Reverse Logistics Market Size Analysis by Infiniti Research

Reverse Logistics Market Size Analysis by Infiniti Research

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As many firms in the reverse logistics market near competitive parity, achieving an advantage is very difficult. Also, on-time pickup and delivery are quickly becoming the “price of admission to the playing field.” As a result, reverse logistics market leaders must search out other opportunities for gaining competitive advantage. Additionally, it has become painfully evident due to service failures in Internet arenas and e-tailing, that effectively and efficiently handling product returns is as important as delivering them in the first place. Following a life-cycle approach to product distribution is vital, especially for firms in the reverse logistics space trying to optimize customer service at all stages of the buying and return processes.Request Proposal

Business Issues

  • The client: A leading reverse logistics market player
  • Size: >$68 billion in revenue
  • Area of Engagement: Market size analysis

The client – is an American supply chain management and multinational package delivery company headquartered in Georgia, U.S. The company’s annual revenue is UD$ 68 billion. The client approached Infiniti to conduct a market size analysis to assess potential market opportunities for its services in various geographical areas. The client also wanted a detailed report on the new opportunities, risks, entry barriers, and competition in the global reverse logistics market.

How Can Market Size Analysis Help Reverse Logistics Market Players?

Market size analysis helps companies in the reverse logistics market to gain insights into revenue generating capacity by covering both the historical growth of the market and forecasting the future growth prospect. These solutions also help companies add values to their data, find new market niches, operate more efficiently, and minimize risks across geographies.

Summary of our market size analysis solution

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Client Journey

The market size analysis experts at Infiniti Research followed a comprehensive research method, which involved considering various factors like technological advancements, market requirements, geographical target regions, and future enhancement possibilities in the global reverse logistics market. To further deliver valuable insights to the reverse logistics market client, the experts compiled information across a wide array of exclusive sources.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

In a span of 12 weeks, the reverse logistics market client determined the potential revenue that could be generated by their organization with the help of Infiniti’s market size analysis engagement. The engagement also helped the client break down their revenue and service tendencies into geographic components. This helped them identify a scalable approach to discover new market opportunities. Get More InfoFurthermore, the reverse logistics market client gathered data to identify and mitigate potential market risks.

Future of Reverse Logistics

As organizations seek new ways to gain competitive advantage, the often-overlooked returns function can be a potential source for not only cutting costs but also enhancing both brand reputation and profitability. Businesses that pay more attention to returns management is expected to obtain the benefits of delivering a more efficient, consistent, and responsive customer experience and operate in a way as to cut costs and enhance service and profitability, while simultaneously mitigating operational and reputation risks.

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