process backed by real-world data points and get a comprehensive analysis of healthcare and reimbursement on a global scale. Our market access solutions offer insights on the latest key trends, pharma pricing, and patient pathways across the globe so you can make the most of your product’s market potential and assess its growth opportunity in the market. Furthermore, our experts help you identify the emerging markets which are your next destinations for growth.

The changing demand-supply landscape of the healthcare industry often leaves its payers and patients baffled. This is where clinical guidelines and patient pathways play an important role as they help identify the best course of treatment and real-time solutions. With our patient pathway solutions, while pharmaceuticals companies can enjoy a host of new services, healthcare experts can deliver better care and drive improved patient loyalty. Our patient pathway solutions comprise aspects such as contact management, scheduling appointments, case management, and patient-centric workflows, which provide the patient and the healthcare provider better control, increased awareness, and consequently greater confidence to be responsible for their care in the future.

With the rising incidence of healthcare complications, especially among the elderly population, the demand for medical devices that help deal with such conditions has increased. At Infiniti, we provide insights on the latest reimbursement policies to help medical device manufacturers identify opportunities and challenges prevailing in the healthcare industry. Our reimbursement solutions provide a better understanding of the evolving market trends in the healthcare industry and insights into the demographic, regulatory, and healthcare infrastructure.

Introduction to our specialized healthcare case studies

Pain-Free Reimbursement Pathways for Wound Care Dressings

With path-breaking growth in innovative technologies, the medical device industry is here to stay. In terms of key products, this industry consists of medical devices like orthopedic instruments, surgical instruments, diagnostic apparatuses, stents and catheters, syringes and hypodermic needles and intravenous equipment. Hospitals and physicians use a wide array of medical devices, but it must be noted that it’s the public and private payers who reimburse and set the rules. Having the right medical device reimbursement strategy in place will help your business stay ahead of competitors by understanding the profitability of products. Not just that, it will also ensure that companies have a great revenue stream and profitability for new technologies.

In the wound care industry, getting insights into the right medical device reimbursement pathway is important for ameliorating sales growth in the future. Whether you’re venturing into the medical device industry or a medical device company, you can count on us to help you make the right decision. At Infiniti, we give you insights into the 5 top ways on how to work on your medical device’s reimbursement.

  • Plan right from the design phase – Your medical device reimbursement assessment starts right when you design the type of wound care dressing. This is where our medical device reimbursement consultants will thoroughly analyze the impact on product design and its sales.
  • Be prepared for the shortfalls – Fee-for-Service (FFS) medical reimbursement model and value-based purchasing (VBP) medical reimbursement are some of the limitations faced by the professionals in the industry.
  • Think from a medical director’s perspective – If you’re having a tough time getting the right coverage for your wound care dressings, it’s time to feel their pain. Market your product to a payer. Anticipate their objections.
  • Analyze country-specific reimbursement pathways – Though the reimbursement pathways are easier to navigate because they are often single-payer, government-based systems, coverage decisions are made by the local Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). Get your personalized analysis of location-specific reimbursement pathways here.
  • Broaden your spectrum – When you develop a new wound care dressing product, try not to focus on the clearance only from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But, also try and meet requirements from Current Procedural Terminology (CPT, a registered trademark of the American Medical Association) and/or Healthcare Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes.
  • If you’re a medical equipment company, we understand how crucial it is to obtain coverage and funding for your healthcare products. At Infiniti, our medical device reimbursement consultants are here to assist you effectively. With the help of our market assessment plan, innovation tracking and stakeholder intelligence, you’re sure to get your medical device reimbursement plan in place and gain strategic insights into the wound care dressings industry.
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